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"jat 3tL-2 "art BLOC 3K.N E W II R DWA RE KTOKF. ! ! von.P CAIJL.THK ATTESTrOrTOt TUK POBUC ' 'tr our tUiAi ui ■ar-sr m t?. -tw tstt L333 TB? CE ■ W JEQ LSS [RON; STKEL, NAU..S, TIN, COPPEU, & SHEET IKON WARE, CHAIN AM USTLKN PUMPS, I'AINTS, O1US, GLASb. KIüTAN'JSiA VAKK, etc, &c., tVc , c&c. An't everr km. i of Hardware and House Furnishing SL EL ö 19 ff All T.oik w,il br eold wCULAlJ Ubat ajr otlier lis ubflLlntieiit in ticliigan. -uy we llave gol tbe Best Aesortment of Cooking P Alt ZO L A JV D 1 'LA Th m rXOV 333 f&. Ai?d will sellthem Clioaper than Til E CilEA P ES T, Pleas? cnll and kw lts. A'l kii nf tinwaie kei on b&ad. Particular fttteatlon paid to all kitwlb of dJ(2333 3i CD O1SS; Which wiH bc liie u 'ih NEATNESS AND 7ISPT( H. tST I'!mi -11 ao.l .sro nr STOVI R(KlM in 2d xtoi . ri NfW Bloei. RIKDON Í; 1.. S ' Aim Arlfl.r Oei. 7, 1SSi. t Loomi MiuK'h.iuit., Tripp it Loorii ! i ' ■ ■ ■ i lx rti' in. ■■ ! ■ ' i '■ 'r " nií-r C'-nip. . .i' ... ,.,..■,-■- - ■ ■■■-. - v.':, ■■■■■■ !l M . o: ■ ■' ■' . '" til! -ili oniers in : ('astings tücI Biachinery, in Th ui"! WÓvktnahMkc nnanncr, nnd on lil' - ;.-;.,. :, Dï Othoi ihop ;: SiKtc.Vmi n;r M ■ ons :irlicleiui;inutac" l ■ would [ TKAV KXi ÍN ï v :in I l":iin-f--, irwmefc' for n. Icing . . ■ . [':■ me u fi;il ■ IÑM . : . lied tm b.v fanufi . i' " - :,n YY m ES aLT ÍSí, tf ,.ll tbt" various iiatitms, :iji in sietand prices. .. kí-ptconstíintly on hnnf, gol thémol nmaerfi bd jrnvod style . HUBBARD'S WROT'GHI IRON ha ving eoiñmu;wJ m&mirácturiag tbie suptfoi chiaft. siogle and cowbtae he fui mers are inv itè! cali and se a pcvn ma -i : ■ P 1;T" ware lon before ■ ' ■ where, bcherini Ihfl tbi macbii u ed only tn h( ■■'■! to con .mor ui - supepjükity r he Reapers ani tíowers in this maikett liiankful fat fermer giijj .ifcro to the oW (inns. ■. wouk; .,lYit ; ! in rium (iM rrk-ii.w.iuKl i tri:' üli wisliing foranyïliing in our Ifneoj li..-ii. s LOOMlf : TB1W. Ann Ar'o.T.y. V iSlh, 15. Bffitf GR KAT IFÏSALf -ofBÖOK3 & JEWBLRT SCÍÍOI'F & MILLE] IKïOIlDF.r.TO MAKi: l'.OOM FOR SPRING BTOCK, have deternuncd to sell thelr MISCELLANEO US B 0 0 E '& -AT- PUBLISHER'S P Pv I C E - , And givi to Each Purchaser a Present fa vlnr from öOCents Up to $100 W1TE E A CE B 0 0 K SOLÍ), %. Tall carlv and pninine 'heir RonVs au'i I'rcsi nt Aun Arbfir, Mi"nch3, 1SI10. "-'f O. JFOtt-i? SU-, ;d k n t i s t OFFICE corno of Mrain & HuronRrect, npoosite the 1; njklin House, Ann Arbor, whpre he contin íes te ulier Li,i customers any atylc of werk dcsii-etl in the ar! cf Surgical Mcclianical & Denistry, Tceth fillctl witii crysfnl eW fui] añil npongegold, whicli lor bPüiitv un Uurabjlity ciimiot be BurpftHSCd. i Particular attenliun pairt lodlrMuMÁf tbe mou tb 81(1 ! irimis, remeflylug i régularity of the test b, and opetaJ tions feu clii'l.lnn in case "f and Imperfect ) jeatltiop. Ui.... are msnjf new and beautifttlimproTe■ menlK latelv ntrbdüccd trito Mecha&ïcail)entlstryfï which i . i beauty, natural expression) ami .'trt'ugih pf work, ;annot rail to please. Whole or partial set on fokl J plate,silver uliLti-.cuniinuuuii (rom) work platina píate. Ai-.oíLiH-w and Unproved mctjitod of insertlng twth on ' rulcanized rubber and rutta pereba baae,caUbJ i ■ 'oralilt which in many respecte superlos all im-ialic j MAMUX'D Eow Lost and. How Restored. Jast Pubhshed in a Sealrd En vt hipe, I.HTCKK ON TUK NATlT.K. TKKATMKNT AND 5 iiAl K AI. CLKK Oï epiaUATORKHOKA, ov Seminal WeakneM, xual i)ebihty, NMïunesa aml Involunla mimi nvqa produoing In:putenty, Consumptiun, nd j Moiiinl and khyuiciil 1 clrliiy. BY ROB. J. CULVERWELL, M. D. 3 The important fact tbat the awful eontequencea of aselfanusemav be elfectually removefl without internal rcincilits or tbc daííeroucappllcation f caustica, instrument, ■nedicateil bnngPi and olli#r ompyricnl le ) heie clearly tlemontiated, and li-.c enirely boit 3;II,.I 1 Sri adoptedliy Ilie ■'■'■■ bratfii autlior Tully xplained, I'V monn cf which every i i:i ■ ..!i.i!,:i.l 16 cui% hinwirporfe?tly, aod al tlie H lenst poisillo cont, tl.ercby aroidini; all tho aaTerttaed baoitcumi ol tli day. rUli Lectur will prove a bon te tioupandK and tliousnnds. .ent under seal to any addrea. pot pau!, on tkn re! eipt .f two pmtag stampa, by addreulng r. HAP 1 J. 6. KLIK. Ftart 4tm, Kw Tot, P.vt ■


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