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Gov. Letcher On The State Of Affairs

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liichnoond. Ya,. Jnn. 7. Gov. J.ytcliur's melige, Luding to the cooüiliOQ of tiie country, sr.yn : - All seo, know and f 'el tha'. the danser i imminent, and .!l true patriots ure t.toitiiiíí tbütneelved to save us front iiipcntTjag periU. l!o reviews hi ploposiüon n vn last message for u tonvention f all the gtutes, and a;iys, 't i-i monstrous Loaeo a goverumeot liko ours ciestroyj:I meivlv because mvn cuunot agree about a doraastio iustitiition. It beooiaea our State to be rqindful of hor owQjinterests. Disrr] a iuovjlable, und Í new confederations :ire U le fonnod, wu inust ii.iva iliu bairt gu.iranteas bjfcre wa c:m attacli Virgini: to either. He corxluirinocl the h.i-iiy iciion of South G.miliu.-i, whieh h laken her Snutliern tijíters bv uriiic lío vauld rn.iko no special rof-.■■: i :; t. har courne hnd he not been invitod to do so by her !:tu E.tecutive ia uncalled fot roXiiiir.ce to Virginia: Tria noii-clav'íholding St:ite.i re reaible for tiio nesent condúion tf irlii:-.-., and, it' the Uniüi i disrupted, upo;i thom rusta llie sultunn r biiity. Ho iilludea ut lungth toihcir; niyíf'eáwcn, :rij s:ivá they have tho p-ííver to uil tlit) strifo and restore CMiiüddiieo. Wi:l ttiey do t ? He i .vaita iiu r resu-w-s, not without a.-■■■ijiisioii.s, [lo saya, oor ie K;i fhoTitü bu b;isj l on Kha wrong dooe :■; f'.v;i peojjlu. Hj opposes a State cu ivonlion ut this tnnu, uiid suggests : 'Fhat u o:ninissiün oftwooftha i.i'rrt discreet gtatasmen vitit thu Leg; i; vif tti fitaif.f ukich have pHs j ';i-.oiul Lib.:rty liills, and" iunist i, , iinimditional rc-pen', extvpt tho No'.v EogUnd Stutes. 24. Vro mu-t i: t a propei' nnd eöaclive gnarantea .: proteulioi) ofalavery'in the Districi oí Uohüubia. 3d. üur equalitjr in tfu Sfutoa aiij Territoried muüt bo i . recognized, i:d the riglr.s of perM.i.s arn] properyr adequately prwtouted and oonred. ïbat wu musí bc per;i í tí ti) p;iss Ihrough tbc (Vee Stütos rerritoria un!iiulotad '"d ií n 'uo abductud, tliu State wliere it ïi i v .s "_ ifattst puy t.s value. 4th. Jjiko uiraniue iliai tliü transmiiisii n ui chivea through tiiu itluveliulding Sruie.-! bv land ór wuter hall nut bu iutoifered v;li. 5th. The passage and 1 inent of ï.iwi for the punishnieot of j isuoh pwjona in the irea títjUea tn 1 ganiie or aid and abet in any mode, wheiher in tirganiziug companie with a view U) usBiiil tha (Javohldiiig Stutos ii :t to n.r.te ti. o slaven to insurrection. The general üovermnunt to be leprived uf tho power of uppoiuling to oal .iii;'-s in the ■ lav.-holdni{ Stat, :)e.-8o (i hotile to their iiistitutions. 'ï'tm lioverniH" lunhor eaya that be wil! igi'ird me atteüipt of the FedtTul --: - p íQ pss uercs Virginia lor the purpose of coerciuff a Southern Mt;ite as uu net of invasión, itq I must be re■ üot withfi ■; h T' - thii ; diffiuiiltius nill find ;, , f:ie(irv solminn. Let New Eng! .nd nid Weütvi'ii New York tonn uu alli Th rost purluina merel}' toJoo 1 affrtitf.


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