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The Illinois Banks

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Western rnoney, though plonty as musquctos in harveat, is a drug in the market. The general depreciaron has beon caused by a riso in exchange and a lack oí' confidence in stock secjrities. During the week itlias buen quoted íd New York from 12 to lo per cent dis. count, and in Detroit bankers and bro kers have handled it at 10 per cent discount. This depreciaron will continuo until stocks shall increaso, and stocks will notincrease until the politica! fover has abated. Secession movements will not raise their valuó. Of ihe Illinois Banks, the Chicago Tribune ol the 20th says : A cali for additional securities hai been made upon tho Banks whose bonck at present valuation do not in the depressed ratea ol the stock market cover their issues. Tho cali is addressed to twenty-two Banks, most of whioh are those created utttter the law, ind the securities of which are mainly Missouri bondá without tho ten (10) per cent margio required of all QStituiioni organ:zed sinoe the lavv was amendud. LIST O BA3KS ITOS WHICH A CALL 18 MIDE. American Exchango Bank. Bank of Aurora. Bank of Chcster. Bank of tho Commonwealtli. Bank of Napierrille. Bank oí Pike County. Bank of Quincy. Citizens' Bank. Corn Exehange Bank. Farmers' & Traders' Bank. Grand Prairie Bank. Merchante' & Drovers' Bank. Lafayette Bank. Morgan County Bank. National Bank. Prairie otate Bank. Railroad Bank. Eeed's Bank. Southern Bank oí Illinois, Grayville. State Bauk oí' Illinois. Of those not all will respond to the cali, and our city bankers, knowing thc condition ofeach, have agreed tothrow out tho notes of thefollowing Banks to-day : American Exchango Bank. Bank of Aurora. ]5ank of tho Commonwoalth. Bank of lïuleigh. Corn Exchango Bank. National Bank. State Bank of Illinois. t The republican papera of this State aro highly indignant over the announcement that oggs wore thrown at Senator Douolas in Ahibama. Their indignation is all well onougli, butthey should not charge tho low muanness upon the wholo South. Have they forgotten that eggs were thrown at ExSeuator Stcart on the occasion of liis ppeaking in ttiis City ? It was a dirty trick; but the party was not respousiblo for it. II ■■ III gSg" Gov. WlBE, of Virginia, is rcported insaue. Therc are other arch-agitatora North and South tliat ought to bc so rcported, for thcy liay: bccu iusane for ycars or i'Ise knaves


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