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Rumored Attack On The Steamer Star Of The West!

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Wasliinlon, J:m 9. Rifmors of the itta k t tho Stur of ilio West n thu neighborlinod of Charleston, and of the oannoimding of th:;t c y hy Major Atiderson are rife, everywheie oi'PHting intense crcitemont, though uobody uan give koy Butfiórity f(r tha roport. Thö oiin-üspimldiit of tha N'. Y. Tr.litine ny-: "Piivate letters fpora tho best aour-ea ín Cli:u!ostri), daieri on SaUirtláy, empresa che gfavest distrust La,o eve&tH uiui fonr tliat i lood muy : fliiw Ht íiny moment Mnny of tho farniüas ore movinjj from the oity uncler apprehensions. The moet su gucmus Ittudei'it h;ivo !o.-,t their power, atd are :it thu mercy of an oxcited und [exaciting populacö. Liirz Andarson of Cincinr.ati, br.rther of the Maj r,1 H;s just returned from Charleston. - Aftei' ihefirat interview wtth bis brotbef thu surveilhicuu ws nut continued :md ha bad freo coininiiiiiciition xvith his l)rothi;r. The Mhj r o'iTifiidera hú poüitiori en'.irely secure, and is fnuly snpplied uith prnviMono mi oiher neueísurias, uxucp' coil and wood, for rtilitary purposen, in cuse t!iit extremity hould bu reiiubed. He s in rrood spirits, and hope that roMSon will opérale upon iho misgiii(lea people beforo long. A Skries of Scnooi. and Famlt Ruadkim Qouaioting of n l'rimer und seven Kearipri By ÍImciI Vn.Lsoí. Ntw -York: Hab per J Broi hcTs . Of the :.bovt series we have received Tb Primor, anJ the First . öecnrn] Tliird, sni Fourth Kctt lera, and have (;veu ihem uc! exNiin:ition na our limited lime would per mit. Tho Books are élsantly pnnted, n ;ho num-roua illusra;ioiis are of a superior j character, making thtím i'i typographioal ap pearanee superior toany SíTÍi-s of seliool boiiks wbieh have come under our observaron. ín tlio of tile Primar and First and S.cond i Readers iliere is notliing ospecially new but (Aepian of i,he sn?s begini t: be developcd in th Third Ituader It consista in taking up and treating of Natural Science. Natural History, Mora'a Literature, ato., 60 , in tinct deparlmonts er ineenes of skttohej or e-.-nys, wriuen in a familiar slyle and di sigued to giye pupila classes, and school valuiblo ihstructiou uside fromthe simple ex i creiae of learnini; (o read. For instance, instead of being mada up en tirely of disconnected and fragmentary px?r; cisca of a dfseriptive or rhetorioal nature, the Third Reader after presenting the KIe monta of Klooution, witli Hule-, ia diïided in o four paris, as lollows: Part I. Stonta from the Biblt; I). Hural Les: TTT U tors upon th ■ subject of N.Uural History, and especially Zlolosy; IV. Mi-eellaneous Art i cíes A rofcrence to the adwrtieinent in an oihor column wiïl givc a more full iJea of.lht vorking out of the plnn. We are disposed to Ibiiik plan a good one,and the pupil from this ssriea of ,'iead ei-8 will get umch vnlunble and neoessnr infunnat onwhieli is no1, now acquin-ii from the fragmentary l;ook in uso. School Offioers and teachers wouKl do well to give theif attention to the series. Gf We undorstiriifl th:it tho joint Comir.ittee of the Common Council nnd the Vilhige of Arm Arbor, will report a; iho Cnurt House to-ino row evi-ning. aftcr the cliool meeting sliull have conchnierl it business citiz.;ii, inturesied ehould come out. $rS" We h;ive reoeived the Fehruarj DBmbar ..f l'ttermns Viúitt National Magazine. It hft txmutiful steel engmvings; a oül,,-ed steel foahion pl-ite: and numerous il lust ons n I.idics Jepnr' inent . lts literary paperB will conimn-d n remling $2 ayr. Ad res 0.3 Pkteeson.306 Che nutStreer.. Philftdelphm l'ehrson and the Argus for $2.75. W Wa hwü ree i .-0l tlie December numberof TAc PrinVr, an ever welcoine guest as it, alioulil lie in evoiy prinling otublisli ment. If npprmtiees. ■jour." nnd -bosaea" wmül raad The Printer we ehouid 30e mimy bet ter lookinj; newairthat it f uberiber ',! On)y pay up and the mcans. $1 a yenr Addresa Bant fe GnEAso.v. 11 Spn:c(i strect. N. 7. L3T Th o Rural Ve Yorker conos to us for t he jirnatly enlnrged and in a beaatiful new dress The Rural js an -in stiti.tion ' and it ís in wonder that it has an immense circulnt ion. Now is t.lio tim to t ves-. $2 a ,tíir. Addrs D. D. T. Moork Koch'Ster N Y The Rural and tho i4ru? for $2 75 .


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