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W !invt not Uie ;pnci and if we bad il ij harJly nacen.ary f.c .u to . (ive ;i list ot ihá C.vnüilttoos of the S ei) a tl! and liou-it?, (is aiinoiinced ly tlo IVeeidei iïnd Shaket. The tors end &nirerátttatiVoa ftfom tliU i Couniy pfo [)1iced hk fdlluw.: Laxk i-! ohatrin4n -of the 'eommitteo on St:ite' Tïibrary, aii'.! a inombeí il tho mtmmittees on Interna! rmpróvwnetit8, ::-il Iíoüto ot CöFrëc U'i). SoAatór Wkíib is chuirman of the commitfee oh Asyhim f I.isuno, n-1 a m-jniber oi tho committetw on Pulilia iiistruclion, asd Federal Ivjlalior.ü. Ruprcsonta'ivD CuTCHRON is chuicman f t!ic c-'iiiniittcj on fïarfogioal Survey, AHd a míüüber of tho coinmittaa mi Education. R'.'presentntivo Stevkvs is a member of ihe cominittco on Towns and Conntics. Representativa Childs :g choirnion of the cornaiiHoe on Agiiculturd dnd Manufaotureè, ivnd a oember of tlio coinmittea on Fedowil [v'jl:iio.:s. Represontiiiive Gukoouy i n mambor of the comniittee on Banka ind IncorpOIiilioDS. - ■■■ K4-4 - 4ft I I I- i C5?1 Wt; have as littlesympathy uith Jambs Bcckanan ;s an individual n is parbapa Ghtiitian, and wo disnpprove ol his temporizing policy towurda the secesionista ashoarály ar any one need to, and yet wo must expresa our opioion thut Senator Wkdb (iid a very unügnified aod a vcry unstatesman like thing. in offnring the ioüowing rasolution on Fiiduy morning last, ns n substituto (or a rosolution of Bfr. Baldwin, of VVayno, propoöing and adjournment Pof tho reiison that thu President of the United States had appointed the ány as n day of fmsting and prayer. Tho nsolution oí Senator Webb mlght have been in place in a politica] caiieus, bnt it was hardly in acuordance with tho proprioties of a legiíla.ivo body. Wo give it : M'r. Wem? then offered the following :is a snbstit de : Wnrtas, Tho Chief Magistrate of tho DUtioa having recoininendod this duy to bo d'jvoted to solomo acta of eioious worship ; Sfcrul although that "Public, Functionary," bv his wont of oftici'jncy and potriotistt), may haveforfeited the respect of men, no that, in all our vrido-extended country, there are uono so pooi as to do liitn reverence, yet ii proper enso of depondoDCo on Adnighty Önd-J as well asa dnuduferonco t tho reiigious sentiment of the peopUi, makös tho observance of the resulution emitiently proper; chereiore, . Reto'veri, That tlie .Senato do DOW adjourn until Saturdóy at 10 A. M. Wo are glad to see thut t reeuived bnt four votes.


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