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Mrs. OTINSLOW, An eiperien fd Nnrse and Fenmlo Fhjsician, pwftentn to the attnlion of mothors, lier SOOTHING SYRUP, TOR CIIILDREN" TEETI1ING, whieh greutly facilitates the procos of t-etlunj, br gofton nt tho gurns, reducing all nflaniination- will Uaj ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and is SURE to REGÚLATE the BOWELS. Dopend upon !t, linthors, !t will givo rost to yourselres, and Eelief anc] hcalth to your Infants Wc have put up and and uoM tliia article for ovcx ten yrs, and CAN SAT, IM COtïFIDENCE AND THU'ÍH iif it what we have inTer boen ab!e to ftav of, nr other medíame- NbVER HASITFA1LED IK A sdíGLE ÏNSTANCE, TO EFFECT A CÜBB, whn tiinclv used. Never Hd we know an intanoe of disBatufactlou by any om who omd It. On the oontrarr, all ar ■ dpughtad with its opemtions, and speak in terma of commendation of its magical effects and medical virturs. W ;peak In thi mattar "WHAT WK DO KXOW " alter U'n venís' expcriBnco, AND F'LEDGH OOB IÍEPÜTATION FOR TBE FULFILLMENT OF WHAT WE BESE DK( LAKE. In aliuost cvrry initanoe where tbc infant ia suffcrinK frum pain and eiliausoon, relief will b iuund in Cltücn or tiventy minutes Rr tlu1 Byrap Is .'wlinlnistcred. This voloible pr.'paratioa is the prociption of on of the moet KXPKIUKN'CED and 8ÖLLFUL NUBSB3 n Now Enylnd, ani has beeu uaod with NEVEK THOUSAND OF CASES. It not ocl relieves thechiH fr.ira pain, but inrigoratftS thsstom&chand bowrln, correcta acidity. and giro tono end enargy to t!ic wholeaj-stem. It will almort iwtaolly r lit-- GRiriNG IN THE BOWELS, AND WIXD COIJC and overeóme convulsiona which f not speedly reme dicd end in death. Wo beüeve it tho BEST and SOREST RF.MF.I'Y IN TUK WORLD, in all casos of 1Y8ENTERY and D1ARH1KEA IN CHILORFN, whethrr t arises frim teetliini?, or from any other oause. We would say to every ïnother who h 8 a child flufferin? frora any of the foregoing complaint - DO NOT LET YOUR PRKJÜDICBS, NOU THE PBEJUDICES OF 3TBERS, stand betweenyou and your suffer, nr child, and the rulief thatwill be" SURE- YES. AU.-OLÜTELY - o folluw the use of this medicine, if t iraely used. PoÜ diectlons for using will accoropany each bottlö, STine genuine unless the fac-simile of CURTÍS & PERÍINS. New-York, is on the outsido wrapper, Sold by Drugüiats througout the wcrld. Principal Ulfloc, 13 Ccdr Streot, W. Y. PUICE ONLY 23 CENTS PERBÜTTLE. For sale by Eberbach & Co. 17Ï, 1OOO Fine Overooats! Fot Salo Ohetvn at OTfTERMANA 00 'S. NEW GOODS OHIPPED evsty week from Boston and Nw York O for tho 3FOorlO'jsi Store, n Ann Arbor. A. DeFOREST, Proprietor. jO C ROCKE RYj 1 GLASS WARE, ÉKy} China Goods, &o. SpèENSwMÏS at prioos guaranteeing satiSILVEE PLATED GOODS! Tm Setti, Cake Basket, Ccêiors, Knivts, Fork, Spooiu, Sfo.. quslity gaarantied at REASONABLE PRICES. FINE IVORY, and oommon Tablo Cutlery, American manufaetur a superior artiolo. KEROSENE and COAL OIL LAMPS new improvod burnor, warrantod to bethe beet burn er in use, or tho money refunded. Also new pat toras fluid lampa, Kerosene Coal Oil and Ftuii gaarantied to b the best artiole in the StaU. Our Chinaman still Lives. That unrivaUed quality of Teas can alway be found at the Poople's store. O alia _ije: jsaxju SBB of all kinds. Fruita, extracte, spicoB, pickles, oüj Perfumee, &c., received every week at tho people'fl store. Pure Liquora and VTinos for medicinal vur posos only. WOODEN WARE, Stoae ware, ropo, oordagp, 4c, a ful] stock. Produce, Grarclen andFielc BSThe object of thia olnmn i not to draw bujineas frotn o+hers efngaged in tile samo profeS" We ask ynu to cali rmso ond aftr thn.t you wi oall without askipg. We oro Selling a few goods an' shall continue to 8S1 as low ifs ttiey can possibly L rforded. OorORf?! Sop. 11 1900 9 F---fl? Store


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