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NEW GÏOÖDS AT THE CASH STORE OF R. êu 3. Et. BAVIBSOSf, Inn JirboV) Lower Village. TUST received at the abovc establishment, a complete assortment o: Groceries, Crockery, Shelf Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Tuscan and Sfraw Bonnets, ÉMowers, fee. fee, all of wlüch will be so!d as clieap as they car be bonght at any other si ore in Michigan. The above Goorts vvere serected wiih great care, and we i'eel assured that we can convince pinvhoset:! o: (he trulh uf wliai we The liighest price will be paid for Wool. We will also receive a!l kud$ of produce in excliangc for Goods at ihe highest market price. Purchasers are respectfull}' invited to cali and examine for ihemselves. Ai.n Arbor, May , 1844. 3-lf "■"AMES GIBSON takes this method of informing his frjends and old customers that he has again entered the Mercaniile buiress, and is now opening a general and splendid assortment of GROCERÍES, CROCKERY, SHELF HARDWARE NAILS, &C. &C. all of which nill he offcrrefl to the public as cheap as the cheapest, for Cash or Barter. Wool mul most kinds of COITNTRY PRODUCE will be laken in exchnnge for Good?. Ö Take no man's word, but examine for yourselves at Nó. 5, Huron Block, Lower Villaje.. Ann Arbor, May 15, 1844. 4-6 m. - ■ " I ; !JVotice to Rlci'dia'iits. npHE Subscribers enpoüraged hy the patronJ_ .ge they have brtbSfto received in ilio whoesale depari ment of tli-eir bustnofcs, will the -'rst day of May the store now occupied by Geo. Grenville. fronting on Burbn si reet, and connecting with their present store n the rear. exclusiv.ely for n WHOLE SALÍS EOOH, where theywill keep at all times a full aseortnent of Dry-Goods. Boots, Slioes Carpeting Hats, Caps, Paper FJangings, Bonnet s, Crockery by the Crale Hardware and Groceries, 01 4'c. $ë: ïll of which will be gold un ?is good terms asnt iny point this side of New York Cuy. G. D. H1I,L &. CO. Ann Arbor. March 26, 1841. . 4Stf.THE followingindispensable tamily remedies .may bc fomid at Maynard's Drutrgisi Store, in Ann Albor, where none will be sold inless knowr. to be of the besi kincJ ;md no counterfeit article ever ofl'ered. patent medicine nvariably procured oi the origin .1 inventor or lis regular 6iiccessor: IEP IVo fam'd'j should be atccek without these remedies. j[J BALDNESS. Bahi of Co'umbia, for the Hair. wliich.wil stop it if fnlling out, or restore ton bnld places; and on children make it grow rapidly. or on hose who havo lost the hair from.any cause. ALL VERMIN that infestthe heads.of children in scliools, are prevenied or killed b)' it at once. Find $ke natne of COMSTOCK on it or never try t. Rcmemher t.'iis alicays. PILES, &c. . are wholly prevented. or governed ifthe aUack ïas come on, ií you use the rmytriie' Linimknt. frorri Comstock & Co All SORES, md ever.y thing relieved by it that. admits oían outward appheation. Jt ácts like a cbajni. Use ït. RHEUMATISM AND LAMENESS positively cured; all siirivellcd musclcs and limbsare restored. in the old or young, by tlie lndian Vcgiluble ÉHrir and Ncrte and Bone Linimevt - but never without the name of Comstock & Co. on t. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFÜGE -.villeradicate all WORiMS in children or adults with o' ceriainty, quite astonishing. TOOTH DROPS. Ki.tnes- cures effcctually Ann Arbor, Fcb. 5, 1844. 41Jfledieated Piaster ', spread for imniediate use. PRICE ONLY ONE SHILLING, IN ORDER TO PLACE TUEM WITHIN THE MEANS OF ALL. IN sligln aüments,, orwhcretiic patiënt preiers a lees expcnsive article thnn the "Anli-inflnmatory nnd Rhcumatic Piaster,", these wil! be found highly benciicial. Being alreody spread for immediatc applicniion, t.hcj' wül be found very conveuient for W'EAK BACKS. Pain or VVeaknéss in the Side. Brenst. Stomarh, between the Shoulders, or wherever ihere is Pain, or where a Piaster is needed. Thoy inny bo rendered more serviceable by pasting a píece of cloth on the back of them bèforè they are opplied. Multiiudes'have been relieved of pain and sufferina by tlifse ClienpPInsters. For Sale ntMobely's Bookstore, nnd by J. T. Stocking, Travelling Agent for Michigan. ]6-1y wooz.! wooiTT CJLOTH! CLOT HM rriHE Subscribers would inform the Public JL that they will contihuè to manufacture good at i.heir Manufactory, two and a half miles west of'Ann Arbor, on the Huron, on the following TER MS. Until the first dny oí November. A. D. 1844, (he price wiü be '7% cents per yard, or half the cloththe %vool will ruake. From the lst of November to the 15th of May, 1845, the price will be 33 cents per yard, or ninb twentietks of the cloth the wool will makc, that ia, 45 yards out oi' 100 rnanufactured. 'J'Jie wool will be rnanulactured in turn aa il may come into the iactory,-as near as muy be wiih reference to the different (jualities. Any person vho will furnish One or more parcele of wool frojn 80 ro J00 pounds of. one quality can have it manufacturad by itself. Vool will be rece ved at Wool sent by Rnilroad will be attended toin the same manner as iftheowner were to como Ji'ith it- it 8hould be carelully markcd. We nave manufactured cloth during the past yeaf for a very large number of ctiatomcrs. to wíorñ we lielieve we have given very general satisfactioiï Wiih these facts and the ndvantages oftered by the low price at wliich we offer to manufacture cloih, wc hope for a large ehare ol patronage. SAMUEL W. FÖSTE.R &-C.O. l Scio, Washtenaw Co., Jtily 25. 1844. " 3-lTNew Hat Store. JAMES G. CRANE would respectfully inform the. Public, that he has opened a fine siucU of lïats, Cujjs, Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, Coïïars, XJmbr ellas and Gloves, at No. 105. JefTersou Avenue, Detroit, nearly opposite the U. S. Couit Room and Post Office, wliero he will he happy to see his friends anc supply iliem with as good a'n article in his line as can be procured, either hcxe or at theeast, and as chcu-p. Gentlemen in the interior, wishing a firat rate fashionablè article of Hatsor Gaps, . con be supplied by sending theirsize or have any styie furnislied to order in a few hours. and tcarranted to sui'. Cali and sce-it may a dollar. JAMES G. CllANE. Detroit,. July 12 1844. ï3-6.n ANN ARB.OR OIL.MILL. THE subscrib.ers would give notice that ïhey are erigaged in manufacturing LINSEED OIj. and are prepared to furnish oil of the best qnality to merahants and painters, cheap as it can be oblained from the Enst. Oil exchanged for Flax seed at the rate of a gallon of oil for a bushei oí Flax seed. Cash at all times paid for Flax seed. PULCIPHER & JUDSON. Ann Arbor, (Lower Village,) Sept. G, 1841. 20-1 y. L.. B. WALKEE'S FATÏ3NT SMUT MACHINE. THE Subscribers take this method of informing all such as ara cngapfed in the Miiling business in the State of Michigan, that they are now manufacturing in Aiin Arbor. Washtenaw County. Michigan, L. B. Walker's Patent Smut Machine , which they would recommend to ta-ke i.he Smui off of wheat a9 well or better than any othei machine. Tliis machine is a horízsntal machine - itretains all the fnciion of the wheat, and uuiting simplicity wiih dural)ih;y, it combines the beating, scouring, and blowing principies, dis cbarging the dustand smut as fast as separated frora the wheat. This machine is perfectly secure from fire, and runs much lighter ihan any other maehnie in use. For fisrther information. see large bilis. Shop in Lower Town. Pricetto agree with the times. All orders for Machines will be promptly attended to. Address, E. O. & A. CR1TTENDEN. Ann Arbor. Washtenaw Co., Mich July 8,1844. ' lJ6m CACTBË BEATr NEW BOOT, SHOEAJYD LEATHER STORE, Ann Arbor, Lower Town. Ü FEL.CH haa removed C3 his establishment from the Upper to the Losver Vil' lage, No. 4, Huron Block, J&BjÍkSííí wliere he holds liunselt in GÊSwi réiidiness to 'dress the uvn hrsta,ndivgs" q(' every Miin. k Woman and Child who will give hirn a cali, in the neatest. and best rnannerthat can be done in Michigan. LEATHER and FIND1NGS of alj kinds consiantly on hnnd. VVANTED, Cash and Hides. in any quantities. (or which the highest piices will be given. HHTLet none purchase until they have called ai Felch's. No. 4. Huron Block. Ann Arbor. May 4. 1814. 3-ly SINCLAIR & CHASË7 jttorjveys ajvd coujvsellors at law (office lower town, ann arbor,) Will ttend to all business in their profession with afidelity and despatch. Paricular aucniion will be given to collecting. ROBKRTP. SINCr.AIH, WARU E. CHSE March 20, 1844. ly. FIRtíT rate Tea, Sugar and Cólico, at the lowest markei prirep, at RAYMOND'S CASH STORE, 1'48 Jeff. Avenue, Detroit. May 20. ' 4 ! , Black Salts, WANTED by ' BECKLEY&H1CKS. Ann Arbor, Lower Town. 2( ïiiberty Aloiianacs fbr 1815, FOR sale by " BECKLEY &HICKS. Oct. 4. 1844. 24-4 w. Asltcs, Ashcs! npO any ainount wanted by JL BECKLEY & HICKS., Ann Arbor, Lower Town. 26 Círass Seccï! WANTEIby BECKLEY &I1ICKS-.. "Ann 'Arbor, Lower "Town. - ' ' 6THE M1SSES CLARKS' Toïiaai; Iadies' Seminary, ANN ARBOR; MICHIGAN. MARY H. CLARK, Principal CHLOE A. CLARK, Vice Principal. MISS WEST. Teacher in Music. H. F. SCHOFF, do of Classics, do . do in f renoh. F. MARSH, Teacher of Mathematics. RHOBY E. CLARK, Teacher oi Juvcnile Dept. nnHIS liistitntion lifis boen in operation sincc X November 18, Ití.39. The scbolaatic year embracing fofíy-pighi weeks, iwo ieni s. comprisirig t"o quartéiseaeh - twclve weeeksin a quarter - a general exaniiiiHijon al the close of eacli term- in Fêbruary and August. he last' (jiiiirier 8f the present term com mencod May 2Ü.th. Afier ji. monili's vacaiion. al the close of ibis qunrtor, which ends the schölastic yenr, school will be again resutned Üie first week in September n.ext. of Tuitiox.- For the Eugiisn branch os. !S)r)0 to $5 per quarter. No reduction mai'e for absence, except in case of sickness, and no pupil taken for less thnn a qunrter. Extra charges are made for music on the Piano, with the use o' the instrument, $8,00 French, 3,00 Latin, 3,00 Drawing and Painting, 5,0(1 Fnncv Work, 3.Q() Board, including washing. üghts; &c, $1,75 per week il" paid m advuice, or $2,00 per Week ifpaid at ihe close of the quarter. Parents and cuardians are invited to visit the school every Friday, when the studies of the week reviewed - also aenii-monthly on Wednesday afternoon, at readingof the weekly compositions. Young Iadies desirous oi entering the school anl pursuing ihe regular courss of eiudy, would do well to commenee at the begining ol' ihe tem. Having purchaseda healthy and commodious building in a pleasant and convenient part of ihe villnge, no pains or expense shall be spared tb facilítate the studies and render the siluation oí the young Iadies proiilable and agreeable. Belonyiug to the school are a Library of berween three and four hundred volumes, and Phios'ojihiciil Apparatus, Electrical Machine, Globes, &c. Scieniific lectures are delivered before the school at proper intervals. The Misses Clark will endeavor. not only to promote the intellectual culture of their pnpüs bat will attend strictly to their moral depoitment. With a deep pense of religious rcsponsibiliiy. iliey would give such a tone to cjjarffetar, slnill rerideñi practically fitted (br every siaüon- } ielding to duty hut firm to principie. Among the books used in ihe school are. Abercrombic on tKè íntélléqlual and Moral Powers - Kane's Elements of Criticism - Wnyland'p Moral Science - Newmaii'a Rhetoric - Hedge's Logic - Paley's Naiural Theology and Evidentes of Christiiiniiy--Comstock's Chemistry and Natural Philosophy - Combo's Physiolony- Mrs. Lincoln's Bouiny - Eatcn's Manual oí Böi'arfyBu.-ritt's Geography of the fJeavens - First. Sec ond and Third Books of Uisioiy- Mis. Wil liard'sRepublic of America- Phelps' Légal Classics - Playfair's Euclid, and Dnvie's Algebra and Anthmetic - Parker's Natural Philosophy. The Misses Clark have taught a Ybn'ng Ladies School for several years in the Ci;y of .New York. and are furnishcd wilíi testimoniáis from Rt. Rev. Benjamin Onderdonk. D. D.. and John M. Griscon, M. D., of Nesv Ycrk, Rev. J L. Blake. of Brooklyn, and Mis. Èmma Wülard, ol Troy. N. Y. ; also, referenee is made, hy perniission, to the following genileinrn : Rt. Rev. S. A. McCoskry. D. D.. Rol.ert Rumsey and L. B. Misner. Esqrs.. Detroit Rev. Isaac S. Ketcham_. Centreville ; Rev. J. Hudson. White Pigeon , Rev. J". P. Cleveland, and Geo. Ketehum, Marshall ; Hon. Wm. R. Delund.' Jnckeon: Paul I B. Hing,. Michigan Centre; E. H. Winan. Adrián: Daniel Flixson. Clinton: Gardine, Wheeler. M. D.. Howcll:' Rev. F. H. Curninc. Grand Rapids; Rev. H. Colcjazer, Rev. A. M Fitch, S. Dentón. M. D . P. Bngham. M. D.. Hon. Wni. A. Fleieher. Mon. Win. R: Thompson, E. Mundy. Esq., John Allen. Esq.. Geo. W. Jewett. F.sq.. Col. Thomas Mosely, Captl .7. Perkins. Thomas M. Lndd, F. Suvvyer. Jr.. Esq-. late Superintendent of Public Insuuciion, Professors Whiting. Williams and 1 Iouhton. öl the Universiiy of Michigan. Ann Acbor : Jnmes Birdsall and Rev. John Bench, Fliin; Arno-. Mead. Esq., Fnrmington. The following geinlenien, Rev H. Colclazer' Rev. O. C. Copstock, Rev. A. M. Fitch. R. v. Mr. Curtiss, Professors W;hiting and Williams, of the University of Michigan. nd F. Sawyer. Jr.. late Superintendent of Public Instruction. have consenied toact nsa-visiu'ng commiitoe ol rhe school to be present when the weekly studies are reviewed; bul especially to altend d uring the semi-anrual exnminations. September 4, 1843. 9tf'WRIftHT'S ANTI-INFLAMMATORV AND RHEUMAT1C PLASTER, AN efficiënt remeily Rlieumaiism. Fever Sores. White Svvcllings, Felona. Pain oi weakness in the Back, Brenst. Side or Lmbs. Burns. Bruises, Crninps. Chilblains. Liver.and tiung afiectións. ïnd'oteni Tumors, Spinal áffectiosn. Infianiéd Eyes, fee. &. ft ts unsuspassed in all Infiammatory diseases cither Chronie or. Acute, os it operates by couni 'e ructing and reducing lnflamation. allaying Pain, Sweatin tf.t parts afiected, and by its s.trengihening and Anodyne proporties giving speedy relief. Also invalunbleasan anti-mercurinl phister. Price ?5 cenis per Box. - For further particulars, sec circulnting Pamphlet.) For sale ni Museley's Böokstore, Ann Arbor, añd J. T. Stocking, travelling agent for Michigan. lC-ly X&eady Made Clothingü! THE LAllGtST and best nssonmeiu of ready made clothing 5 er before ofieied in this State now opening, and for rale, Wholesale or Ketoil, at the CKuhing Emporiuin oí ihe subseribers, consisting in part of plain and fanc) Beaver, Pilot, Broad Cloths and other styles ot Over Coats. Tweed Cassirnere. Beaver, Pilot, Domestic Cloth, Union Ca6simere und öaiinett Froek and Business Coats. Fine, Plain and Fancy Cassimere, Blue and Black Broad Cloth, Tweeds and other styles ot Pantaloons. Plain and fnncy Silk and Silk Velvet. Woolen Velvet Merino, Satin and Cassimere Vestsr &c. &c. &c. together with a very large stock ol common lowpnced Ovor Coats. Business Coats. Pnntnloons and Vcsis. stiel) as blue and bhick Flushing, Satinet, Kentucky Jeans, Common Tweeds, &c. &c. Also. an exienaive asson ment ol Ilosiery. Stocks, Scaifs, Haniikeicbidp. (,'ollars. Lainb's Wool and Merino Dniweis ;ni(i Shirts, Cömoiters. Gl.ives, &c. &c. all of w.liicli vvill be sold very low for Cash. They would rospcct'tülly invite all in want of ready rnade garments to cali md examine their stock before purcjiasjng elsewhere, as it hrs been selected wit'i girai care in the Easiern ni;ukeis. and nianufac tnred in the lntest stvlrs and most durable manner. JIALLOCK fc RAYMOND, Corner of Jeflerson and Avenuee, Detroit. Oct. 10, 1814. "m25


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