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Action Of The Virginia Legislature

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Kichmond, v a., Jun. e. The co:nmittjo of the House' of delégate?, liaving in charge the subject of a convention, have prcpared a b II wliich they wil] report to-morrow. They havo fixed upon the 18th of Fi'bruavy for the meeting of the conventiou, and the 7th for the eleetion of delegates. The question of additional military f'orce for the puipose of dofonse has been referred to a eoiumittee. A resolutiou proposing to appropriate ten uiillinns of dollars for that purpose hns alhO boen referred. Tbe general opinión is that Virginia wiU seeedc alwut. tlie 2Oth of February, and iq tlic ipoautime nich preparations will be made as ïuiy ba uëcessarj to repel any aggressi uu. Eichmgnd, Va.. Jn. 9A joint resolution was intioduced in the Senate to d;iy, to appoint :i Uomtnittee to represent to the l'rosident of the United S ates, that in the judgment of the General Assembly of Virginia any a-lditional display of military power in the I Soutb will jujpanlizj the tranquility of the Kepublic, and that the evucuation of Fort Sumpter is the ürststep that sliould be taken towarda the restoration of peace and harniony Laid over. The icsol'utions rulating to a national convontion, with the ftuiandinODt for a convention of the slaveholding Sl.xtes to produce concert of action, wero referred to tlie joiut comraittee on Federal Relations.


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