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Scrofíila, or King's Evil, ia íi coitstitutional di lóti :i torruption of the blood, by which this Huid beconiea vitiatod, ■vcuk, and poov. Being in tho circulation, it pervades the wholo body, and may burst out : any part oí' it. No orzan is frca lïoiii it.i atíacks, uoi1 i.-; thcru 0113 vhieh it may not l.'stroy. The scroí'ulouá taint is variously caused by mercurial di&case, low living, clijoidiiixd or unliealthy luod, impuro air, lilth nnd iilt.tiy lmbits, tho depressing vicos, and, abovo all, by the veneieal iniection. VVhat I ever be it:; origiu, it is hereditary in the con Btitution, ing " from parcnts to childrcn unto the thírd and fourlh gcncratioii ; " indeed, it scems to be tlie roa ot' Him who taj-s, "I will vi '.:ultics of the fiithers upon thdr pliildren." ltseffe ' 1 torr.mcncc by dcpoilion from the blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in t,ie: i::-.' ; , liver, and intwnal orpuis, is tcrmed glaiuls, ifwellings; and on , eruptions or sores, This foul corruptio.1. m blood, dipresses the gncrgies of lifp, so tbat scrofulous constítutions not on iv strffer from scrofulous com, but flicy h:iro fer i po#er to witlialtucka of other distase conseju"ntly va-t mimbcrs perisl by disorders v, '■.'■'' . '■: i .' . fu] m in tïi ir nature, are stiil rcndered fatal by thia taint in the 1. Siost uf tho cqn.sumption which de1. faaiily has its origiii, dircctly in this scrofulou3 containmation ; and many destructivo diseasc of the iivor, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of uil the orgnns, arise from or are dggravhted by tlie pame cause. One quarter of all our pcoplo aro scrofulous ; pejsons are invidod by this lurking infeciiori, and thoir liealíh is undermined by it. To clcanse it from the systeni we must renovate tbe blood by an alterativo medicino, and invigorr.ta it by healthy fond and exercise. Such a medicine wo supply in AYER'S Compcm'íl Extract of Sarsaparilla, the mo-t cflüctual rcmedy which the medical s1;:'l F our Huios ra devise for tlris overywhere prevailingand fatal malady. It is eombined frojn the most active remediáis that have been discovarcd for ü;e expurgation of this foul disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the System from its destructivo conseauerices. Ifrñbd it fliould be cttrpIoyM ft (he cure of not only SeroWWíl, but a!so thoso other afieetions which arise from ií, such as Ebuptitb and Skin Díseasbs, St. AxtWosy's Fire, Roas, or EiiYSiVRLAfv, PiMi'i.r.s, I', Bi.otciüís, Ui.. ts and lion.s, ÏUMons, Tetteb anB Pai.t JIiievj:; Scald ]It:.p, Ringttorm, Rheuma'tism, Syimiilitíc nhtl Mékóuiiial D18, DiïorsY, J) vsrr.rsiA, Dkhii.ity, and, lridoed, at,i, Comvl.unts AitrsiNO ruoM Vrn.vtkd cu Impure Blooi. The popular belief in " mpilriíy oftha bfood" i:; foundiil in truth, for seronda is a degeneration of the blood. The particular, purpóáe and virtud of this Sarsaparilía ;" tu purii'viind regenérate this vital íluid, withóutwhi !i':---'-l fcoalth u impossible üi contumiricn,ll coiibtitutions. Agüe Cure, FOIt THE srEZDY CUPE OF Znicrmiltciit Fcver, or Fcvcr and Af?ue Hcmitieut Fevcr, Chill Fcver, Dumb Aj;uo, Pcríoclieal tlcadni he, or lííllous ' Hcailaclic, nnl IIHious Pcvcrs, iuclced for tlie whtilc class of ítsenses origlnttng In biHnvy derniiftcmeiií, caused by tiie Malaria of Miasmatlc C'ountries, W'c are cnabied horo to offor the ccimmuiiity a ixmcdy whloli, Whlle it cures tbe aljove oomplnints Witb certainty, i$ stiil perfcctly harmlcsa in any tju&ntity. Such a reinedy is invnliiabie iti tliáíricts wboro these affilqting dlaoidwi's províiil. This "Cuuk" oxpels the ïniaamutic poison of Feter and Agüe from tbe pystem, nml pre vetits the dovelopmcnt of tho discase, if taken on tho first npproach of its premonttory syniptoms. It is not only thft beeí rexfreáy évte yet disooTored for tliis closs of complainta; tuit iüso íh? chenpest. The lnre qiitintity vrc supply for a dollar hclogs it witliln Úa readi of every body; aiKl in Dilious dist r Íets, where Fi.vj;n and Agüe prerails, evcry body sbould h:iw it and uw it fieely both for oure RBd prteclloO' It ia lioped this price will place itifronii ttitrratch of all - tlio ns well aslbezich A greiit isiipiM-iorily of iliis r. -im-ih orer nnyotber ever . discoTored for tlie speody nnd certnln cureof Intínniiti U'Mis i-, that 1 no Quiulne or miiu-ral. cotjso1 qu'.-ii'ly it pi ísmi or clliíT Mijirinis efleets I whíittíVef lípftfl ih( rnnsiif ntion. Thona ciircd by it are i left íis healtliv as if they had nërer hfld the oí Fevor and Agüe i rlot alone tlie consefiíienre t( tho . nj ise from ! its irritatfon, among wliich are Neuralgia. HTÍrnmaL'smt ■ GfeMÍ, U .,:■'.' . Painful Afftit n of tht. .'Ic-n, IlyL'teric-, l'-iin in Uit ISoutlt, O'.'.l', ,'iT 7'.s, and Derangtment ofihe fiümutcli.nW of wliicli, wlicn origlnat' on tho rni ■■■. (;.pt. or lircome . Dus ftCüttE" (UEpols the poj8on from tbe bl od, and i' 'U ■' ini'iitly rnri'S Qiem all nUke It san invatualjlu pvotectton tu .mniígnuits aml pi-rsniifi travi'lHns or tem porn 1 ily rofjdlng in t 10 rhultvtioufi cüstricts. Ií taken occnalonally or ilaily wliito exposod to Iba fbfeotiun. l!tut vrill be oxfrctoU from the sysit-ni, uul c.innot accnmnlAtS tn ctifRcfent qnañtify ro rlpyíi inte dittense. i; is even more valunblo for protectlon (han cure, and few will mittents it' they nvail tht:ni?tlve3 of tho protcliou this touieily aíToi'da. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LOWELL, MASS. ÍAYNAH1' ití '■■ 1 1 SON, and ly 1 Itirt i'v.'i1', v. bere. J. BTTRRILL Travelíng Agent. Ají aperienl í . ■ ,bohin.Ku ."Io auá the United States, and preso bed In i ).-h ioe 'I experfenceof rl re iha.t no prt i - o can bo com] nred nrith ■' . ímpurti ies ui thc b in o'' ital (Mu-i-rr.w ■ ■vory ronCeivaüle cae, tnnoxious [u I] en táfcd, lian proj ■■■ iitp. vi: Inle?.iiílíy..rvo5 Afliocflun Emaetion uysï -psiii, i'oiitttlmilon, Ulaii'hoca, Dyacnteiy. IiirlpleQl Coi ScmfaKtna Tu Im-itmIo--!. Sdl Wiéum Mi-. 'hita, Chlorosis, Lir ■ matten hiic'jn'-Uin! f'ertrv, Pimples an thc Face, kc. IcamÍ G . ,■ ' , faöute I ínued (liminution of aei i ■ a rial ot' ' which no dcscrïption norwritten attoatation wopld ron1 . o liave beóomeforgottcn '- ' haveiud lií'til y re-appeared in thebnsy world as if jnát rol urnod frora protracted tro ■■ I nal tnstaricea of tU ! tiale suflerewj oniacintcd of (fpprtrënf mnraRmiiftj nanj ■ .:■;.■'; ■ which thephysícian has no na me. In N . '■.'■ 0U8 AVFUcn&né of all kinds, and for ro: miliar to medical men, tbe opera lio n ol tionnf iro'i ii.: ! ■ :;:lv !■■ .-.1 ' , -.iry , (ni. lUlÜliv tbe usíy tonic niiliiMií beiug exciting nw tiv" rltOiltÍTü.'; .1 rl ; :il!y. even the ; mostob.-: Ivcnesü witboui even beivga autrÍQjpurp:itivc, ur iml ictinr o diagí ct ible sensol on. It is tiifiífitier jroperty . ncionjí o'hci'ji, wh:r!i mal; es it o emarkably ol ■ . rnarienl : rrme iy for íles, upon which i a Iso r r.iüo action Ly djí eiising tbe local ieudeney which forma toVm. In Dy.-itp :a, Idbi mi ral le asa ■ i Blngle box ot t' we ofteè the moát úabít Casticeness. In unobecked üiarrhou, eren when adranced to Thnen trry conflrmedj emaciating and apparent malí iánt, the aflTectfl haring ben cquall? '■■■ iliïnjj Ín tho ! consb, and ren hiel "■■■ indícate In&ptcnt Cofuamptftm, ín wvi tifyiug nnd inUucsting ín&tanceí. Tu Scrpfuhus Tnhcrcuolsis, this mudicaicd Trn has had lar more thaa thc roo1. ■; 'autioasly balancfl l pVepái nflon I ne, wltliout any of aoeir well bnowi liJUitiPB. The attention of Pernales atnnot be too confidently nvited to thia ranedj;uv nsíorátirc in tho cásea peculiarly affectfug thena . 1 1 ,'■'■■ rvíífovin., imth clironic anl inflammatory - Ín tlie latter, howeYf , more Aockledlj) - :t Uaü i i Envariably well vcjiorlfil, bütb as alluviating palirtand reduc awclUiifiSíind stiCfness uf tfaeoipi nnd ni ! ! ■■ . ■ " ' i t romody and vuv: 1 ic re tocative, and i seitlcnieiite of th V'ci, wili'prbbably be one of bigli re riowri :i i)1! uflefulneas. No remedy bas ever "been dlscovon ry 1 r dnMfciqe, vlnh cnci-ís suth prompt, happy, and luliv rostoratn ■ ■ I appehte, oompl gesiob, i'j'i'i ftcqui tion of streiiKth, wilh an iun:s..a! Líoñ active and cheerl'ul . ■ .,. átatoly folio w I'ut up in n'iaí l!:ií metal boxen containing 'Ö0 pilla, priw ri0 ce&ts por hwi . Wiil be Ri nt freo to any addi All ïüttt-r.i. orders-, oto., shpuW beodOrMed to B. U. IJCKK.JcCo . General igeni . 47Ï. ti. V. DE FOREST, AKMSTKOXG & CO. DRY GOODS ItlKfiCH ANTS, 80 & 82 Chambcrt Sf. V. Y. WQCLD NTiTÜ-y ': ■■■-.■A tr-ey nro epenin íoékly, in m an1 beai -.thc ALSO TUK A Nw Print, vbiob escola rery Print In '.■■ Country :tion of cxecutjt i d uiafnU Mftddor Coi ors.- Owr Prints nre eliriinrr tiras r.ny ir. marketand , meeting wih pxtensivj Bale.


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