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Address Of Gov. Hicks To The Citizens Of Maryland

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tJuliim ;■.■ ■: tn. T, 1 S-G 1 . .- of Müryla-ict gi : .;: Iíía ,-ms i;i "r rcfrfii'ig i ronvotte the L'pgisfoture. 4t iii tw ; il :' Jj ri:h mïit pUiplwtio [Tuio i ■ i t. T ■ ')!1 lu n.-.i estrjwU : T I fiia'.y b lleva thnt .. iIívím in of fliïa Gjv. tr.: ;.'■.... ■.-:'.; ihcvinb1:; prodttsc civil i vir. 'Th', soo ■■]■.'!. Ii; til ara of 8jj:!i ('r lini, K i i h r;mtí(hl í? níg-g.üof th;! N.Jith. liT4 alika pro:l.tlmed tbat ! sj'i ri!l Vo r':o rosalt, aaJ ;,o .nr: of K5'i!, ■- iin ion, a.iii '-.o.;. '..).■ '.:. - : What aitüi túj [iOgulAiird Jj i' i'út . 'i cntirenoj, to ra:a vq tao proSO&t tr ■;!■ i ( --vV-r ■'■ bv'SOt tho U'V;n. Wo are t'':il i.y kjadïng spirits í' the Üoatli ('!tr)hi! (foaveotiou, iü.c oeitlter tbc "i of Mr Lincoln, prt'ia aon-exeoa '"-i ii!" rti'e iiïitive Sl.-iva Faw, nor betli ctííñlj'meil, coQstituta tli.'.r grioí.i.iooa - Tiey Lat rilo rea! uaUSO of thoir ilwítit6:rt 'dat es s far bauk os 1H3. - ami] :!.-':_,- ojjjor Srato i'j thj Ünioi, witha ncHcd voím, tlioa deelared j ihe can?.; ivuSfiLont tojastífv tlio ourüe ■ of Sduth Caiolina. C;iu it b.' that tüü peojilo Kho tlic i aaitiuiJüly Buppoitad t'ic f.;l-.13J OÍ J.iokí '- WÜl üO'.V jiold I their (tpiniona at tlio blddiug ot' modurn K-.'Ov'ssioíiiBts. I hve boen tolí t'jai tha positi'tn of Marjlatid i'ibald bj daüncJ, ío ti.'it buí'i íoctions could aaderatand it. Do anjríally uiiguu'dorstaud herpoíitijn? i)n tü.it triabCd to oodersíaad it, caá íail tü d.i r ? If the ;iouo;i oí the Legisla' {aturo would be símplj to deolaro tlut Jlarjhiiid w;i3 witii tho Scut!) iu symp itli y ud fcoling tbat íhe demanda from tho North t'uo repoal of offeiüivi;, unsoni? it-jti; stitutes, and appcj!! to it fer new euinmt-ees, that síie will watt a roa Bunablo titúe for tho Njrtii to purgo lier statuto booka so as to d jas'ico to her Southern brutUrcn, and it' hur appealaart rain, will mako ooaimou causo with hor gister birdar S'.ates, i. rO3Íata:ioe to tyráhpj, if ne d be ; it would oa!j be saving w'iaí t'.u í!d!o o.iitry weít k:ioTd. and wíjat ín .y bo satd inuen mure eJeatually bj ber jeoplo themselros, tlian bj7 úüe Legislatura ciiosoii cightee.i lajuths siace, whcn nenie of tlioso ijuestions were bef'oro tliem. Tlnt Maryland b a Southern conservativo Síata, :iil know wlio know her people or her hÍ3torjr. ïha business agricultural oiaasjs, planters, merchante, mechamos, aud labormg men, tliosj who havo the roal stake iu the coumíuiiítj, who wouldbe forued to paj taxua, aud do the fighüng, aro tbe perruna who ühould be liettrd ii preferenee to oxoited políticiaus, many of whoin having nothiug t'j lose frjm the diütrustioa oí' tío?brnment, htay hopu to derivo soma gain from the ruin oí' the State, such ruin woulJ natfirallj urge you to puil down t ho pillara of thia aocarsed Uuion, whiah their allies at the Nanh have deaoininated a covenant with hell. The poplü of Marjland, if loft to theraselvea, would dacide with Boareely nu ex'ceptiou that (litre is nothing ia the present causos of compUint tu jusiily imiua(iate Beccssion, fiud yet agaiust pur jüdgüients aud solemn oonvietion of duty --ve aro to be precipitated into civil war, bucauso South Carolina thiuks differently. Are wa not equiU ? Or shall her opinión control our actioas t Aftor wc have góïcuuily doelared for oureelvoa as every i juau mustdo, aro we to be f.jread to jfield our opl:iion to tiloso of r.nuther Statu, a id thua n eCfjoti obey lur miadata. She rofajea to wáít for our c 'irisóla. Are wo ! h n:ivl to obey her conunaud 'í The men i w!i hare embsrked ia lilis achens to oon :;o the Legislatura vvill s-pi.-Q no piins to curry t-lieir poisit. The vrholo plau of ópiratmaa ia tLe eveat uf i: aw i the Logislature i:!, I have been ia foriaed, aírcady nnrkod out. Taa list of ombasaadorj w!íj are to visit tha other 8i:es i alreadj aeread o-n, and tho, whioh taey hop vrill ba pasjj by t!e Leilature, fuUy o j nmittiug the .■tate to segedlo;), irs s.iid to bj alrea-iy propared. I-i tho nmrs? of natura I cannot aivu lo.i0' to live, aad I fe; vontly trpst to be ! llowod to onii my diys a o!tizj;i oí tlia gforioue Unio.i, butsliouhl I be coiapellod ! to wituena the downfaü of lliat üuvoniïóiiit, inberi td frjai our fatliars, cstab l.fiifid as it w:n by thö gpeotal favor of Gud, I v.-iü at loast bavo ooaaolation at ni, dyi:ig hour t!iat I i.citiicr by word ur is.istod in hastanin it3 diáruption. (íiued.) ÏU03. H. HlCKS.


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