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The Advcrtiser givcs the following as the official vote of the First Congressional district: Granear. Lothrnp. GranKPrinaj. Wayne, 7226 090-t 322 Jackson, 8366 2629 737 Washtenaw, 4822 3GG5 057 Livingston, 2073 2018 55 10,987 1 0,2 10 1771 The total voto of the district shows a gaiii of over twènty-five per cent over 1856. E5 To heiglitx'ii the excitemont at lbo Soutli, irrítate tho secessionists,and precipítate disitnioo, Capt. Montgomery'e band (if abolí tion inarauders have again kieküd up a disturbance n Kansas, broken up tho United States Court, seized tho Land Olfioo, killed several oitizena, and thruatenod the towDS on tbc Missouri line. Missouri has j buen called on for help, and governtnent trcops have been ordered to the soene of dieturbanco. Another nrgnmant is thua pliioed in the hands of tho Southorn eoessioniats. Cp" By the lateat arrival Victor Emanuel is reported as having taken possessioD of Naples in person. All Ituly - save Venetia - is now reully in subjection to liun. Ml - III EP The majority for Lincoln in Illinois is 11,996 over Douglas, and 4,846 over all. The increase in tho vote of the State since 1856. is 103.131, the largest ' gain we think made by any State. tsT' We have been vvearing for some time GEr.r.LET'(not Horaco)Pntent Brace Sus' penderá, and find thom a convenient and comfortable arlicle. They are designed for the doublé purpose of supporting the "unnicmlionables" and for drawin; back tlie shoulders ofeueh as tnay be inclined to stoop. Tliey are for sale by Orinville !t Fiti.leb who also have tne same article for ladies, missi'3 and boys. í@ A span of horses belongins; to Adam Pfíifkle, of Lodi, brokc away from their driver near Maïxabd, Stebbins t Wilson's comer, ycBterday fternoon, and run n John Gilpin rnco tlirough Main Street, sccafcteríug bagá of shorts as land-marka along their eonrso. TJie drivír was aomcwhat in jurotl, bul tho horses were brough' upncar tbe brick-yard ■'bout material mjury to them selvea or tlie wagon. A whaal ws taken out of the wagon of L. SI. Lroy, but the other wagons lining Main Stroet oscaped uninjured. Lg? Ono of the Detroit Firc Oompanies, Hookand Ladder No. 2, and tuch a Company, TJfited our City on Thursday of last week. They gave a balt, and such a ball, nt Hnngsterfcr's Hall. We are disposed to give Firemen and Fire Companies all desira ble latitude, but must protest against the devil being raised to so great an extent on the occasion of turn outs, balls, fec. It does injustice to the fraternity of Firemen.


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