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Poetry: The Impudence Of Steam

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Over thp billows and over the brine, Over the water to Palestino! 'Am I awakê or do I dream? Over the ocean to Syria by 6team! My soy is booiIj, by this right hand, A stenmer brave Is on the wave, Bound posittvely for the Holy Land! Geoffrey of Bulloigno, and thou, "Richa'd lion-hearteo king, Candidly nform us, now, Did you ever? No you never Could have faucied such a thing. Ntíver such vociferalions Entered yiur itnayinuliona As the ensuing - 'Kase her - stop her!" "Any geiulemau for Joppii? ' "'Mascus, 'iMiiscusT' "Ticket, pleade, sir." 'Tyre or Sklon?'1 '-Stop iier - oase her! ' ''Jerusalem! 'lem! 'iem! - Shu. Sliur!" "Do you go on lo Eiyp', tir? ! "Captain, is ibis the land of' Plüirnoh?'' "Now look alive thereí Wlm's fui Ciiro?" "Back her! Sland clear, l say, old file!" . 'YVhat gent or lady's furlhe Nüe, Or Pyrarnids? 'Thebes,Tliebe,sjr! Steady'!' "Now where's that party for Engedi?" Pilgrim holy, red cross knights, Hnd ye e'er the least idea, Even in your wildest flights, Of a üteani trip to Judea? Wliat npxt marvel time will show, It is difficult to say, 'Buss," perchance, to Jericho, "Only sixpence all the way." Cabs in Solyma may ply, rTis u not uniikely tah - And froni Dan the touriest hie Unto Beersheha by "rail."