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Have We A President?

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AVo rnay well ak theso questions, Has tlic United States a President, or a Gonr;il Government? Is tliere any Unitod States or have thoy already fallón to picces? In tli9 oarly days of the confedcracy wlien a vrhiskoy rebllion was thrcatened in PeniiBvlvania, the power of tho General Gorerament wag made manifest. Whon South Carolina threatened millifi catión, promised rosistanco to the lans uf Congress, and talked of setting v.p for her.-elf, Gen. Jacksox said to South Carolina that she uiust beliave herself, that tliore was no sucli thing as millification, and that sho must obey the lawa of Con. gres. And Gen. Jackson calmed the storm. Wlien citizens ofPhiladulphia sent a message to this same Gen. JaceSOM that they were coming to Washington iu a body and ehould demand that he change his finanoial policy, rstore tho deposits, b!a the Bank bill, or something of that kind, ho sent back this reply: 'Teil them to come on, and by the Eternal Hl hang them all." They didirt go. We have also had proelamations against "Patriot Wars,"and fillibusterijig schemes generally, and these proclamatious, wer always heeded. But now, though seoession and disuuicu is the watch-cry of half a dozen States, though Federal officers are resigning, disuuion conventionsarc being calledt the pcople being armed, and collision "w ith the General Government becoming imminent, what says the President of the Uuited States? Not a word of cautioü to thosc fanatical men who are stirring up strife and rebellion, not a word of censure for Judges, and Collectors, and ariny officers who aro throwing up their couimiasions and spitting upon the General Government, not a deuial of the right of Becession or an iutimaüon that the laws must bj oboyed and the Union preservad. James BüCHANAN should speak, b ut is silent. His proclamation uiight serve to turn the tido and stay the storm, but it is not made. Does he favor the seeession movement, has he like his friend and favorito, his seeession leader at Charleston and Baltimore- Caleb (JusniNG - advised the raising of the Palinetto flag? Again, have we a President, and if so, will ho stand by the Union? The country is eagerly watching him, and he canuot preserve longer silence with konor E3? A correspondent ef the Fünt Citizen propnsos such an amendment of the lawslhatthe annual Township meetino- sball occur on the first Mondny in Marob insiead of April ; that the tas assessment ruil shall be made in March, and the annual session of the Board of Supervisors take place on the Morviay following the general election instead of in October. He suggests that this arrangement would bettor accotnmodale farmers who necessarily have to hold most of the Township offices. The date of the annual Township meeting 'cannol be changed by the Legislature, it being fixed by the constitution. The other provisions are statutory. We give tho suggeationsfor what they are worth, without presuming to express an opinioD as to their desirableness. JL3gT In anothcr column we publish two short speeches made in New Orleans since the clection, by Senator DoöQLiS. Whero is Vice-President Breckbnridge ? Bsiore election it was indignantlydenied by himself and fi iends that he val iü favor of secession or was the secession candidato In this emer gencv wliv djes he not spoak to bis friendi in the South, why not make au effort to pour oil on tho troubled waters? Has he aided in raising a storm that he dare not face? is he afraid to ppeak to bis lato supporters ? Is he or is he not for secession T


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