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Will be publislied evury Monclay morning, in Anu Arbor. Michigan, by BECKLEY .& FOSTER, For tuk Michigan State Anti-Slavery SoCifcTY. TEllMS. One a year, iu advance: if not paitl. in advance, Twj Dollars will bo isvariably required. ET Old subscribcrs cnn have their pnpers at One Dollar a year. by forwarding that amount, and payin arrearageï. All subscriber8 will bo cxpected to pay within ihe year. TERMS OF ADVERTlSIiG. For eacli line of brevier, (the smnllest type.) tbr the first insertion, 3 cents. For each subsequent insertion, 1 cent. For three niomhs, 7 cenis. For six months, 10 cents. For one year, 15cen(8. Orders by mail will ho piompily attended to. Legal Advertising by ihe Joüo. ÍCF Manufacturéis. Bui k selléis, Machinists. Wholesale Mcrchantd, and all others doing au extensive business, who wish to adveti'së, will fihd the Signal the best possible medium of comniunicaiion in the Stnte. Cf A!l Remii linees and Communicaiioni? ehouid bo addressed, Post paid, (CFSir..vAr. of Libkkty: Ann Arbor, Mich.Q]


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