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The conductora of the whig Press in this Stnle havo bcrn very nnwijling to acknowldge whntevery body has known - that their arty in Michigan for three years past, has joch in an eslablishcd and uniform minority, ndthntthere have been no jnst hopea of t$ altaining the nscendency. We have endëavored toiuiprcss trnili npon tlieminds of Abolitionists who were disposed to throw áwny their principies and votes upon a party whoi-e eloction to powor in thia State wnsutte'ly imprnclicnble; but tho coniident assurnnces of the whig pspers and politicians that these snjrgestiops of ours were mere "locofoco prophcciep," and thal the pnrty would carry all before it in 1544, remlcred our advice. to Eome extent, unavailing. The preat orgu(uent of whig politicians was- ''We have not hithertobeenableto get our strftigth to the polls. But at the Presidenlial olection we sholl get it. out, and the locos will be used up." Several leading whig papers have mislead the people in Ihis way by avowing the moet confident nssnrances of victory. We will cite two or thrce inetances. The State Journal of October 23d, says of the Whig Mass Meeting in AnnArbor: 'It transcended the expectations of onr friends and overwhelmed our opponents witli awe, ns they plsmly saw that ihey woulb b comprlied 1o bow before the majesty of the people. Mnny of the sterling Wlnffs of Livingston, Wayne and Oaklond were seen wavino- their banners and mingling their shouts wiih the mifrhty ma-s. It will be a day long remembered by thou#ands, and has given on impulso to our patriotic cause thai will swee]) as icilh a uhirlwvi', the blightning curse of Locojocoism frotn bordera on the fourlh and fifth days of November next." The reeult is that the Democratie ticket of Washtenaw has sonie 200 majority; that of Livingston about 400. The Jackson S;a'e Gazette of Aug. 8d, eays: "As to the votes of the respective parties in this connty, if the editors or the Signl will put on their spectacles, and look at the Whig vote in 1840. they will observe that the vote of that year exceeded some 300 or 400 what it was last fall, while the democratie vote varied but little last fall from what it was in 1840. And we hope the editors worít prepare too lar ge a feasl in expectation of a 400 abohtion voie ihis f all, in Jackson counly; if they do, their expectations tvill vanish like the hopes of the wicked."The same pnper of Oct. 21 says: "Let our sister counties ín this state not. iespair of Jackson- she will give a good rejort of herself in November, by shoioing a lean wkig tickei eieeted. That we shal! releem her of the hands of locofocosm, not a reasonable doubt can be entereraincd by any mnn at all acquainted with the :ou.Hy. Why 6hould we not? - we have as %ood 300 Whig majonty ir. this covnly, as e ocofocos have in any county in JV. Hampihire; and we will on the fifth of next month rove it. Polk and Texas nre sme "gone tfartins' in Jackson county this fall." The result of all this boasting was, that the vhole Democratie ticket was elected by a litIe less than 100 majority. Theeame paper of July fifth says: "Ingïnm is g-ood for L50 majority for Clay." - The result is, that the whole Democratie icket is reported to be elected, except the treasurer and repre&enlaüve. The latier had a majorhy in the county, but was defeated by the whig majority in Eaton County. But hero is an article f rom the Detroit Daily Advertiser of September 30, the leoding Cay paper of the Siate. The italicising is just as it appeared in that paper: "Michigan Awakr. - We have not hitherto ventured to speak wiLli confidence, of the result of this State, aft er three successive deteats. But we can now assure our friends, both at home and abroad, that our prospects are daily growing brighter and brighter.- The harbingers ofa glonous day, already skirt the horrizon. Tlie spirit of l40, less noisv, perhaps, but equally thorougb and efficiënt, is revived. The whigs are active and zealous, and will be out on the day of eleci ion . A fnll vote is a whig victory. But this is not all. - The movement ín our favor is not confined to' the whig party. Tríe people without distinction of party, are waking up to the great issues involved in the presidential contest, lnfornvition is eagerly souglit for, f rom all au thentic sources. The Tariff and Texas questions are attracting general attention, and producing a decided impressinn in our favor. The open and avowed convertsto our faith. are numerous. But titer e are hvndreds vpon hundreds ofchanges, not paavdrd in Newspapers, nor tn-vipeted in bar rooms, whick will be exhibí teA at the polls. We have no motive to deceive ourselves or other?, nor are we usually over sanguine in such matters. We speak, certainly, our own convictions, nnd we do not think we can be mistaken in oui cnlculations. At any rate, we are willing to put thera on record. We sha II car ry, then, a majority oj the Congress men. a mujorUy of the. House of Represent - alives, and in jmt ballot of the Lrgislalurc, majority of the covniy tickets, and as we belitre the Presidential electors." The result is that all the Congressmen and Senate are Democratie, and all the House of Representatives bt eight: the Democratie majority on joint ballot is about 55: at least three fourths of the counties have elected Democratie officers, and the majority against Clay on the electoraljticket must be 3,000 or more. But the reader will perhapsask, "Why do you cile these things against the whigs? Are not all men liable to error of jufigement?- Does it matter to Liberty men whicli proelavery party is in the afcendeney? What i& your object in making these quotations?" Our object is eimply this: to convince ou readers thut no depeiulence can usually be pluced on the ttatements of ihe Whig paperfa respeciing the probable result of theeleclion' in this State. In the cases we have cited and in many more instances wnich we migh adduce, thcir predictions are the very reverse ofthefacis. In making these predictions they eithcr believed sincerely what they asser ted, or they (id not. i f they did bc lieve their own statemenrs, the result shows that their judgment is utteriy unsafe as a guide; i they did not believe whnt they pretended to they were guilly of a delibérate altempL to deceive, and should therefore be thunned in future as liars and hypocrites. They may take which hom of the dilemma they please We trust Liberty men will be wiseenough in future not to throw away their votes o whig canuidates whoae election is hopeless. - Ifamanbea whig - that is - if he thinka Bonk, Protective Tarifij Distribution, fcc, t be the paramount objecls of political acliono is consisicnt in voting for a party that will carry out his views. Bnt why ehonltl a professed Liberty man vote for a slaveholder or lnssppporters?


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