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"credit To Whom Credit Is Due."

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The State JVeics gives xxts nary credit for the statement of votes cast at the recent election m this County The figurs wero those of no officer, but wero our oud, and cost us gome labor. f,3ÊT Jury nas been mpanDcled and the Burch divorce caso is now in procos8 oftrial at Napiervillo, 111. The ground i.s to bo fought iucli by inch , crimination and recriminations to be indulgcd ín, and tho published procoedings will bo replete with disgusting details. It is a pity that all newspapers olaitniDg reápoctabilíty would not excludc th proeeedings from their oolumus. L37 We havo several numbors ot tho Woodstock Democrat, published at Woodstock, 111., by Jab. L. Martin. Mr. M. is a Michigan boy, and having once been in our employ vvo knowliitn to be good printer, u sound Democrat, and upright young man. lie lias the ability to make a good paper, and we wish him abundant succesa. t At the October eleotion,M. A. O. Packard, a gradúate of tho University of Michigan, and favorably known to many of our cilizcn, was elected to the Legislatura of Indiana, from Marshall and Starke Counties, Mauk is a thorough-going Democrat, and bis election from a district claimed aa decidodly Republican, is no small complimont. J53E" Those journalists and socalled statesmen who are just now shooked at the threatened troaoon in the South, should look at home. Th spirit of nullification is as rife in the North as in the South, and the Northern States should rctracc thoir own step before they cali too loudly upon the South to obey fhe laws. South Carolina h3 no right to scectle. but it is no worse for South Carolina to talk aecosaion than for Michigan to nullify the constitutioual laws of Congres B.


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