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The Elections: Michigan

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1 he lollowing summary, which we xtract Irom tlie Free Press, shows the relative standing of the Whif and Democratie parties: "The Advertiser gives the following as its returns of the mojorities for Polk and Clay in the counties heard from at that office: 1844 Polk. Clay. Wnyne, 420 Monroe, 41 S Lenawee, 88 Washtenaw, L50 Jackton, 95 lliiisrlale, 121 Branch, 241 Calhoun, 163 K.ilamozoo, 105 Allegan, 75 Kent, 80 Livingston, 400 Üuk'.und, 600 Gencsee ■ 77 Macomb, 440 St. Joáeph, 41 To the above we add the following mnjorities, as they have been reported to us: Barry, 10 Berrien, 75 Van Buren, 100 Shiawessee, 25 Lnpcor, 106 Mackinac, 60 S:. Clair, 50 CONGRESS. As we staled in our last, the Democratie Candidates for Congress are electcd in every District: McClelland in the lst by 1600 mnj.; Chipman in the 2nd by near 500 mnj., and Hunt in the 3d by aomething like 1400, STATE SENATE. The Senate is composed of 18 members who hold their place for two ycars. The 9 old members are democrats and the 9 new ones are democrats also; which makes the next Senate unanimously democratie. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The House consists oí 53 members. The fnllowing counties are repoited to hareelected Democratie Representa Uves: Wayne, 6 Oakland, 6 Washtenaw, 6 Lenawee 4 Jackson, S Monroe, 2 Hillednle. L Macomb, 2 Livingston, L Cnlhoun, 2 St. Joseph, L Cuss fe Van Buren, 2 Lapeer, 1 Mackinnc,- 1 Branch, 1 Kent, &c., 1 Berrien, 1 St. Clair, 1 Total Dem. 45. The following coumies have probably elected uhigs: Kalnmnzoo, 2 Genesee, 1 Saginaw, 1 Allegan fee, 1 Ingham &c, 1 Clinton etc., I Chippewa, 1 Toral Whig, 8 " Washtenaw County. - The Liberty voto on Electora was 336 - last ycar, ior Governor, 311. For Congress. 34H - last yer, L95. For Senntors, 352. The average of the othcr candidates wns about 353. We ohnll publish the official canvass next week. Hillsdale gave 221 Liberty votes - last year. 18-5. Monroe County 50 or 60 - last year 32. We have received the follovvlug notices from Correspondente: " White Lakb, Oak. Co. Nov. 6, 1844. The election has resulted as follows, viz: The Polk Electors received 36 votes: for Clay, 48: for Birney, 19. Representa tive to Congiese: Canfield, 18, Hunt, 57, Wipner, 42. For Senators, John C. Gallup 20, G. D. Williame, 38, H. L. Miller, 41. For Representativas J. Wilkineon,2!, G. Sugden. 21, M. Drake, 22. J. Thomas, 22, H. Wal dron, 23, S. Voorheis, 23. The average Democratie vote wns 58, the Whigs 38.- The County ticket stands 19 for Liberty, 42 Whig, 57 Democratie. This shows a small ncrease since last season. A number that voted the ticket last year, voted for Clay this year, to keep Texas out, as they think. I nm mformed that two voters that wou I tl have supported Birney did not attend election. So that you will see that after all the humbog?, coalition and Roorback stoñes, Sec. k.c, the Liberty party have gained some. I can npeure yon that the party is firmas a rock, and intend to stand till Liberty shall be proclaimed to all without distinction of tuc."Southfield. Onkland Co. Nov. 11, 1844. "The cause of Liberty i gninmg ground in tisis vicinity. There is a good number that have stood firm ciuring the Inte campaig-n, and have come out with clean hands and clear consciences. Some thnl formerly were with u?, went over to the enemy this once. But for all that, we have gained on our last year's vote. Soutbfield has given 23 Liberty vote?, iabt yenr, 16. As far as 1 have heard, there hns been on mcrease in every town.- Liberty men and toornen are much encournged, nnd are more determined than ever to persevere it) the good cause: the late whig lies and forgeries are getling tho Clay from their eyes conideiably, and they will probably bcc to go ströight afler this." Aüousta, Nov. 6, 1844. We did not poll as large a Liberty vote in Augusta as we supposed we ehould. We had on Presidential Electora, 16; on Senators, Repreeeniatives in tbe Legislature, and Representativo to Congress, 17; and on ('ounty officere, 18. There isa large ehare of our voters who are almósl persuaded lo be abolitionists." Müdt, GentecCo.,Nov. 5, 1844. In tb8 townehip, the voto for Elcctors stands, as folio ws: Dem. Whig. Lib. 47 47 J3 Last y Oar for Gov. 41 80 5 The Liberty vote for the other offices ranges from teven to ten. Yon wül perceive that on ihe electoral ticket, wbich fairly tried the strength of paties, wo gained eighl since last November. The most strenuous eflorts hav been made, especiaïly iy tho Whig emancipation-ant!--8)avery-antir-Teaa nopersoiwlobjcetion party, ío induce Libertymen to support the "great erabodiment" of the ir principies; and though they may have succeeded in seducng some tico or three from our rnnks who intended to vote with us at thi8 eiection, but who never did vote the Liberty ticket, yet their efibrts to 6ecure the vote of' ibose who have heretofore acted with us, have all been exerted in vain. We have liad no Lecturer in our township, and I believe but four copies of the Signnl nre received here. Give the people light, and. the people will give Birney thoir support in '48." Emmet, Cnlhoun Co., Nov. 6, 1844. "We have hnd all sortsofodds and ends to con' end with here from the power of this Slave-hold'ng Governmenl down to thnt of a Pro-slavery Church, und ihe abuse of the meanest bar-room drunkard and loafer that can be tbund. We had to contend for evcry inch, like the héroes of Hunker Hill - notwithstanding, we increased our vote since last fall eiection from 14 to 21, without ony organization. We had but one vote for President in 1840. I beheve, hnd it not been for the infnmous he palmed upon us by llonest Jake and his dique, we should have polled ihirty votes in this town. But thanks be to God, the mightyavalanch of triith will roil it back on their heods. I have heard many say that they shonld gopolitical ami-slavery after thie." "Howell, Nov. .11, 1844. The Liberty vote in Livingston County-is 109 - last year it wns 70. Some have been frightened by the coalnion story. The Democratie nijjority is 403 on the State ticket." Detroit, Nov. 1S, 1944. The vote upon our Electoral ticket for ihe County was 192 - last year, on Governor, it was but 150 - which is a gain of some 3 or 10 over the vote of last year. Although it is mueh smaller than we had hoped to get some weeks since, yet. to any one familiar with the scènes of our city a few dnys preceding eiection, the only marvel would be that we could get half that number. It would be difficult for any one not present in our cotnmunity to realize the desperate, and in some respects vnprincipled efiorts made agninst us - added to this, several of our fnends were absent on the days of eiection, nnd thns lost the opportunity of swellintr our numbers. Since the grand re3ult is made known, our Whig friends have become alinost desperate in their feehngs toward thoee who darrd to stand up under this torrent of obuse and misrepresentation, and vote for Liberty, Utter proscription in busines?, cc., is npenly avowed by some of the more reckless onp, and nothing short of utter annifoilation, or sending us al! to Botany Bay or Texas, would seem to appease their maüce or wrath. You may possibly be desirous to know how he Liberty band in our city feel in view of these tremmiovs threatenings. As far ns I have been able to learn, they hnve excited no particulnr alarm, but ralher a feeling of disgust towards those who have indnlged in them. - Tonching thetr threat of proscribing ud in their business tronsactions, &c, if they choese to avow that as their future principie action toward us, while weshall seek to "heap coals offireon tlieir heads" by doing them all the good we possibly can,. we trust we shall be able to satisfy them that the principies of Liberty men are not cnrried in their poclccts, or affêcted by the sordid infiu'nces which may threaten their pecuniary interest - and furthermore, we think it possible that the tone of public sentiment which moy enen roll in upon ourguilty city Trom the honest yeamanry of our Slat e, may teach them that their interest no less than principie is snerifieed by nvowing sucb a nind nnd bitter policy. In a word we feel to stond finn, and "bide our time," knowing that the day óf tiiumph for our righfenus principies will yet assuredly come - and that speedüy." Livoma, Wnyne Co., Nov 7, 1344. We have polled 48 votes for Electora and the rest in proportion. The vote of lest year was 86, being a gain oftwelveover last year. At our last spring e'ection, we elected one Jti8tice, and polled 68 votes on the whole ticket. That we did not consider a fair test, as local mntters had a bearing on the eiection. But this fall wc have had n fair trial of our Libetty strength. Between 5 and 10, went over to the Whigs "Jor this once," but they '.vere not among our most substantial Liberty men. Our confidence in the cause of Liberty remains unshaken. Although we have had a spirited contest at this eiection, yet thereis much Ant-Slnvery feeling among the mass of commnnity, and by untod efforts we are delermined to bring it lo bear upon our enterprise. The recent Lectures fro.T onr nble friends from Detroit, have been of much value to oor cauBe," NEW YORK. According to the Albany Argus, Polk's majority in New York is 5,924. Harrisonfs majority in 1840 was 13,263. The mnjority for Wright, for Governor, will be 8,000 or 9,000. We have very few returns of ihe Liberty vote. Itvaried in different localities. In Herkimer county it gained about 100- in Onondaga it is said to have diminished. In Madison a diminished vote is reported, it being from 1,300 to 1,500. The forgery of Birney's letter, with the accompanying certificates, was spread through the State in papers and handbills in immense quantities. QI4 It appeared simultaneously in five or six States.,,]) The Utica Liberty Press says: "This forgery, msteadof coming from Michigan by due course of mail, appears simultaneously in different States. It appeared in the Columbus, Ohio, Journal, on the 29th; in Ihe Worcester (Mass.) Spy on the same day; the Hartford Courant, do.; Ihe New York Courier and Enquirer, do. and likewfse ín Maine all on the same day. It made its first appearance in this city on the 31st; at Syracuse and Rochester on the same day, but did rjot appear ín Buffalo until Mr. Birney had embarked on the Lake for home, and it was too late for himtoconfradiet ií befo re the eiection in thfs Sfate." ■CONNECTICUT. The six Clay electora of this Stat have boen chosen by a majority of nearly 3,000 over the Polk ticket. RHODE ISLAND. This State has gone Whig by a majority of 2,502- being larger than Harrison's in 1840. There were no Liberty votes in this State, no organization ever ha ving been attempted. NEW HAMPSHIRE. The majority for Polk is said to be nearly 10.000. SOUTH CAROLINA. The result of the recent election in this State for Congressmen and member of the State Legislature, is ns follows: Demócrata. Whigs. Senate, 42 qo House, 124 oo 166 00 166 dem. maj. on joint ballot. Of the Congressional delegotion, the deinocrats have elected the whole. Tho popular vote stands - demócrata about 50,000, whigs 3051; democratie mnjorhy about 46,000.- Albany Argm. NEW JERSEY. This State has given a mojority for Clay. OHIO. The Roorback forgery about Birnoy'g letter to Garland, had a great run in O. hio. It was just in time for election, and occasioned a falling off of the Liberty vote, but to what extent is yet unknown. In Ashtabula County, the loss was 44. Some Liberty men were induced to vote for Clay, wbile others did not vote for electors at all. The forgery was published in all the Whig papers. The Liberty Herald of Wa rren, Ohio, says: 0?= "The State Whig Central Coromittee at Columbus endorskd its undoubted authority, and circvlatcd thtir manifest o through the State." L$ It first appeared in the Ohio State Journal, without a word of comment. This shows that the villainy was countenanced by leading Whigs. Will a party gain any thing in the end that resorts to such open rascality? PENNSYLVANIA. Polk's majority in this State will be about six or seven thousnnd, being a small advance on the vote for Shunk in Octotober. The Liberty vote has augmented in several counties. LIBERTY VOTE IN WISCONSIN, IN 1844. Milwaukie County, 19Í Racine, 161 Rock, 42 Walworth, 27 Grant, 23 Total, 450 The above are the only counties in the Territcry in which Liberty party organizations have as yet been fully eiTocted. We have no means of ascertaining what our aggregate vote was last fall; but we think the increase since then has been at least one hundred per cent.; and wo have not the least doubt, considering the more favorable circumstances under which we are now operating, that we shall exhibit a greater ratio of increase at our


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