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! IT.GREATER GREATEST . A]?:S EVEE ( HITO ] 1859. Jpvl 859. i M (liisCif.y, :ire now beingoffered at tlie OIIEAP,CLOCK,WATOH, & ■ ƒ o xv wlry t;ojEoBnbtcribor wouldsay to the i'itizMRot Ann Ar h'ir.i particular, and the rcsi of Wmhtenaw In eencr.i!. thaï hnhasjuat IMPOIïrED 1)1C :■ !,- KIjaopK.a T?omendou8 StQck of Wntehes! il. n! whlch hfi blnda binueirto teil CHEAPEH Ihan !: betgotfgbt wi-ii t New Vork City. ipenFnco CyKiider Watchea Irom $6 to Sl do do I. ■ er do do ö tn :jl . r do do do 14 to :{-" ('o OvHnder do do !) to iï& tehea from 20 to 15U 1 ; BVfl all 0 tlie CJKLEIÏKATED AME117CAN WAT CUES, , j. !i ! irlli cu trr L'ï ;. l'vry Vvatrh warrantad tr m wcll, or the monóy yefanded. Cloe .i vr Jry. Plftte ! War, Gold Pent, and rftringe, Cotlery, &&, ; t n varity ofewry'hlpa uaually krptby Jüw i I run be hnughtfortno next nim-ty dayfl nt vut O W N l'RICES! i'oreo:t9 buyhiEr Bbytèing :it tin? wil known estnbnt can reíy Qpon gctUng goods exact' y ns repri si nt' d, ortfaemoney rein nded. i'a!) early and te cure tli1 best bargaiiu evor ulfcred In ibli :ity. One word in regard to Rcpairing : tred to mnkc nny repairs onfim or com, -vi n to tttakingc er ho enttre vfalch, eeary, ftcpaüing of (leek and Jewelry as istiftX Also tb e oaanafactuiina ol KINGñ, BROQCBS, ar auything deatred, from California Gold on short noi .' Bngravlfff in RlUts branche axoented nrUhbeat ind dlspatcn. J C WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28tbl850, 7Hw Something Worth Reading! clioflfXlMiillep, RK AGAIN ON t'ANII.atthofrald B'iind. (Tliroc fv UoorsNorihoi Franklin ilouso,) with the most ■ L x tensive Assortiment -OFBooks and Stationcry, VVali and Wmdow Papers, Oil Faiiited, and Gold Boideied Shades, Curtaiü Rollers, Tassels, Cords, AND A THOÜSAND AND ONE THINGS In thcir Une, KNTlHF.i.Y TOO Kyr.IJ IÍOUS TO M which th?y n! vilc tbeir friends, ard the j public g;eutralty, to Bcfore Purchasiug Elsewhere, s tbe rlattrr themeelt-psthat tht-ïr &"tylee aiii Prïpn c tunol fafl to ptrov satlsfactóry. ■ rbor May 1. 1 1 59. iTüKACE WATERS, AGENT 333 R r o a (1 w a y , N v v Y o r li PiibUshcr ofMiuic anl JUusIc Books AND DEALKR IN' Pjnnoa, Melodeons, Alexandre Qrgana Oi-giin Aocorcleonp, Martin :s celebratod andother Guitars, Violios, Tenor Yiols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutinae, Flutes, Fifes, Triingles, Clüriinette,Tunin Forks.Pipes rnTdHarnmërs, Vioïin Bowi?, best It;ilian Stjings, ]}. InptrumentH for Bunds, Pinno Stooli, and covers, and :tll kindíü of Musical ïVitttrnTiients. 3 3n. o o t 3VC tx S i o, mm all th publishers in the U. .. V'--Ij and nf Instrnction Him] - ■ :■ the abovc instrumeni ■ ; n .; Miiöic paper, hu. i all kinds of Music ■ . í ti e Lo w 4 s t I v i c 8. w Pji. a n ft, ;-.. . . ■. r 5 % 50, and up to $800. Sflcoud, , ,-i to S160; New Melorteons, 4i, ..-.,;. ■ m nd Bnd M '■ p ..;!;■;■ I l;---;i:s. n Ub Dive tnp„, $l?0, . ■ ■ ■ topa, Sï50, $; 75 npd and $375; A liberal discoujit . ;i:i 1). I l:i. ];'i:'"-, ftbbatfa Shools, " üiilia 1Í0-; 'i'be Iraue ugpllcd at the usual trajle estlukoiilalsof tiift Horaoe Waters Planos ctrtf Mrlodcoii. John Hoawett, of CarQtnge, New York, bo haa had nu' ol' ñorattWaterfl Piamtw, wriièa aa folio ws: - !A frimd of mine whw-nie t uu-chase .i plano 'or U ïpl I I.'" -Il I My piano isbecoming popular in hls ptnee, and I think I cp Intro luco one or two more; they will bc more popular than aoy otlier makt-." have two of Waters' Kanos in uso in ourSemtnary, one of wliicb It.-i been severely toated Cor tinte jreant. and we eau tegtify t their (jood quality and duraGregory, Mouti' Carro}}, Hl, 'H, Waton, Eaq. - Dbar Sir: Haring iwed onoof ynur Piano tor ttfoyeAW past. I have fboad t a very superior Instrument.' ZO OSAT, Principal Brookhjv Hrigkts Svnmary. Piano 1 reeeïvód froui you continúes ti give sat■i. 1 regard itaa ope of tlie besi Instrumenta in tb e : - UC ÏbkÉ, Charleston. Va. The. Melodeon bas safcly arrlved. I feel obllged to yóu fory out liberal dlrcount." Rev. J. M. Uti S C. .i no was dnly reeeïved. Iirnmo in excellent n, and is very mucb a niír bj my Tr.unerous y j cc pt mv tU.i nks for your prompttfQsa.1' - ■: . ,;. iVárrenkam. Braajoed Go. Pa, uYour ; '■'■ we-ll. 11 is tlio boni uno. in our . . !.'.;■:;■■ M , CamphetttOTl, Ga. "Ws ftré viTv mucb obliífefl to you tor havina ■■'■' snob a ikic instrument for a2öO." - 1J:;a.nk,Ïïi-:i.i) & Co., liujfalo Demscrat. ■ Horace Waters Pianos are known namnn-ihe ■ very best We aro caableii to apeftk of instrÉments with confl lence, froin personal knowl ■ ■ of thelt excellent tone and dtirable q'ualïty." - 19. Y. Evangéllit. peak of the merite of the Horace ff . , ■■ ■■ ..:.-■,■. ;■■■.. :,boir.g the very lim-st Ckristian IntetHgencer. i,. : ' . ,. ■! s pl:nos are ouilt of the best and Ij Rtaeoned material. Weliaie no dool al tliis than ;it any otherhouee in the Union.." - Advocate and Journal. Waters' pianos uul mêlodoons challoogo com with the; fiiiesl made any where iu the country' - Home Journal LtHorace Waters1 ri;no Forten are of ( aníl even tone, and powerftü - M T. Musical Hev'ew. "Oor rienda wiH ftndatMr. Waters' artow the vrry ortment of Maslc and f Planos u Ik found b ■ $ riur Bonthern and ■ ! frienda to pve bim a cali whenever they go to New York," - Graham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadvsray, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bel], 1OO -OOO issTted in ten Months. The u np recoció n led salfi of this boolt lia.s inducod the publishei 1 ;;'' hew tunesandhympstoita pres without Rxtra charge, excopt on tnechenpedittpn1 theniany beautiful tunes and tiyuins addQd may be found: - "I oughi tolove my motnerj' "0111 be a goodcbild, indeed I,will.n These aad eigbtothers from the IïpU, were ung at the SuuÖay Ëtehool AnntverËary of the M. E. Churên at the Academy of Muslo, with ffréat applftum The Bell ooi taina oearly -J'm tunea and ■. ,IM1.. .,.' - one Dl the beat collecüona everlMued, Price W; U0jerJmndiiltpo8tae4cElfiOantly bound, : gil 26c, $20 per ïoo ft haa been iutrduced tanyof the Public School. II,,. is publiflhed ia smal] numbers oniitlcd Anninday School Bluste Bpoks. Nos. 1,2, 3, k 4 in order to accommodate the million; price f2 & $3 ior hundred Ño. & will ' - coramencem nt of another book Abjo, Revival Music Bookfl, N'o, 1 & ', $1 k. $2 per 100, postftgo lc. More than 300,000 coies of the above books have boon Essued the past eigateen months, and the demand israpidly increasing. j'ubli.ihed bv HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway , N. Y. Publkod by Horaco Waters No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Worda can nerer diej" "The Angels told ■ "Wlldn of the Wjt' "Thouffhte r God;" "Qiya me back mv Mountaïn Home;" 0ay Dream;" "Dandy CockRobin;" 'Tm with thee Rtill;"Petn;inn;11 "There'sno darilng lik mine;" "Sainh Jane Leo;" "Evt fr df ihfo;" "I'm leaving thee in Sorrow;" "Blrd of Beauty;" "Home of our blrth;" "Grave cf Rosabel," and lady, wake,,' price 2ñc each. 1 Isstiu'mkvtai.. - ' 'Palace Gftrden, or Pincring Bird Polka 40c; ''Swinging Sohottiscbe;" "Uirattei SchottiscU;" 'Thomas iï:iker's Schottische;" "Piccolomini S'oi: ;i , 35 centa eaoh. The above pieces have beau t i f 'ui ■ e "Weimer Polka;'1 "Arabian Wai cry March," Va ovianna Donteïlfl Massurka; "Itoa-lí ing Polka;" "Ortaoline Waltz," and "Iincers' Qua drille," 2Sc each". "The Empire of Réïch's Quadrille;" a new dance, and uTho Hibeinlan Quadrille," Söceachi are playcd by Baker s celebnitcd i :i with prent applruae. fi" Malled free. A iarge lot of Foréign Másio at half jn-icc. Pianos, Rlelodeons nnd Orgatis, The Horace W4tera Pianoa and Melodeonii, for depth, piirity of toni nnd dttrnbtlfty, are nnsurpas&ed. Prices ' very low econd Han 1 Pinnoa and Melodeons from $?6 to ' 150. Kusle and Kuefcal ïnstruettonii (f uil kiads, atibe ' lowest priecs. BOKACEWATl RS, i No. -1o:ï Broadway, X. V. ' TattniOKUiB; - "Thoffifráce Watera Hanonare known ;ih ftmong thovety beat.' - KwanufmA "We can apeak of thelr tneiits í'.mhi pwsonal ' (.djjo.r' - Cwffdan "Nothlngot the Fair displayed greatcr cxcellcuce -" - ] CttHTChflUM' Waters' l'i&nos and Hetodaona challenge cnmpnriííon liiist raade anywheruin the country." - Home Jnvrnal. ' 710tf hjefs Cathartic Puls.


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