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The Attitude Of Austria

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JU is not dimcult for the youngest reader to ï'ccoücot tba timo wben Austria was decUriug to Frunce thíit shfl had nol tbs luatt intentioD to strike the firat blow ngaiust Surdinia, but S:irdiuia ww aeting so offjnsiveij tbat roallj, &o., &c. And than, t will also bö rccollected, Austria in i ni unentof exoitemont erosies i the Tioiuo, and Franee came down upoa her, and all tha-t ig uow going on succeedcd :i natural soqnenee. JBut, as the Eastera proverb suys, "an oïtricli will alw.v.-s fio su oatricb," and so wo say, "Austria wiH ba Austria still." Austria is at this Uloinent making tho khiiic preparatioas and also the satue deolarations. iSlie is dcclnring sbc will respect the ucw Eagliib ;ud Freooh-bora beiosy of nonintervontioU) srhich oauses tj i'io Nono sui'li paroxysms of disgust, and ho ia massiiif; her troops upon tho Po, building a ateaui iieet on the Guarde Lake, and uwking Vorona niprfignuble, Mcanwhilo 'ii'tor Emanuel is raiaing his insolent hoad as Klug oí Italy, and Garibaldi is talkingto bidi'iairados in prophetic slrain of future caDipaig.71 in Vonetia and Uungary. Will those pliH.''orio citadels aud tbeir overcrainmed hosts of armed men, and will til 086 wcll-drillod ü'uadrons w lioso liorsos drink the wateri of the Po, look on quietly whilo Garibaldi or whilo ïurr marshals his array upon the frontier? It looks vory liko th old position. Soma day or othcr the young Emperor will again loso his patience, the portals of tho Quadrilateral will opon, and Austria will be unable to resist the tjmptatioQ to swallow hur easy and iuso1 int prej, What will thou happen? M. Graodguillot teüs tha erjuel plainly enough when he doclares on tho part of the Kmreror that that important personage is fully oonvinccd that "a purely defeasivo attitude is the line of couduct whieh Austria ha adopted, snd from irhicb she does not intend to depart.'1 - If Austria moves sho is lost. V'hotllor if she remains still she is saved w do not dare to say. Napoleon nny or may not havo determined to break her up at any rate, aod hc may or may uot have secret sympathies with strange things about Kungary which have fallón from Garibaldi and aro freely discusssd on the beights of St. Augelo; but, Hnlúss JM. Graudguillot, bas lost his inspiration, it is cloar that an attack upon Sardinia, openly threatening as is her attitude, and repulsivo as is tuis her ncw presumption to give a King to Italy, would bring on a campaigu iu the Península, wherein Austria without a ilect would be lika a dog fighting au otter in the water. l'rr.m tbe Opinión Saticmale. Everybody confinas the belief that Austria is about to cross the Po. We are oren assured that within the last fw days she bas notified her intentioa to Franee and Eugland, and that theití Powers have simultaneously, and with oommon accord replied that if Austria should carry tbis project hito effoot they will send thoir fleets to cruise in the Adriatie, adding that, if she would abatain, they would be disposed to promise not to assist Piedmout in oaso the latter should assume the offensive towards Austria. Of courso wo givc these ramor uader all reserve, and wo do not mention with greater positiveness another rumor, according to whicb oue of the principal euds of the meeting at Warsaw is to endeaver to persuade Austria eitber to sell Venico immediately, or at least to admit the sale of that city as a basis for ulte rior negotiatioa,


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