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Arrival Of The Steamship Palestine

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New York, Jan. 8. The Bteamsh'iji Pulemine arrivedat 5 o'tflock P. M. No markets. Business Husnended since thé Aiutrulaaian eai.'ed. Politica uniinpoi'tanl. Thé .'!i'ic;il crisis in América is reg.iided ;is eorious in England The Timet in a leader thiiiks it quite probable tlml the problein ( a democratie repüblic rnay bo .-olved by the (ivtnhrow, in ; few duyo, in u ipirïtof folly sL'lfiiniL'-s nou xho.ri-sighiedneM, Ilulial) afiïiirs niichunged, 1 1 í - reported thm the F.rench fleet M nbout ti quii Gaem. Jt is mtnored nn iho ctíritrary in Paris tlu.t Ku.-i-ia and Franco ugieed to support Francia 11, i;ll spring. Giu:it dornont'iz ili n is reported in tho besiegéing armv ;it. Gueta Ii is stutuil iluit ii deorae was propnrin ;a N;i)li's erdenug up extrnprdinary vy ot ilcii bütwoen 18 and ö;3 yeara uf ;.g. Placarás tre prsted ui Rome bearing llie anns of Víctor Euninuel and the vpordii 'Wc dnire unnexatioü 'n Sardinin," which wore surrouoded by ; nu arrn8ts. The city of Naples was ubout to givu o grand bal] to the ariny. The circular of M. Schnierling. detuiliog the Austrian rafnnna is publisbed. its provisroua generaUjf aro very liberal. Lutest ndvices from China ennfirm the ratifiuiitioa of the treaty. The exchnngé ui the convenuon was signed at Pekin Oct.24th, The Eng'ish and French Ambassa d?rs have taken up their residencu in Pekin, and will-retnain till November. The French (nny retirad from Pekin on tliefir-t ot' November. The Engfish will remain till the Ambasadors haveleft. A largo forco wi'l remain at 'J'ien-tsin til', the treaty condïüoriH are (ulfilled. The principa] clauses of tho treaty are the Emperor apologiza for the Peihn offuir last year. Ministers Hfe tu reside ii Pekin. The indemcity rixocl ia tu be doubled. Tien tsin is ti be tipened to trade immediately ; emi gratioli idluwed, and Cowíoon ceded lo Ureat Biitain Tlie treaty is to be protnulgatèd throilgli China. Chausan is to be evae lated by tlie Britih torce. The allied annies aro to leavij Pekin on the Stli. The Einperor'n snnimer pulace had been tntirely biirned. The bodies of the prisones who died in ihe li;.i:c.!s ii lbo Chinese ai e to be brotight lii Pekin -and bniied. The bddiex "1 Cajit. Bi abusón and ,J bbe Line, ho were bebeaded ubout the 21 ut September, have not been recovereil. The Emperor is still in Tartary. One liUiiui'-d tlioqsand ounds ie cxact'ed llie families of J3ri ish officers niurdured . Thu iusuijrents were menaoing Ningpo The Palestino brougfctabout B1G5, 000 in fpêoie, íoihiN 5.m:ket - In London, on MonÜHV, Eng)i.-h wlieat metiifirm sale at 2s adyancu. over the prevjoua Mondiiy. 'Iho country milos lonk a moderate qüantity f' ftireign ut Is advance Flour br ugbt lul rices.


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