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Arrival Of The Steamship Vanderbilt

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New York, Sunday, Nov. 18. The stcamship Vanderbilt, írom Southatnptoo, 7th arrived at noon Admira] Napier is doad. Hurst beat Paddock in fivo rounds, lasting ten minutes. No knock-dowu blows. The Piedmontese, undcr Víctor Bmanuel, gained a brilliantvictory on the 3d, on the Gargliano. 1'liey attacked in lront with troops flankcd by the Heet, and dispersed the Bourbon arm. Tente, wagons, andftores wure left inVictor L manuei's pos3e&sion,with 11,0000 prisonere. General Somnaze pursued the onemy afterwarda, and occupied Mola and positions eommanding Gaeta. Victor Emanuel was expected at Naples immediately. Garibaldi was at Naples. Anarchy reigns at "Viteibo, The voting on annexation comrnenced at Perugia. The inhabitants ofViterbo hastened to vote, notwithstar.ding the French oecupation and Pontifical gens d'armes. It is reported that tbe conclusión of the treaty of oommerce between England and Austria is unfounded. A largo body of troops remaining outside the fortress at Gaeta have sent a proposal of surreudering to the Piedmontese. A later telagram from Shanghai sayg it is reported that neegotiations are not goingsmoothly at Sien-sin. Ohappell'8 piano factory in London was burned and twenty persons injured. A telegraph cable to connect Singapore and JRangoon is about to leave England, leiigth 1300 miles. Fresh troops left Turin for Naples. The corn erop in Italy was deficiënt The demand ivas lull in London for money but no pressure. Somo doubt whether the bank will raiso the rate of interest, A telegram from Hong Kong, Sept. 17th, reports teas unchanged, and silks deolibing. The yEtna arrived at Liverpeol on Wednesday. Illinois Central and Ene shares have advanced.


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