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What Fears Haunt As Autocrat

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The Paris correspondent ofTheLondon Times alindes lo tboconatat fear of his life in which he 'Empuror t f tho Freriuh uves oí t lio Carbonari. Duriiig his lato tripto liie new do minióos everv care was taken to get suspiciouB cba.r. acters out of the way. One vory eurious means of insuring his saiety was resorted to ; it was that of foreing the ownere of housos within a certain distanco of the imperia] residence to give up the keys oftheir cellai's to the pclice. These individuáis were foreed, during the whole visit and for Kome days before, to ask for thcir keys evei'y tiinu thcy needcd a bottle oí wine ; and on such occasions a policemau was sent with them to fetch t. A certain house ia the Pliiiïe Victoire, in Nice, waè emptiod of all its inhabitiint whilu the imperial visit lasted ; nobody kuew for pi'ecisoly wh:it roason ; but tho proprietor?, for vaenting it, received üoiu the authorities the bum of 6ü,0Ü0 francs ; the house, it is supposed, hü'-ing been in some way useful to the pólice.


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