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The National Fast In Ann Arbor

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This day was observed licre rith thn interejt duo to the subject. There wns prenching in the eveningat the Epi copal Church; a good congregation n attendance. In the fonnoon al lö % o'cluek the congregations of the Methodist, Presbyterian, nnd Baptist Churehes met in the Methodist Church. The House wnswell filled, and the rvices were of i nsost dreply isteretinR character Tlu-re was no sermón. The serTioes wereopened b3' re.-nling the so.rintures. and prayer by Rer. Mr Chapín, ifterward remarles by Revs. Blades. Tatlor, Cokxehus. and Prof Bbooks, alternating wiih reasons of prayer and sitging. All seenie ": nnited nnd poke aad pra3"ed as patrióla nnd hrintiar, ; feeli-g Ihat in order to love God it was not necessary to hate their brethi-en or their coantry. At half-past 12 the meeting adj.mrned to moet in the Presbyterian Church at 2 I'. M. At the hour appointed the house was well filled, and the kind, bopeful spirit of the morning continued It' a goud afendance, nnd an evident deep reügious interest are nny tokens of the interest that these oborehei feel in the safety and peace of the govtrn ment, then we should say tin-v have met tiose obligatious in cWWulIy regponding 10 ihe cali of the Cliief .Mogistr.-Ue to fust and pray for our commoji and beloved country.


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