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The Two Governors

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Tim out'tfoinjj (juVeni : - V'isxr.u - dfeKvored a mosaje, i long hv;ss.iji, I bare of ;i inos-íatfo, t tho Lagisla turo on WedKenlav of lust wouk, in nccordance wítli tfiá requlroinent ol the Crntit;itan. O.i t!u Dest day tlio Ooyernor elect- Ijlaiu - uIjki dalivesaU a mcRsage, pot in aaaord uwo with the detnandá ot ihocoiisiituíin, biitn mn saj;o diflfering as materirt'ly wiiii Wisnkr'b in longth ás in'it roi'itnmt3ndatiorir". Tlia mes:iag'i of Goy. will b found in ouc coiuipn to (i:iy; the [asitge f Ex-tinv. Wis.vku i-i o ilisproportionuto in wordinüés and mpnrtnncí th;it we hüvo "LiiJ it on tho table" for Futuro cotiriJratiun. Wo ■ have dono this tho mora cbúerfully, ■ beenuse íir íts recrommoiidittióni in n] i thinga k;ivo i fow póint, it ditít-T.-i un materially fron the inu?s:ige of Gov. Blair tliat it can noí wit h nny reason be supposed to refluct the finnnciül polipy of tho present Stute govurninent. Upoii two points Ihe two nie.-83gos : igreo. Borh adrait that the State w j bankrupt, if ao empty treiíury w ny tiiing less than bnnkruptey, and botii rMtWntiMMid ño chango in thu íoctional policy ol tlio State, and no atnondment nr roponl of the unconshtitionil personal liberty law J5ut of this another time, as otir present design is to pöint nut tho disairrücment. lít. Gov. Wis.vEii recommands that a new Statos Prison lu louaU-d otnowhero on the Dutroit :md Müwnukeo Rtilway; and thnt on nppropriation oí $75,01)0 bu m ide by tho presont Logistature lo cormnencö its orootion Gov. Blair ilort't tn:iktí nnysuch rccoinmendation, an i don't cven advise an appropriation to increasuthü cell accominndations of the presvnt Pi son. 2d. Gov. Wi-xkh lecomn-.ends a liberal uppmpriution - SlOOOOO s nskd - Cor finishing iha Insana Asylum Buildings. (iov. Blair says "no uch appropriation can raascnably. bu mude," ar.d thinks no sorious evil.-t will resutt if no biiildiii? appropriation 'm made. 3d. ü(v. Wisnkr recoinniends an appropriation tu cotnplutu the Deaf and Dumb Asylum building, and for íurnishing the samo. Gov. raysHhe State finances aro in siich a Oondition that I caonot reoomtherid you "to maka anjr Rppro priation at prosont, for building and íurnisliing purposus." 4th Gov. Wisser recommends an appropriation of $100,000 t commence the v rk of builjing a new Cnpitol Gov, Blair says : í Ib view of the íinanues. I o.ime.-ttly reoointnend yon to encourage no nuw schemes ; to undertake no considerable addition to the pubHo institutiona of the Srat-, and lo eoofino your irppnipritions to the actual nuoossi ius oí thi) publij sefvíce.' 5ih. Gov. Wissbr recointnendí the establihinei)t of a Female College, and tho appropriation of 30,030 towarda tho ereciio:i oí buildings and putting thj sanie in operation. Gov, Clai says the S'ate i.- bard up, tho tríJWary collaptsd, the penplo groaning untar he1 ani griovous texution, and ";) nav j'ions-i for spending thopeople'd money - the Slab1 has one- should bo eooouraged. 6th. Gjv. YissEii g'sí 'n 0:1 tho Salt q'ioriüon ge íer.illy, oohHÍdorTnjj it dietutiaally and cornraercially, and recommendinpr that no reduotioaof the bounty by Iba uct of Í553 be made. Gov. Blaih ovidently thinkn that Salt wont save tho treasury, and eüommunds a reduotion of the bounty, nr ta entiro abolition. 7th. Gov. Woysrt r(jco:T)rn3rids an nppropriatiim of 8 5,000 to buiid now bui'dings in o.onnection with the ' Reform Sühool" for the reception of fem:ilos. Gov. Blaiii (mh to reooThmend such an app"npri;ition ; bnt reoft'mraonda that the law bo so nmendod ns to pravont thu sbiidin of feinuie tififdiidars to such schools. These aro .1 few of the moro prominent disKgroementti that bava atiracted our noticia in hastily roadlng the two docuraentr Thore m-iy be othors whioh may oumrnflnd our atton'.ion here;iftor.


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