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The Time Washington correspondent says : '■ Commodore Shubrick, who lias just arrived froin Charleston, states that the greatest anxiety and terror prevalí there, enhanccd by every fresh report of movements at the North. It is believed that a revohition of feeling against the disunionists must aoon takc place, uniese Georgia speedily adopta a course to inluse now life into the secession inovement, and i givo the already wavoring people a ncw aeecssion of courage. "Thecorrespondence bctween tlie South Carolina Cominissioners and President Bueh'anan appears in the Charleston papers of Saturday last, having beeu submittedto tlie conventioa iu secret, sessiou the evening previous. It consists of three etters- the first, dated December 29, from the Comiuissioners to the Presidont, in whicii they deuiand, as a preliininary to all negotiatious, a disapproval by the President of the acl of Major Audi-rson seizing Fort Sumpter ; the secoud, dated December 30, from the President, in whieh, while adniittiug that Major Anderson acted without express orders, he yet refuses to repudíate tho act; and the third, dated Jamiary lst, in which the . Cominissioners attemptcil to re!ute the allegations of the Prcsident's letter in which he justifv-s Major Anderson's duet. ïhis last letter the President returned to the Cominissioners with the following endorsemeL't on the back : ■ This paper7preseiited to the President, is of : such a oharaeter that he declines to aa swer it.' "The first movement ot Mr. Holt, of: the War Department, was to reiustate Uol. Yonng as Inspector of Ordnance - .1 gentleman of acknowledjred ability, removed by Floyd for political rendons. - Others of Flnyd'8 set of nppointmonts will be removed for more trusty men. " The million bondsoffered by thetrus tees to fiud security for Kussell will not be s;cepted. Ho jp Btill in }ail. " ï!:e Scniito in exceulive pcskíod eonfirftcd Mr. IValab a.s Seorótnr; of Leiratióu lo Paris, and a nuiubor of unimpoTtant postmasters. The noininatio:i of Mr. MoKibbin, as Collector at Charleston wen! to the Cominittee on Finanoo. Nt oiie nsked inmediato aotion upon !t. ■' '1'1il delegation trom Mississippi cailed oa Secreta ry Thonipnai yesterday, and dcsircd to kuow his position in tlie Cibinct, and li!8 views on the milyect of onfbrcement. He plcdged hini-elf lo resign if i single Holdier is ordered Suuth with liis knowledge. If done without Mfijh khowledge, he will rosigo wlien tho faut ia a8certuiued, on tin; grouuds, first, bocause it wouM ha a violatioñ oí' gond faitli ; second, boaiuse of ibe aptiori itsc!f. Tli ji wii.i cousidcriid sfttisfact vy "


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