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Arrival Of The North American

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Yhf t'.fninshii) N'H.h Au cii-nti, Jrom IiMforpmr, N v Ut, vin Lotwloriderry, lid, lircivecl il 6:40 P. M. in SuruUiy Fini:id;il)!e militury -oud nuvul prefurtulivMia aro goinjr i n '.i.1 mime writetw eon Irue l!ie recent mu:i. cil 'f s Lr :it St, Cl'Xtti as n pn'p.-iUciüdi.-ntiKi ui nn cvvmuu.i! (snnipnifl. Tho IImijküoi1, i:i thoÖlMt, mviowQcl 20.0ÜO men near Pnii-'. Bivouuomir, atut ui! tixj .i (■■ Jins if ;i regular ctí'npaiíjt!, wevu reprewMitetl. l'rinra Jteiternioii h'.iti Ij;r.n Flubtir win rf"eivi'J by lh Eiuperiv oji tho 3S:h. Vory nctivü waTÜke prepafation wero S'i i'i rViir-l m pVunee-j bul tho Mi i-w i"f Foivi-i! Alt'iiirs buri promumciv.) Hgitin-; Frunou taking ny part in py imm oontlict butweu Sur(Jir:i:i Knd Austriii. pririce Met'.enroh h .d cxplnined to l!io Fri'ni'h öhvcrotnunl II u (.reni pol ioy t Aiitiin. iu!oi:n- mild bo carritid out in uil sincority, niid iw ragardi esternal mattere. sle ill maintuin hor lino of defvnsiva politjy. The pnMtfnt Mmaineatii mui oooetttrfttinn of troops in Vanetia li.ivu lo otiior object than tor ruHlling any uttaok. Aun triü eoni'lers tlie ttMOinbHns; "f ' Oöngrein axiles!"., antera the örout Pwei njjrue befnrhaiut nn ;i coinmon prognnnmu ot wbith tlitre ia little lifceli bi"d Italv. - On the 27th, (he S .irdinian flotilla oanoonnded tr. [ïnyulists hW öaeta. The Fionch udmiral despatched a frícate t lp tiriiisr. lniral liermm'i reüred ;ind reíurnúd to Naples, ËXpramng regrot at tbo cortduct of the KrcDoh tt was denkhl that Austria liíid informeel the. Europuan cnbinets f hor intonlion to end :i ultimatum to Turin ; on the eontrary, lio hid roituiaiud li,-r BtRtaranoe if puntaing a purely dofen (ive poli ■' Count Kiechbiirg had givon êxplanntiotiH to tho dij-Jniijutic corps relativa to the Wiintaw intoFVMW. Austria pul the three ioHowing qe8tion to K:issi;i : Vi!l your govtonient reroirze the f.icts which li:ivo been dr iaúy be ;cton:pli--h(jd in Ftuly ? ShoiiW Ausiria be nttncked by öarditiiii, and th In tier supported by bdöther gri-at, whal would be t!;ei: attinide ? In the event of nnothor war, tinu t bt'ing triarferrad tó C-rörinan ternlory, what would Pi ussia do ? The answerti are not given, hut Coniit Iviochbur stated that Austria 88 about to !ue i circular noto to its reprosonta ivs ubroud, giviog tho resulta. Th (J:nan joumals are unaniraous in prononncing the Wansaw Conierenoe a failurp. The Borlin National Gazetle iaVS, at Waraaw not tho slightü.-t demoDijtfation was made to thu French programno. Spai, - Marsh;! O Donne!. in Cortes. (■n the '29th, reiterated that Spain had resolved to remain neit'ral in the atlair.i of Italy. Ho aleo proteRted ajjainst th doubt exprei-cd of Iho lóyalty of Napoleon toward.s tbe Spaniah Govern ment. - Tho steamcr Canada, which was conveying over-due China mails, net wilh an accident to her shuft. Grkat Biutais. - Admiral SirChas. Napier had bujn seizcd (fith sudden and severa illness, and there was considerable anxiety as to his reoovcry. Parliamerit had boon further proroprned irom tho öth of November to Jamiary Gd. Rurey liad given, at the Orystal Pace, a furewo 1 demonstra tion, prior to h. departiré to the United Siates. Latest- láondonderry. - It wiis rcportod that tlio Aastrian Envoy had notiöed tho Emperor that unless Ibe warliku prepuratioiM of Piedmont were diftüontinuud, and ho nuDjfarian legión (lisbunctecK Austria vvould imiuediately comnience h'stiltie. t'ivc hundred oí '.he Iriuli Papal brig ada liad pimsed tbrough Franco erouit lor Ireland. Judicial piooeedinps have been institoted tho Opinione Natwnule for tho publ!calkn of fal.-e news. The London ÍSícwt il Ihe Sletssys that the Emperor oí tliu Freoch has placed four tihips oí the line beíore Gaeta with orders to prevent un attack on ihat fortresí by Admiral Persano, and j if ncoewary to hink bis ships. Under these ciri umstances Admiral Persano nill take no part in tte approaching ieg nf Gaeta. The Daily AVtt denounces th!s as a ilire-t interveniioi) by Frunce, and saya Etirope mout not bo alionad to remain a viciiin to all this mystery and ropeated urprisen. Victor Einnnuel and Gnribaldi whose operations were onibined, were preparinp for batt'e. Tlie London Momtg Adrertixtr ascrtHon the aiithority of an official despBteb, that Viutor Emanuul was to immediutely bombard Gueta by sea and land. Capaa hnd been definitely occupied by Garibaldi'a troops. It wa renorted that KlnL' Víctor Enrumuel wouUl coofaron Q-nribnldi the ittle rif Princo Calaürni. with an incomo of 30,000 livref, and would decórate kim with the order of tbe A'inunciation. ' Latkst- The Paris Pressc asserts that the 8overeigns al Warsaw uniied in promising assistance to Austria ií she were nttacked liy Piedmont. Ciiijia. - The China mails are not jet rcceivecl, but the following detail have cometo hand of the takiDg of thu Takan fort. The Northern frts were captured afW three hours figlitinsi, and the others Mirrundered. The Allic-s lost lour hundrod kiiled and wounddd. Tbey ocuupied 'l'eintien. Tbe AmbasnadcrH were there and would soon procced to Pekin. The Rebels had witbdrawn irom ShaDghai. Tho Ttmes trusts that the tclegraph had brought false ncwp, and that Lord ïlgin was not g'iing to Pekin without an armv, as that is exuetly tho opposite of what he sliould do to obtuin a pcrmain ut peace. Rcsbia. - The Dowagcr Empresa of Bussia is daad. Naplbs. - Turin, Friday. - Adrniral Frano has commencotJ and suspended tirjng on the Royaliste near Gaeta. The new of, a mysteriuus expeditioo under (ien. Jurr ha been doclared a pure invention. London,, F?itlai. - The correspondent of the Times at Vwnn'a, wupplies infonnation as to wht pnsed nt the conference. The nionarehs and their miniaters had several interviows, but did little more than exchange opinión coneerningthu etate ol Europe. A conveotion wíib drawn up but nol signed, becauxe tl e Bovereigns and their ministers could not c une to nn undurstanding on Bexeral matters of importance. Wortsciiakoft' fuiled to convinco the rusniiin and Austiian statesmcn that it would b.; advantageous to all parties of the treaty ofMarch, 1856, fit wus subjected to a revisión. Rusaiii ie excoedingly denroua of L:';r!n her poritioa on ttio Danabe, and rl linii :iw:iy vrith the neutrulitv of tho B!ück Sen. Il is ro'nted (Jnrtschnki)ff and Roiclibsrg had in ukercaiion at tho veï'y irsi interview. Poland. - The Poles displayed such :i dinloynl npirit whilo A!exand?r wuh at Wiirnw, thnt hm wFiyesty wa unablo t eonceuj tlm vexntion h feit. Fiuxus. - The HerdliTë Paris cor rur'iiornloiit wtyfl t'no government han coniracterl with private ahipbuildero fnr the inmediato Oíiiwtruotion of 150 ronc:i-"i: I DiiMin gun boa'n. Cnpthïna in thu Fronoh mercnntilo marine !ave hoon informad by oh"oulr IVo:n tha Minister of Sfürine, that in tho i.'vent (ifvvttrthev vrill ! t t:ikon in'otho servtcti ;n rooond Iiüiitonanís. A.s the ! i' pi siitn !,as sjiven di-satisfaotion. it .1 mtid th it it u-ill be proposoJ to givo r h e m a pension.


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