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Douglas In Georgia

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Tho of tho Augusto Ditpntrh heard Judge Dottglas in Atlanta ; ho gpeaka thus of hisettbrts: "Tho Executivfl Committee of tho Breokinridge Club of Fukon county iropoundod through tho Int db geneer, the lollowing que.stions, asking u cate gorieal answer : "Fiist Question - Has not each State the Bovereign right to decide for itstlf whiit fchall bc sufficient cause for a withdrawal fVom the Union ? "Second Queatioh- If, upon the election f' Abraham Lincoln any 0110 Bouthern State, in eovereign convention assembled, should decide to wHhdraw liom the Union, would tho federal governmeiit hava the right to cnerco her bucií i to tho Union, and wouM you assÍ8t tbe Federal government in so coeremg her ? "Thiid Question- If you nnswer thut the rifht of secession is only the right to revolutiönize inherent in all 1 eóple, then would not citizens of said Stute withdrawing, by exercising the right of revolution, be ncting us traitoi-s and tebels to the Federal goveroment, tind would you aid in their puncshinent as such ? "ile said, inagmuch as questions of similar import had been propounueo. 10 him before, and answered on condition that Breckinri.lgu would answer them, and that gentleman had not done so, it was Biinply impertinent in the club 10 propound them to him. To this voice replied, 'You are pertinent yourself.' Mr. Dougtus pioceeded in a very finn and bokl manner to reitérate his poition ut JNoriolk. and declared tb at he had 'no sympathy whatevcr tor break ing up this Union under any pretext Ahatever - u perpetual bond ot Union. Thia be repeated with emphasis. The constitution had provided for bringing in new Statee, but had made no provisión for them to go out, and therefore disunion was revolution. 'Thtre w'aa no grievance for which the constitution and hitte do not ofier u remudy.' "


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