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Arms And Munitions Of War For The South

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A visit to the ]adinj7 dealers in fire mnn# and municiona of war in t his city shows that the demand for sinall anus, lor the 8 'tith, has lujen decreiising for tho last threo weeks and that tha dcmand 3 UW for rmihkets, rifle nnd ordanue. One houso ou IJroadway, who in the uarly stage of the exciteinont ahipped a hirge quaotity oí revolvers, Seo., to gouthern dealers, are now engiígud n filling largo orders lrom ciatos auihorities. Ono order is fer five hundred thousand .bal! cartrid ,ro-! for inuskot, and about ono hundred thoutfand urtiliery cartridgea. Uní; hundred gwa oarriuges have .een ordered, and will be hippd nest weuk. Scarcu u day jüisses but they nro in the receipt o oi'dera íor ordrianca. A.nother largo house re ceived an order to-day from ttiu Goveruor of ono of iho soulhero States ior one iiundred nd eighty liHes, while auothur urdurs a miuL larger tjuaruity oí Kutiald rihes. The man ufacturen are rejeivtng large orderu for uuvy revolvers. VVilhin thu last two weeks tliere havo beon sbipped from this port ovc-r : t wDty tiiousand stand.n of anus for tne Stat! of South Carolina, ALtUama, : (ieorgw, and Flondia. There is but iittlo doilbt that a largo quantity oí' íirnm wili g So, ,th oí; u v-.-scí wtn. h loavo.s tlii.s iiort sai 8turday. 8övernl largo orders w.hich havn buen received ivittnn a íew daya from tlie S a, o ín quetion have riot been fillod wing tliD detUers requiring the partiea to re mit the fund bel'ore shippiug the go ds, At preseni there are but u few thouu and stands of arms whioh aro in market, aml thotie who hoKl tuem are e.xi-eoting a sale oí ihem wmy day. Thu Btate aúthoritius c;t Virginia hold the largosi nuinber, but il is undëMtoöd that tlioy w,l! not dispose of t'neai at pPtweBtThu manufacturera uf ordïiunce Uo t soem iuclined t grvg any iofo; matioa to tbo amount of tr.oir salen and thi-ir desliiiatioiis, but I i i!jf)nn:iiio:i is derivd firom reliubj. ouriJQ tli-'i thêy have been large, an umi dm South is Lbü-puinito wiiioh i..i SEü id bu cbjpped. fr'S 'ï 'lfc ikttt tenderfitee a man bas in hiri nature, the more ho require ÍTCO other.


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