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TIio Demócrata claim to have carried thi State for Polk and Dallas. The precise (úxjority is yt tinkiiowti. 05a" The Liucrty vote in Michigan, for Kloctors, as f ar as known, stands tluis. Washtenaw County, Official, 588 Livingston, " 109 Wayne, w u 195 Jackon, " reported 470 u " 2?1 In ñve counties, 1380 The voté for Birney for Govemor in the me couritie8, laat )ear, was 1,038 - goin, 59L.(L?■ Dr. Bailey, Editor of the Cmcinnati Daily ilcrald, is on a visit to Virginia. He wte on iateresting account of the Stnte of things there. The filaveholders are fnst leaving liiu State. Somc lands sell for 75 Onts nn ocre: the average price is two dol lars: for choice trncts, fivO dollars He fotinJ Native Amoriciiniíin on the gin. He Ju! not mece a mti wlio wne opposel to it; nd if th cause comes tip nationnlly, !)e propheaiea a liberal support for it in the Snve State. OSTlie Native American, the American Republicnn pnpcr at Philndelphia, ha hoisted the nnmo of Wmfieid Scott for President, and John McLean of Ohio, for Vice President.03= The New York Tribune thua held forth to L'berty nen just before election. T.Se throat of implacable enmity forlife is tho same as that put forth by the Detroit Advertiser. We guess the latter stole the thought from the Tribune! Or, perhaps, it arose simultaneously in kindred minds. We shall soon see what course the Whigs will take. We have thus far withstood both theircoaxings and threatnings, théir falsehoods and forgeries; and we ex peet to get along in future without any extraordinary aid from them. But to the extract: "Be you firmly assuredof tUs, however, that if you do break down the Whig party and give the victory to Polk and Texas, your leaders shall rue it to the last day óf their livesi Yowm-iy forcé a Slavery issue upan the Whigs of the North; you may drive us into a position and controversy we deprécate; but you cannot make us aid f o1 elevarte your Birneys, Alvan Stewartsank Leavits to power, either directly or indirectly. History shall set her mark indelibie ön every one öf those through whose wilful instrumentality this country shall be thrust into íeadly perils of war on the frontier anc disunion at home. Tfoey shall go down te their graves as the de-Hfrerttfe perpetrators (by col lusion)' of vital Vrongs which they appreciated bui would not prevent, fcecause they to peap fporn them a jHirty advantage." Dryburgh Abbey, where the lody of Wolter Scott lies buried, is the properiy or the Earl oi Buchón. Over the lodce gnte, at tfte entrance to the Abbey grounds, s & sign on which is pnirtad, in I;iree leners, placed (her in 11 serieusness, by order of the cmiirtesèr of Önchnn, which rune thun: 'SILAVEHOLDERS FROM AMERICA NOT AHMfTTEDI'' Anjí Akbor, Nov. Í5, W44. "ÍVheat buyers foday offer fronr 6" to TO cents per bushel'. The New York Iffarfcet contitttses without? any materia change. Genesee Flour was wor-th $4,75 on the StTi


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