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NEW AND CIIEAP GOODS. I hare reooivod mj FALL STOCK, nd öfibr fbr sl at IOW PIRIOES300 Pieoe Aiavicaa and Engliilx Print. L00 Ploooi LanoMtor and otliar G-üigüam. 200 Pleoe Delaine, Plain and Plaid MeriaoO; & otlier Dress Gooda. 50 P;om Blaok and Oolored Silk. 000 Brooh Bt BUto and otlier ■tonrfth ftOO Doien Glorw and Hotlwj. 0 Balei Light ttáá ñmrj 8hcst ingi. 50 Balee Strip Shtrtings, Tick ings, Denim, Ootton Yarn and "Wadding. S000 LU. Batting and Oarpt warp 00 Lbê. Woelen Yarn, and Knit ting Cottoa. 100 Stark Mills and othw Bagt. 000 Pieoo Bleaehed Cotton anc other White Goods. 100 Piooes Rod and Wliite, al Wool and Cotton Flanncls. 600 Embroiderd Collar and JJn wx H'dk'fe. BÓO HoopSkirt 100 Piews New StjU Dre Trim miügt. 500 Piccea Yoivot and othar Rib bon. 0 CHoak Oonls md T&mvIs . 500 Doaen Coate & Clark's Whit and Colored Thread. 50O Soft Hats, 00 per wnt. leas tha: Ilatter's prioe. 2000 Pairs Ladies, and Chüdren' Shoes and Knbbers. 100 Pieoos Broad Olotbs, Oass mere, Satínete, and Kentuok Joans, And all email wam t mak np ii-sr cooxs Bd dioloe-w. FAMILY GROCERIES These GOODS ARE ENTIRELY NEW and hare bcon phrchasod of fir class Boston and New York Hou at prices naoiod only ko Large Dei ere, and will be sold FOK GA8H, OR PKODUCï at its caeh valtre. JOHN W. M4YNAR1 Ann Arlcr. Söpf, Í7, TStfO, Ti STRONG'S, STEONQ'S, r 8 TRONG'S. Cheap Cash Store, Cheap Cash Store, Cheap Gash Store. ] New Goods, 1 New Goods, New Goods, ] JUST BïOEIVED, I JU3T RECEIVED, ] JTTST REOEIVED, CaU see thom, . r Cali and see .hom, Cali and see thom, j EXCHANGE BLOCK, . EXOHANGE BLOCK, EXOHANGE BLOCK, Dress Goods of all descriptions, Domeatic Goodi very low, r YANKEE NOTIONS&HOSIERY, Ladies and Children'a Shoes, GROCKERT di OR00ERIES, HATS Sc OAPS. HOOP SKIRTS, HOOP SKIRTS, Qnly 4 onU a Hoop. LADIES1 OOHSETB, j LADIES1 CORSETB, All siïs - Latest stylos. Woolen and Worsted Shawls, ■ WOOLEN HOODS, CLOAKS, fc. REMEMBER THE PLACE, ;' REMEMBERTHEPLAOE. EZCHANGE BLOOK, EXCHANGE BLOCK. Aon Arbor, Oet. 1860. TG8tf d . , Ho for the JMtammoth Cabinet Ware Kuonis. II MABTIN & THOMPSON, TT AVE JUST OPBfKD IN TULIR tw uil Elegant War e-R ooms BAS? 6IDBUT UÁ1S STREST, Aun Jb. r V Oí. A. OOMPLETB BTOOK O y ROSEWOOD, MAHOGANY and i8ETB Oí PARLOR FUENITUEB INOLUDINö Sofas, Tete-a-Tetee, Mahogany EOSE-WOOD, BLACK WALNUT, te Plain and Marble Topped ROSEWOOD,! MAHOGANY, n BLACK WALNTJT, FANCY and OOTTAGE CHAIRS, &JO., &O., &C, &0. Elegant MIRRORS, Bureaus, Secretaries, B e d-R oom Sets, INOLUDING LATEST STYLES, a -oJFIlllllálll OF THE BEST QUALITY AND Dlffercut Material. In Faot they Have Everything I WI-T-H Wïï I-OH T 0 r-C-RN IP PARLOR, BOUDOIR, SITTING ROOM, OR KITOHEN, AND OUR CITIZENS NEED NO 1 longer go to Detroit or elsewhere To Find ALARGE ASSORTMENT . FÜRNÏTÜRE ret M U S T BE S O L D - A N D- And Will be Sold ; es A- T VERY LOW P RICES! tar ICt itbj mm ani his wifo or irmnii fo be wif OOMJt AND SEE. TheyIo har HEARSE ÜARRIAGE, íb are olways ren.1v to attvni to th burlal of tha did in the City and síoiDgomiotTj. Rooms eist ■ido of Maia St7t, botwcn W:whingfcon and I,iborty fL O. Jll. JQ '- Q . N. c b. thompson "cash foíTpTmjltry." -F fi-'t TiirVny, Chldtmii, nfc. }II bltïwW Milu at rt Ar--. Artwr, fl t i i rtf


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