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O Itis a truth telling labsj that, ii upon De Land k Co.'s Salcratus, and it givcs u9 great pleanuro to say thut thta brand of Saleratus is mfcking many fr;ends among Üiu iutolligcnt hou sok ce pers of thïs vicinity. lts perfect purity uugbt to recommend it, certainly. It can be procured from most grocers and stirokeeperp. Maaufactared and forsale ut wbolcsale, at the Falrpotl Cliemü-al Work, Fftirport, Ifonroe Co., N. Y. MOTHBRS READ THIS. Tlit1 following is an extract from a letter inritten fcy thepMttrof n Bapti-t Chureh to the "Journal anti ■ , ■ Qncinn&ti, Qhio, and speaki rolamu n frtvor of tliflt woild -renowned medicino- Mus. WlKSlow'8 SoOTHilta StrOP kor Cuii.drkx Tekth:;: (■Wesee va adTerttwment In your colaran of Mm. Winslow's Now wo never mM ft word in favnr of n pst nt medicina bef ore in our Ufe, bot "mpclietlto aay to yourreadns, that thla is m bambas - wk have tricd it, asd rnow ir tu bh au. it OL&nfS. H ifl, probably, oue oí' tlie mut succfssful medieinet of the day, beca use it is one of the oest. And those 01 your readers who have b&bies can't do it better tlmn to 1 y ia a Bupply " See adviMtisi'mir.t in ftnothrr column EYE AND BAR. Dr. I'nkrwood, of Chteago, Tlllnnis the "niii rat nnd skillful operator on the Kye and Kar, whoso roputHtion is so ..TMiiivply known tliroush Iho Tnitcd Btetei and RanadM, will "rrive in Bexter Mich., on Wn.nji.liv, Nov 21 1880, and may bo eonaoltn! at th Aduna Houw, on that aay only. Dr. Do rwood U a nnlu edocatsd Phynelan and Suwwn of the oUmdooL and l.avmg bad an exwrlence of tnenty-fivo yeaM in practico, will nerfbrm anvnpm-atwn on the F,ye nnd F-ai npcesBsry to reatare Sight to th BBnd, Hearinit to the Deaf, or by ether scientifir. mesns to remove nny diseaie of those uscful organs wlthin tbe reach of aoientifle human skNI. __ No charle for examinationor consultatlon. lw.T BANK NOTE, LAND WARRANT, SPECIE AND EXCHAINGE QUOTATIONS. Oarefulty Refised and Correctad arery ircok. RATËS CDRRENT AT TUK Bonking Honse of D. Preston & Lo., 7Ï WooJirarí Ato. .Detroit Kot. ie, 1860 BANK NOTK8. Detroit City Banks, ... - - Par. Canada, (uil Solvent Bank) ■ N. England and N. York , (Solyent Bnk) - Kew Jersey and Delatare, ' Ohio. Kentucky and Virginia, .... Pa , all notes par at PiUsburgh or Pulladalphia, - " Bank of the State of Indiana, UXCURRENT FUNDS. IHinoil Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa oujlng 1 Cis 11 'n 11 M ollig K. Carolina, S. Carolina and Louisiana, ■ 2 Indiana Stock Notes, 1 u TennesKCe, - 3 (ieorgia, - ,,., Bank of England NolM, L, ""'.". ,. IiankofTecumseh. Michigan, - - - BS dl Exchange UaukofD. Ball&Co.. - - OUR RATES FOK BILLS OF EXCUAXüE. Buying. Selling. On New York and Boston, % X On Washington, - ■- ?i On Buflalo On Cleveland H On f'inciuuati, M On Chicago, $100 or upirard. hi por et. dl. GOLD ANTD SILVER. Buyiny Solling. Am. Gold, lots of $100 or upirards, K 1 Amorican Silver, % '■ LAND WARRAXTS. It will be observed that we do not quote by ilio acre, but so many dollars for the Warrant. Bnjing. Eelliag. 40 Acnu WiBEl.vra 42 -6 80 u 70 80 120 ii 85 100 190 i' 125 146 =ÍCTOTolutionary Sorlp, (per noro,} 80 ets. 90 ets. PREMIUM COINS. SILTTR COINS. COLD COIN'S. pan Pillar Dollars, IOS fovoreigna, 4 64 Mexican Dollars 1 04 20 Francs 3 83 Five Franc l'ieces 60 25 Francs 4 65 French Crowus 1 06 10 Franoi 1 90 Germán " 1 06 5 Francs 97 Prussian Thalfri 69 Ton Thaler Piooes 7 80 GuilJers 36 X Tlialer Pieces 7 86 CiigU.-.)! Silver, (ahilling Ten Guilder Pieces 4 00 23c.) L4 60 Spanish Doubloons 10 00 Old Am. Half Dolls. J OS Patriot 15 60 %f On lots of $100 or up I California Gold $10.1 6d vards, 1 tic. additional $50s and $20s ld. Gold Dust, $16 to $16 f0 per oz. 8ÊS Spanish chance $1,15 per nr. or22centsfor quarters, 11 for shillings, 5for si.xpences. On lots of !0 oz, and upwards, $1 .18 per oz. DAVID PRESTON A CO., Bankers. Yoodward Ave., Detroit. Office Qours.from 8, A, M., to 6, P. il. THE OREAT EMGLISH EBMBD? Sltt JAMES DLAUKE'S Cclcbrateil Fnnale Pilis. PEOTECIED feeBjKá L E T Í E E í BYE0YAL PATENT Preparcd front o prescription of Hir J. Clafke, i! D., Phyëician Extraoráinary the Quetn. Thi invaluable medicine ia unfaillcg n ths CTre of ftU I: 'o painlol and dangerous dteeasea to which tuft ttunalc ' luptitutvon in sQbject. It aioderatss all excs and re .noves all obBtructloní, and a spoedv cura may ba r&lied on TO MAK UI UI) LA BIES [t is peculiuly uited. It will, ia a kort tima, brtag on the monthly period with rerularity. Each Imttle, price On Dollar, baars th OoTOrraMnt Ump of Great üritain, to prerent eouoterfeita. Tkise PUU keuld not be tafun bg fepuiUé during ! FIRST THREE MOXTHS of Prignancf, atUuyart ture to bring m Mixarriagt, bYi at uoy ether Iidm (.tof ars taf e. In all cases of Nervous and Spmal ACTectio=, Pttc b tfc Back and Limba, Fatigue on sligbt exerüon, Palpit Hun of tbe Höaxt, Hysterics, and Whita, theie Pilis ffflj SaOl a cure when aü othcr means hare failfid, aoö nlthougb a pewerfol remedy, do uot contaln irro, c&ioaM' 4j:liuuuy, or any thing hurtfal te tbe eoQtltiitiio. foB directiosa accompary each packg. Sole Agent for the Ucitml Statei aai Canad, JOB KOSES, CUX I. C. üviiiiin Si Co .J Bochettst, N. T - $1,00 ani 8 poetage ttarapa artosid Ut aay es Agen s "UI iaois a bote oí BE bj -elot Sold be GREKV1LL & FÜLLER Ann Arbtrr, and by c ruggists in eTcrytown. To Consumptives. The Advertiser, having been restoied to he&lth in a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suifered several ypars with a severe lung affection, and that dread diaease, Coüsumption - is anlious to maköknown to his fellow-íufferers the means of cure. To all who desire it, hewiil send acopy of theproscription used (freo of charge), with tho directions for preparing and using the same, which they will fiud a suke Cure for Consumptiun, Astuma, Bronchitis, &c Tbe only object of tho advertiser in srnd:ng xhePrescription isto benefit the afüicted.and spread information which he conceives to be ínvaluablo, and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will costthem noth ing, and may prove a blessing. Partíes wishing the prescríption fril] pleasa addresa Rev. Edward a . WiLaoH, 768yl Williamsburgh, Kings County, New York. Tin.' Grcnt Benefactor of lila Race.-0 The Great Healcr of Mankind.' Herrick't Suqar Coated Pilis. Th whole World Untíed! Sick People think! Aftcr which aot. You'd scarce expect, at this late day, With startlingcuresa book to fill; Thi.s is the caee, themillion say, With tlie cures of Herrick 's Pili They come from East, and North, and Weet, And with glad tidingsthe papers fin, Because they are the cheapeRt,safest, best, And suporiorto others ifi Herrick's Pili From Rootá, and Plants, and Flowers they 're; They ahvays cure - they never kill Thougands now in their graves were aid, Wereitnotforllerrick's Píüf. Each Pili with sugar is coatsd o'er - Arare diecovery of matcbless ekill, Theírlike was never Eeenbefore, Uutil itappeared in Herrick's Pili. For years he'sworksd to heal the sick, With joy elate his bosom filis: For tensof thousands now rejoico At the magie Powers of Herrick's Pilis. ty HERRICK'S MATCULESS VEGETABLE FAMILY PILL have nundated the world with their pojmlarity. Over fivo million of boxee are used annu]y, giving employment to eighty-five mtn and women to put theni up. Their cures are numbere-1 by thousandfi- thcir praises on the tongues of ali, Citizens of Washtenaw Co-, aní elscwhere, have you used themfPut up in English Spanibh, Germán, and French directions. Large familv boxea, 25 cents! Five boxea for SI. Sold every wheré See advertisement on 3d pago Important to Femules. D r. OBIBIEHAIU PIL.L.S. FaSPÁBiED BY COE.VEUUS L. CUEESEÍLAX, M. D. , New York City. Thecombination of ingredients iu these Pilis are the result of a long and exteusive practico. They are mild in their operation, and certain in correcting all rregulari tics, Painful Mensunition?, vemoving all ohstructions whether from cold or otherwise, hoadache, pain in the side, palpatation of the htaxt, wbKM, all nervous affee tions, bysterics, fatigue, pain in tho backandümbs, &c. diaturbod sleep , whicb aritíes from iuterr uption of nature TO 51ARRIED LAMES, Dr. ChecKeman' Pilis are invaluablc, as they wll briogon the monthly pertod with regularlty. Ladies who have been disa[pointed in the use of othcaPills can place the utmost confidí-nce in Dr. Cheescman'B Pilis doing al they represent to do. V O T I C K Tiere is one conditum of ihe femalr. gyitcm in tahlch ! PUU cannotbc takcn tniíhout produ&ivg a VECULIAR RESULT. The candition rrfarred toit PREONANd- Iht result, MISCARIUAUE. Sur.h is thr irrtswlabje Un deney of the medicine to reslorr. the sexual funrMorts to a. normal condition, that evm the reproductivt pover of nature cannot resist it. Warranted purely vertible, and íree from anything injunouB, Explicitdirectious, which should be read ac cornpany each box, Sent by mail on enclosing $1 to YortatEUU8 I CTIEESEMA.V, Box 4,631, Post Office, Kei „H" b-T 0M Eruggist in cvtry town in theCn.tcd Stateu. -a K. B. IKTC1IIXGS, GE.VERAL AüC.VT FOU THE Tmted Bllim No, 14, Broodvyay, JVcw lork, T To whom ftll Wholesale orilers should Ire addnai Sold in Ann Arbor, by KtTVAa, Stembxs & Wilson and G, Gbe.ville, Teyl GO TO GUITERMAïF&CCVS FOR QBEKLY'S PAT."ÏNT PANTS-a new a. jun tha thinj. They have the exclusive rlgíit ÍT f he Citv. A! t th (r?jl Pue ?".'V'n'(ir.


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