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T iewAdyrartisements . SEVEN_YJEARS, Tho scvcn yearsof unrivalled success attending tho "Cosmopolitan Art Association," have uiftilc it ii houschold word throughout cvery quarter of the Countrv, Inltithü auspicea ofthtg popular ïnstitution, over thrtt hundred tkoutánd homrs have learaed to apprecirite - bj beautiiul vrorks of art od thetr walto. and choiee literature on their tablos, the great bcneflU derivad f rom becoming " subscribir. Subscrlptioiu are uow being received in a ratio unparaüeled with that of anj previuus year. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Any person can become a memlicr by subscribing thttè dollars, for which sum thcy will receive 3t. - The large and superb steel eiigraving, 30 x 38 iuches, entitled, "Falstaff Mustering His Eecruits" 2il. - One copj, ono year, of that elegantly illustrated magazine, "THE COSMOPOLITAS AET J0ÜENAI-" 30 - A'lniissiuns, during the yeusen, to Tbe Gallerj of Paintings, 548 Broadway. Iq adtttion to tho nbovf beneflta there wilt be given to subscribers, as gratitutou.s premiumx, over Five Hundred Beautifnl works of Art coraprisiüg valuable pabtttnga marbles, pariaas, outlinen, Jtc-, forraing a truly natiotiEtl benefit. ThbSÜPXRB Enob atino, wbich every eubscribor will receivi', eniitled, Uusmuva EOS Rrcbuits," is one of the most bciutiful and popular engravings ever issued in this country. It is done on steel, in fine line and stipple, and is printed on heavy piate paper, öO by .IS tachen, Duürfog n most choloe ornament, suitublê for the walls of either the library,parlor, ot olïico. lts subject is tlie celebratfrd scène of Sir John Falstatf recciving, m Justico Bballow'a office, the recruits which liave been gaiherwl for his"ragged regiment." It couldnotbe l'urnished by the trade for less than five dollars. The Art Journal is too well known to the wliole coun try tonoed CDinmendation. It is a magüifict-ntly iUustrated magazine of Art, oontainii sajBj Glories, Poema, Oosstp, A:c.,by the very best writers in America. Tiie Kiigniviiiji is BOnt to any part of the country by mail, with safety, being packed in a cylinder, postage pnpaidi Öubscriptions willbc received until tho Evening of tho Sist of Jftnuary, 1881, :U trhfcfa time the books will close and premiums be given to subscribers. Koperaon is restrictetlto a Hitóle subacríptíon. Those rernitting $15, are ent it led to Dve membtTShips and to one extra engraving for their trouble. from Californii, the ('añadas, and all Foreign Countries, mutt bc $3 50 instead of $3, in order to defray extra poatage, etc. I'oi further particuíar-S tend íor a copy of the elegautly Qlufitfiated Art Journal, pronounced tuk uanpSOMI&t magazink in Amekica. Itcontains Cuta logue oí l'rcnjiuins, r.nd nuraerous snperb engravíngs Kejíuiar price, 5ü cents per number. Specimen cojics, huïvever, will be sent to those wishing Lo subscribflj on receipt ol 18 ce:it-. in stamjs or coin. Addreps, C. L. DERBY. Actúa y C. A A. N. I'. - Subscríptions received and forwardcd by Iv W, MOHGAN, Agent for Ann Arbor and viciníty, vrhero fipeciraen Kiigravingu ud Art Journal can be seen. V- JtLji 9 JL %s JeLm b IiHE hOBSGRIBER woold respectfuüy informa his cus tpmera and the Cítizens of Ann Arbor generally that he intvnls storing a large quantity ol" Ice liuring lh coming Wtator; anl would bcgtad to furnish all pr Bous usina Ice with their supply during the Sumiucr s:ison. He h Bfttisfled that, he can furnish 'hem forless money than they can OH their Ice Houaas. líy punctuatity and trict attention to the wanJM "f all who may may favor hlm with their order, the aubscriberhopes toubtain a, libtíreral patronage. CLLME.NT R. ÏHOMP80HAnn Arbor, Nov. 20, 1S60. 7T5w4 Oysters 1 Oysters ! A SUPERIOR AIïïICLK of Oysters con.stautly on hand and at very low priecs. Dealers and all persons irlflhing Oy atora mil do veil togive oa a cali, we can furnish &ny quantity desired on short notice, and will warrant llu'in niceand fresh cveiy time775wÖ THOMPSON & SON. vmËs& knight" havo reccived thcir second purchaBe of WINTER COODS, Wbich will bc solJ at the Lowest Possible Piices, FOR CASH, BARTER, OR PROMPT We invito all to cali aad be satisfied our GOODS ARE AS GOOD AXD PJR.IGES AS LO W asean be found in the city, Nov. 10, 1860. 775tf General Land Agency PERSONS wantiDgfarmSjOrresIdenccftnornefll AnnArbor, can by calling onme selcctfroma He" of ovor 1OO Farms For Sale! Of varlou aizfie trom 3, te 1300 acreseach (sotne ai good agqny tnthis Connty.) Morcthan 5 DivcliiiK Housns nthisCity.rromtwo bundred to fourthouaanddd araeach: and over 1 O O L. U 1 1 D I N Cï Ij O T S ! Amongthcfarms are t he líi&hopsiarm, 1300 acres the Potter farm, ln'Grccn Oak; the Placofarm, au ) 4,ï)acre, Ihc Blandón nnd Jpiika ftrmi, in Webster I the" Stubbs, Micbacl Clnncy, Newton Bnognn and I FaMahsc fnrme. in Ann Arbor; J.KiKgley'4 furm I inPittsflcid-thelIatch nd Hick larim la l.odi; tl l'ntrick Cluyu farm in Freedot! W. t (Daviton, B O. Haker and Bu-k' fsrms inbylVan. Most" these and many others cün be divided to sui ,mrohaSer. „pj,, AonAibfJ. Jn. Ut, lfiu ÏJ LUNG & BLOOD I N F I R M A R Y . Ftshcr's Block Frodward Ave Detroit Dru. S. J. ('AKPKATER A HA IX Allí). ;o; DOCTORS gen. rally i retes 1 thnt Oimitnptl&n incumbí, because they cannot cure it thmselr; bit doeannt ranke it trut. ■■ Miiny mechanica rfll trurku on a jol all !ƒ nd ! tor domg notuv but Bpotl the matertal thay wili tril t cao be duw in ttio way you wnt it. Hut byappljuut to a bt-ttor woikjnan- ono who thoroughlj undemanïïi hfa businosa- you will get jour work acci mpliheo in shape. In lliis respect there in i,l0 Ume difTerenc to te founi in all trades and profegfuona. The bunglfr in mechanismen the arts, d luw, n thcoingjr, and in phjsfc, will say BUOh thingff oinnot be done. An.l -t u true tlmt tln-y ooald not be il all mn were like themselres. But fortunately therc ia anothèf cIm of mm, and ;]:.-.-(-, when tliey lake roor oase in hand, do th joba s jon want it, or restare you to hcalth, accrt in to dOHlre. Wt ]mve cnly to remeraber Ü i act to understand whj me ühjêUSSD ihould jirunouoc that Incurable whicti anotbot cao euro. En meehanles, tre somttlmw ftnd that by a pojwomion of Huperiof mt'ans, by BOAO ru-w invention, of whicli he haa the solé use, or by the (?reater ingcoity of hii min i, ou penon will makc er do wbat do other can. Exactly t maj be so in pliysic. Aod tbis ia the vrv renson why I have mich great succeiw over all othem in the 'treatmont of CoiiBumption. By hiTiofr the original gonías, by posscsKinj? tbe Lung-Metír, tiles rae to clearlv dr-ti rmiüc the nature of the dütoaseand by having 9uoh romerties for Conaumplion no iJther l'hyician ever had, makc boM U. say tfct I havo, and can effect a cure of thia dbease bcyonrt 1h reach of any otber man, ïo prove th to ha vu been 11 '' eau, I mjght ivo you numbers upon nurnber of certificates in -in men and women glveu ovt to tb grave, who have been reacued and rosto red to heatih by the penerering use of my remcdits for Coniumption. Hut it i not neet ssji y for me to do so herefor lh fnct of onoman dojng whftt nnothcr cannnt cannot, i oviiH'iit toali men of cummon ense. If the CouAumptive wfahea furtlier prouf thnn thrv, I can! only ay, come nnrj natisfy yourself by triil of my skül in tiie cure of your coinjilait. Carponter wlD visit Ypsüanti, and Ann Arbor, during 1860-01. Ann Arbor, at Cook's Jotel, 3d asd 4th of eaeli montb; Ilawkins Houso, Ypiitlanti, Bth and 6th of each month. Tlie rcnininder of the time, ho will be foLiml .it his Lang laürumiy inLotroK lyTTO. HEAD QUARTERS. For all kinds of I PETROIjITJ XUC , I 1 GOAL OIL, & FLUID I LAMPS. Wi PETR0L1ÜM FLÜÍD, W Coal Oils. YW Superior quality, at prioes gunr antying satisfaction. Lamps j altcred to the abovo on short jj=k uotico. tíX A. DcFOREST. . - '"g Nov. 10, 18G0, 774tf Dancing and Waltzing School. MH. T. V. (tUACKENBBSH would anoun t the citizenu of Aun Arbor and vicinity, that hc will pen a school for the purpose of giving Instiuction to Juveniles n all the Fofliionable modes of Tnnclng as now dnc"d 'i thf Eastern citïes. Tho term will commenee n ATURDAT, NOT. Mth, 1860, at 1 o'clock ) m t [ANQaTEROER'S NEW HAI.L. Tebjís or' furnox.- 3,00 for each scholar, for the courso of 12 lessons. wS Irving's "Works- JSTational Editiou XIHIS Fine Edition of the Work of Wsuikotox !■ hcd'rori'":1Ud'ng "'e 'ifC Oi WashiDUn) wilI1 PlStTBSCRIBERS ONLY Iu Montbly Volumes, Prioo $1.50 Payablo on Delivery. neaiitifully Printcl on heavv suprrfine paper, of the erv bost qoalitjr, arni substantialljr bound in haan levelled boards. j"Each Volume illustrated with VigncttM on Steel and Wood. j Knicker'ocker's New York Sketch Book, Clolh. Columbus, ' vt.U. Ilracebridge Hall, Astoria, Talos of a Travcler, Crayon Miricellany, Tapt. iïonnovülo, Oliver Gold.-mith, Mahomet y vol. Grenada, Allünubra, Wolfert'a Roost, Life of Washington, 5 vola. Balioaffaadi. This edition will be sold bicitovült to Subscribir and w,l be eatlj .„tperi„r to any ever before ,„ed" V ve.y handgome set of these oniverjallr popular worki thus placed wiüilh the m-ans of all y pulr worI' G. 1'. l'CTNAM, Agt., PohlUher. 116 Nagaan Street, New York. THE CHEAP CORNEE o SE EK NO F ARTHER! New Store, New Firm. AND LOTS OF NEW GOODS 1 In Mack & Schmid's New Block. pCRCHASED rccently tin Ier tho most favorable clrcnm 1 J-t'inces, ho mucli si tbat we feel Gonfident n sayln to all our old cufctomers, and as many ne ones aa ca crowd into our New and Spacious Store Room Corner of Main and Libeity Streets. That we nre now prepared to b11 yoa bettcr Gotis t lowr irices th;n our usual low prices and are now lx dnily rtjceipt of endlcss varieties of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY OOOX. LADIES' & CIIILDRENS' SHOES HATS & CAPS, BONNETS, EIBBONS, RUSHES, CROCKERY, LüOKING GLASSES, GLASS AND STONE WARE, GROOERIES, Sec. of every variety Lots more of the samo good 50 cent Tea, that others solí at 75 ote. Bear in mind that cur Goods ars all of the best quality. EF'Our Staple and Fancy Dry Goods fuirpass áll previous stocks for beauty, varitty and excellence. GFOur Ladies Dress goods, Shawls, &c, were never belore half so attractiw and eannot help but win smiles of approval from our fair friends. B@-Our Uats and Caps surpass al) for style and cheapness ever heard of in Ann Arbor, cali and sec them. Bi%.Our Ladies' and Ohildrens'Shoei combine elligance and oase with strength and durability. IW Our Cloths, Cassimeres & Vestings are all of the best qualities and styles of tho French, English & Americau productions whicli wo will sell at the same price that others ask for slop, shop stuif. lË" Our Groceries & Crockery are fresh, new and cheaper than ever. B" Our Yankee Notions and small fixings in general are too numerous to mention here, embracing every thing that a Merchant should keep and a Cu8tomer ehould buy. (3 And now having purcliased a. much Jarger and better stock of goods than ever beforc; we confidently rely upon the appreciation of tho public for aready Salo of tho same, feeling confident that we cannot help but suit all in prices quality and styles. All kinds of Produce taken ia Exckunge ior goods as usual. C. MACK, TTS(f) F. SCHMID.


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