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The Republican Caucus-tone Of Republican Members

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Was ix Inc. rv x, 5, The Riipu'.iÜouo msnbM o! tho i Eiiiiw x-?uso] ;■:■ tlu Posmffioe Cm. i room nguin tn-day npon the i staip of afFiifa, fipoaker Ponnington n thc cimir. TIkto was u full nttt'i d.ii cK Th uiifi.ií liad buenos rf y.osterday os rwimed, bi'ing tho roport of Mr. li.ilt', oí Pe:.!!--v!vai!:i frmri tho íjuhL'oriimittwo of the border Sí.-ito-, vtho! í-. iM i! :it ho !)'.!,n-(cl tho mombcrs if Kis Ooinmitteu reprcsentjüg !io border I I-ivo States nrnnld ifjree tii lii.s pition, that olí the territorv ..f ihu ' TTnittíí] States Nnrth of 8G ;tííf.'3O tni.i. shoul'.l iij tren, and i!l South of thrt lino to remuin na it is, wíth líber ty to ih.! peopla to organizo into State whonover thoy pfease, with or without .-■u.uiv. He w;is of opinión that it might bs better for the North to taka tliis rnipysiíinn tbiin to precipitatu thoountry into urar. Mr. Holvuró, -f Mioíiigan, naiti that ho i bjected to un cniipiMinise, bec;mse lie bulieved it to ba uh acknowlüdginent of un urror, wliich ho would not concede. Ho defended tho raotivea of th. Kupnblioana i-i the Cotnmittee ' of thirty-three, and exprossod tlia opinión that thcy liad done notliing that co'.rd !u inturpreted as a ourreader oí their principies. Tiróse who under Hüir.d Mr. Aduna' positioa do not ' beliüve ibis. . _ . Mr. IjoVejoy, of I'ünois, npeáking ni tho malcontenta of tke clave Stute, aftd the proposed cr.rrproniUe f dividiiL tdo territory bótueen frosdom and luvery to tho PaoihY; said, ''Thero Bever was n more causeloss revoltsinoe Lur-iior liad his cofïorta of apostate úngela ngninst the thmno of God; hut I I never heard that ha Aluiightv pro pi8d ti) compromiso the matter by ! aanving tha rebela to kindlo tha firen f heil south of tho celestial meridian of thirty-six thirly." This outbitrst of tho eocentric member fröm Illinois created a dual of sonsation an'l some tnové.Tieot. Mr. Sherman tated that, as a memlier uf tho Border ffcwn the border States, he oóuld oeicher vote for the propotiuion propsed by r. Ha)#, nor that propo.sed by Mr. Crittendén, to res-ore thu Missouri line and éztend t to tho Pacific. Ho was ds,) oppoued to tha compromiso to prevent the abolttion of slavery in the Di.ttrict of üolumbia. While he did not wi.-h to :ihiisli it now, he opposed to yinlding up tho righ of Oongresa to do so ut any future period. Mr. Gruw, of Pénnsylvania, expresrted hiinsolf decidedly opposod to all oomproni.Hes He asked what better platform the North or tho South Crtiild havo to stand upon Ulan the Union, the Constitution and tho laws? Thu Repjblioan party hp.s ch en a President n asonrdance ""ith the forma of the Consiitution, and is entitled to fuir pl'i'. II hia adininistratioi) of th Government i." ros;, te. 1 hy ti. ose op: posed to Mr. Lincoln, tlié crime will be theíra. Whan tho Republionns to)k thoir position belíire eleetion, tho y : !i:iow íhey vvould have tu meeí tlrs 's"n'Qo[ thiftffs, and now thuy fhould nut put the btirde npori potiteritv. 31u.-t.-i. Uiiíkrnuii and Stuvei, of Ptnmtylvania', dnd Ca-u. of Indiana Oppofted all eompromisea i:i speeohmi couched in unmirttakuble Innuage Mr. Pottit oí' Indiann, froni the toe of border Staten, said he had opposed :t!l tho uropOiHtj ns i:i that ouiín ttoe oioepc tne onu pr-poí(jtl ; by Mr. Halo, upo:) uhioh he did not I vito. He defended the border States i lor their eff .r;s to arrange matters. Mr. Iiö:i!, of Xuw Fork, inqnired hv his State waa not consuited? Mr. Pdttit replied that NroT York u-iis not 'pon thj im:nediato burder of tho 81ave Statos. 8mo no thèn asked whv Arkunsas and North Carolina wure invited to j.)in tho sub txtininittee? Mr. Stnnion, of Ohio, and Mr. N'ixnn, of "Sew Jersey, os'pressod tbemselvea ia favor of some oornpromise. Tf'.o oaupus unaüiinously agrond to press tha bu-inoüs oí tho country in the House. Mr. Uawes, of M.issachusctts, moved that no voio bo taken on any of the propotitions, and that the caiuMi-s ad(ourii s'tne die, wbioh va- caraied The cauoilH wag fully attended, and wastiarmoniouij at the closo against all comprotiiise.


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