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Errors In Dress

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It need not cost muoh money to retx well, and on tho otber hand porton :nav bo expsnsively and yet not wc!! drcsod. Foreigners ay that Arneriesti ludies ipcnd more for elothing and oniaments, than thoi-e of any othor nation, but they do not. expresa the opinión that the ladies of this country oro more atlractively arraved than thoge of Europe. Sores one haR made a whimsioal calculntion after the following manner. "There" saya he, "f oes a lady with fifty bushels of oom upon her back," - her iük dresa equaled the mark et value of the eörn, another had a bale of cotton in her bosom, repreaonted by a diamond pin, a third carried tivo tuns of hay upon her head in tho shapo of a bonnet, and another was encumbered with a quarter aection of land in the form of a brocade skirt. Yet not one these persons was woll dressed. The obs rver looked npon them as ho would into tho wiudovv of a dry-goods store, or a jeweler's shop; he saw a splendid display, but it attraeted attention f'rom tho wearer, to wb'at sho carried. The object to bo gained by taste in dress' ia to adorn, to atiraet attention to the wearr, and to highten tho pleasure ot looking upon her, if "the bonnet, the shawl, the jewelry, or the dress is the center point oí attraction, they detraot from, rather tbön add to the wearer's A sfood writer on this subject has said: a lady is well dressed, when you can not rernembefa singlo artielo of her cluthinp; - meaning that no one thing should be so couspieuous as to attract attention, but that all be suited to the peculiar bodily habit of tho wearer. Now, wliatever füshion may díctate, it can not malo the saine style suit a tull an.l a short person. The present amplitude of crinoline gives a rather 'queonly air to a tall riignificd lady, but upon a short, and especially upon a corpalent persOB, lts effect is ludicrous; When narrow striped stufíV are worn, they make a person appenr taller, and a very tall lady should shun thom unloss slio wishes to highten her apparont stature; let her rather adopt wida stripes or lurge figures, or patterns which have a contrary etiect. So too in tho matter of color.--. At ona timo pink g the prevailing style, and it suits a dark complexión quite well, but it gives a fi'ighrful greenish hue to ono of very fair or palo cheeks; stich should choese green or blue tints if they would appeur well in preierence to bemg fashionable, while darker colcu-s aro safe to ñearly all. Again, good taato is grea'ly violuted by a wrong assortment of colors ia dress. Thus a violet bon net niay be entirely ppoiled by bluo fíowers, or a yellow skirt by rt pink sa.-;!i. Green assooiates wc!l with violet; gold with dark crimson or l:l:ic; polo blue with scarlet; pink wiih black and whito; gray with searlet or pink. The most object ionable and perhnps tliu most comnion fault to be íivoided, is want of harmony in the richness o! the severa 1 anieles composing the diess. Thus we oí'ten seo a costly mantilla thrown over a cheap delaine; a gai;!y bonnet accompunied by a clieap shawl; a pplenSld parasol sha dtBg a "ladv" in calicó. Huella contrast rerhirds one of tho school boy who invested his tirst ha!f dollar ín a pair A uilk gloves, arid wiis sitluted by hi? coninules with th erv, "pntch on both knees. nnd gloves on!'' Tho delair.e, tha calicó, the mantilla, the parasol may all be wel! enough by themsolves, but they do not accord wei! togethcr; fbr harinony is the very first essential in correct taste. L-LT An experieneed il J slager snvs if vou make loye to a widow who has a paughtor Uvnty 'yanta youriger tban heruelt, begiu by declnring tbat ymi thougat t'ify Were eister.


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