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.Mr V. J. Gosse, from WiiConein.wliolisf..r sm "me been le0 tnrinpin this Stut.. tll ip" n ' M''(ll(dil- Cliurcli! D:xbo..thisuv,ni.,g. nnd on Sunlny imiK "iH lecuro in tl. is city. Mr. O il v-U t;-ten of in tlio plncu whcre lie h licttirc1 nnd we hope Ihnt ho ■will have large aui enees. ïfgT The BJ lire intkbted to our friend nnd nbscriber Jonathan KiNOSLKT.of 8 Urn fur tone tip lo enting ap8 The KíNO'iton HtJNTB: or Adventures in Bnsh. By Annb Rowm n. nthnr of 'Espermz r," "The CmUwnys 'etc. Bos ton: Cbosbv Nich 'Ls. A O We hnve he en torv of llfr and adventure in Autmün. designer! tor ihe insriiction of the youog readers Tt i we written and en irta'ning Forsa'ebvJ K Wki-u fe Co Tni AcvrTiRKs or James Capfv Aiam' .Mi nnd Griïily rVnr Hun' er of Califo nin By Theoporü Hittkl. Iiliia truted Boston; Crosbt. Nichol, Lee Co Every reader of nn American newspnper. we cure iwit t i printed, hia he.ird of Old Grizzlv' the fninous haaf nnd turner of Ihe liockv M untins nnd th" Pa cific slope the nmii who h s nñdergona more ndventnn'8 with the M g' b.-ists of the forest an 1 cnjo-Hl more hogl with Oltl Bfiiin" than any living meriuin hunter; - we 11 iswrote. 01 1 Grizzlv" or Mr Adams died but ii f ■ w dnys sincf. aml Bruin wns th death of h:m Tl ■ Werk befoie il nntnen tic and will be renl interest liy ihe yoursr nnd by thntte (M+r wit kvt nut tort tlxir tnite for tfile .f ndvenMire For Bllli' 1V Sc HFF .t M LLER IJSf Petrso-'s Magmm for December, il on our table It ij li-gnntly nn1 ]rofuteiy mbtOliahed hm nn xoellent tn ble of contenta have inert of brevity nnd nre n 11 from firat cliiiS wri ten. Petersin :ow hun oiioiilution of l"0. OOD.nnd prornis.-s g eit irnprovement. - for the coming yrar $2 n year; three Cnpiet $5; cight ooni $10, ind R premium to every pi-rson sendir.o; n clul) AóMrsí, Cijas J. Petzbbox. 3C-6 Ch'Sniit St . Philndelphi. PP" Tlio November nuinber of the Ecleclic Magazine is on our tnble. It haa II tuperb itei-1 poriraii. of the old ostronorner. Olüeo and a tr-ple por rait plato of Prof-i. Dy, Wooisey, nftd "ilümi'i, u( Yule C' llege. Tosaythnt heB ptate w fio:n the ernver of .lon.v is enough. The cun'.ents are from eleven of 'he for gn periodiral. and in addition heve are fiv o-iinnl papers nnd a table of L ternry HioelUni#s. The Eclrctic is a No 1 periodical. and we oan co nmen'd it tn all wh'i wish to keep poatid in foieign lit eraturá $5 y!i . witli a magnificent steel portrait of Everktt to eiicli subsotiber or a choioa of the beaut.i.ul pieinium engravinga ofifered last year Adlrcss W. H iilDWELL, 5 Bteknian St , New York IP" Wo liave reoeived the December number of Gtdey's LaJy't Book. freiglited with gems bo:h from tlie graver and the pen - There are two benutiful mtc'i steel platea, "Christmas in th City." and "Christmas in the Country ' a page eolored seel faihi(,u plato and nuinerom other engiaving? With this number the six y first voiume closes, and Godet prumises Rew and increased at tractions fur Ihe new volume to comtuence ■with the Jasuiuy nimbe ,and G.idet ahvnys : redeenis his promisee Now is the time lo I aubscribe for ihis treple magazine of art ion and literntu o $'! a year; three copies $6 Oodeynñú ihe ARGUS Tor $3,50. We will roeive and rvini' siibscript.ion?. JstT Om of th humanilarian movfmen $ o) the timet nhhough little known as uch, can hardl bc over tstimated in ts i:i portance opon the we 11 biing of our widely scaitered contriiunitieï The r-opulation of the American Stnteg is in ni-my 6sci.ior.i te üprse. that ski'lful Phyuioiani are hardly available to tlum. Vast numlers of our people, aie obligd to imp'oy in sickness, nh medicil relief 9 they ca ar of from each other. or indee . nny :hy c;m get from any qnarter. Ht-nee nr ses t ie great cen umption ot P.ttent Meiliciues nmong is, greater by far l han in any uf uld oountries where ski'ful phyiioians are acces sible to all cluss.s Unpni.eipl -d mn have long availed tli niselvm of ihis DfOrtity, to palm off i heir woithlis n struir.s untii the word hns becorae 8. notinioiis with impotition and On of uur lt-iidirg Clicmisl s in the Kust. Vb .aylk m-suing course whieh dcfeals thi iir.quüy Ha lni'ig. not cnlv hin own lut the baat ikill of our times to bear for!lie produetion of the best remj die whic'i o 'ii ba mijn Tlmy arj snpplied to ihe w"rld, in n co'.veri'nr orm, at a low price, and the peipl.' will no more biiy poor medicines ihstead of {jood at lb uame cost than they will bran insttüd of fluur The inevitable con-iqu neo of this is, thl th rile compounds h 't flood our aountry ure dis carded for thote -whioli honestly aeeompHMi the end in view - wliich enre. Do we over estímate it s.mport.anes ia h-lieving ihat this prospect jf u]iplanting the by word medicirns, with thoseof netual w rth and virtue il frovghi with imineuse consiqtu-ncp for


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