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The Jackson Doctrine

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Just now,vhen it 3 flippantly Kported (tnd söini-iiffioiaüy unnounced that shottld the governmunt determino 10 sctH 'trnops to South Gsrolina to aid in anf'irctDg the United 8 Ui tea laws, they wil] not be perinitted to pass thrnugh Virginio, it nv.glit not be amiss to reprodiHse the action of Gen. Jackson on :i parullod oooasion. An exuhange ays: "During nullincation in South Oaroli:i:i, after GuniTal J;u:ksfn's proclamtion, tlio fioven.cir of Virginia ent u roquust tu iliu President, in oosh it bo catnts i)e:.'C;;8:iry t.i tcnd United States troopfl down South, not 'o Bend theni throuph tl at State. If he did, they wonld have to j)ii8 over the Governor's Uoad body The President receiv'ed tho nieMage, and repléd : "If it boooaios neoeasory fn the United Status troiips to go to íoi:'!! Carolina, I, as OoiDinander-in-ehiêf of the anny, ill be at their hoad ; I willmarch them by tho shortest ron te ; they may pass through Virginia; but,by the Eterna!, if ;he üovernor mnkea it ncèsflary to pass over his doad body, it wi Í be t'ound that I havo pfeviousty taken o ft both his ears.' " GF" In these days wlien corrnption runs riot in high places, and wlmn financia! offiynrs imiko it n. p'oint t bo defuuhers, onu who discharges bis du ty couscientiously, and faithfully to the assooiation or public whiuh re'posed confidOnoe ïn hun, is worthy inoro moro than ihu comm'öniTation of ordinary timo. Wo thereforo ehoerfully endorso the followiiiir tribute pftid bj the State Newt to JoHN F. MlLLKR, Esq. late Treusurer of the Wnahtenaw County Agriculuiral and Horticultural Society. The News says : "Ths report of the Treasnrer which was vory fully, presen" ing1 a voucbur for cvery cent puid out of the troasiiry, was entirely fciiiisfactory to tlie Sociutv Mjf. Miller deiterveA great credit, whiJh all accord to Ir n lor his systematic m:inner of keepi:iir tho accounts of the BQciaLy as tbr his f.ii;hfi!noss in ipproprtuüng itfl fundí ivbcro t'ricy legitmately beioü.u' " t M ivor Wiiui) hun sent in n messaio to the Oirniiiiin Council of íh'ow York, rt'uommending secossion, and tho establishment of a Iree and independent City. Mayor Wood has dono n vory fiml ish thi.121, and wil! bc tho laitghing stock 1 the cun!ry. He o'.icjïr to Iil' at tense New York City had botrer stick to the Slate, and the Statu '.o ti:o Tlnion yet nuhilo. ÜT U-' Tuesday, the Logislalure of Peaosylrania eleoted Edward Cüvv an, of Westmoreland County, to succeecl Mr. Biglkb in Lhe United States Sonato. Thu votú was 98 for Cowan, and 35 for Fostzk, a s;i,t party vote. Mr. (V.'.v.AN was fortnly fl Cluy whigand is regardod as n conservativa Eepublioah. Z'ST A Elepubllcan Caucus for the villagu of Howcll and vicinity, was held on the 29th uit., and by a voto of 33 against 15, II. 0. Bnuius was nominatod :t- i fit man to be nppoinled Pofctrnaster; whoreupon the Ripuhhcan fiays, "it [ipfars tobo the imanimuui wiah of the coinmunity that II. C. Binaos shall rectivo tho appointment oi Postüiaster f(.r Howell and vioinitv." That " 'Onell und vicinjty" i n u t bo ;i populous boivngh.


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