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Ohio Legislature--gov. Dennison's Message

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Cleveland, Jan. 7. The Loghihiture mot at Cnhunbus to-day. Gov. DjnnUonV messagn is a very fong document and occupjed inninly by St:ite sffuirs. He recotnmendd :i more effectiv? orgunizution of til miütia, the present organized militiü nurrrberine; only nbout twelve hundred men. Tlfe unnrganizdd foroe i s estimated ut two hundred andeighlyfivo thousnnd men. No .spm;il proininont; i- given to tiiis subfrfot. Ba nrgueti at some lengt h in dufense of his oourse 4) pofiisios; iwjuúit'ona frotn tho [ GovornoM of Kentucky anti Tenneee tor persons iccued of aidiiifr n the ' (■■(.'.■i'H! cf fugitivo sirves. Ho hIso !i eiiiso.1 tlio eocession quo-ti.m, donying the :ig!it 'f anv Stato to soeedê ut pleatiure; and üfRrnis t h at Ohio remuiná loyal to tlio Union and tho OniFtitiition, umi nugeesta tho repeal v)f the obnoxious feuturcs of thu Fuvi tive Siave l:iw, and that tho repeal of anv Pürnonal Iit)erty bill Hllbyersive of thu Fngi:iv(i Slave ltiw vvoutd tliun bo ecörod, and at the same time Southern States should repenl uil laws in contrnvonunn of the right of the titi.etiH of the frou States, who cannot be HSlisfied with lesa, and who will insist upon théir con9t;tutirnal rrghta in evory Btnte and Territorv n this eontederacy. Tl:ese riglits thuy are wilün to dccord to the eiti.ens of the Southern States, i Detarminud to do no wrong, they will not contenteilly snbmit to oriy wron?. Unawed by threals, they damand tío employnent of a'.l the constitutionil power oí' thu Federal gwernment to maintnin iHe Union. Rejecting the I ivho'e theory oí State uoesion a. u palpable violutiop u( the Ooastit utiop, : they consent to the exercwc nf ' anv power unless ander its sonclion. [niegrfty to the Union and its iadivisibility must ba preserved.


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