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Great Increase Of Correspondence--Effects Of Cheap Postage

Great Increase Of Correspondence--Effects Of Cheap Postage image
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uy our special conductor, (wliO will fittend to; its safe Jetivery on board the slemner Calfcdona) (hel&rgest etter and newspaper mailthat eer left any offico in this city for tfu Cuuard bteamers. The increcse in corrofponaerico caused byour reducing tiie rale from 13 3-4" ti) G cents per ltileris truly incredtble. Thia brancfí of the post oflico busiuess hero lias been olmbst aobTishèd from want of pulronage,' while we receive and forward ten times os many leltera for eaoh packet as the post offico used to receive We calcúlate the increase at ubout Len luie), allhough wc believe it is a little over. Now, look at the result. linó. the puöiage reform b.i! bsen upported by the p Simáütér ponera! and his riiaii Fridbiy,' öf ihis cityi the Deparlmónt woniu be receiving at tivis day a postoge of six ctnÉs each on ten times as many lutteis au it received 18 3-4cents each for; aH this loss is the result of ii the pot.1 ofüce depavlment men wiioa are unfit to carry oui the principies of our foi uv of Governtncnt. - Boston Lhronicle. 05 The Veruiont Legislature has al-' ready adjourned after a session of three weeks. The subject of Capital Punish-' ment was disposed of by abolishing the act of f843, thus leaving the law requiring men to be hang?d, in full force.


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