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CARDS! CARDSÜ CARDSÜ! HTinr inirdiase.1 a RrGGLrs Rotaby I'iamotd Card Wi ritl afin. MMrtment of Card tv po , the AlKHJs oTre'" -n"„r,J .o priot Card of all kind. m the nratest poBible style aud at a great reduct.on from fnrmcr price., Incfudta Business avis formón „f uil .TOCtiOMndprofwlon, Ball, VWding and VtaHiog Cbrta, ele., etc. I-all, give ua j-ours orders and soo boir it is dnne. ____ Proclamatioa by the Governor. TLi has been a ye&r of plenty. Froit on itom and golden grains bva beu ipread out bofore al in abundance. And mra that the yellow tint s of Automn dmonUh oe tbat the 'LrvoH il over, t is good or us to humlle cursivos and g.vo thonks to the gn-er of 11 good. Lot UI ,„t,u-uvnclourhrl8,(.e8 and our altara and Immbly tlinnk l'ie God of ïieaven f r tl.c many bWlni thoi w daily reh-e at Hi. hnd8 and ns ouv hearts .oftI„ ;„ Vatitudc, let us not fori;et to prny that -ar Mftüno faTiine and civil eomlDOtlotts. may ba avertod froin our happy land, and iliat tliis great Confedcracy of States may be cementad in bondü of lasting friendslup. and theicby more effectually "seeuro the blu-sings of libcrly to ourselves and our pesterity" for all time to come. I do therefore appoint Thurs.ay, the tirenty-ninth day of November next a8 a day of Thanksgivinii and Praisc to Almighty Ood for hls eontinued favors. Let us on that day abatain from all seoular labors. and witli eontrite bcarts humble ouraelvea before Hiin, ■who alone is able to save. In witness whereof.I have hcreun to set my band, and caused the Great [L S.] Seal of the State of Michigaa,to bo affixed, at Lansing, this 9th öay of Ootober A. D. 1860. By the Oovernor : M. WISNSR. If . G. Isbell, Seorotary of State.


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