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■Business Ürertntn. I. O. O. F. WASHTEXAWI.OPGENo9, of Hm Independent orde" of Odd Fcllow meets at their Ludge Room, ïTtrj Fri.lav evening, at 6 X o'clock. U. B. WII.SON, N. (i. F. HQRO, bec y. s"g" sutherland & son, B. HESSE, tóÉ Street, Ann Arbor Mich. .,, N. B. KigUt calis promply ttendedto. TWITCHELL & CLABK. ""jamësbTgöttT f AW OFFICE, No.2, overSlawson J Gter's Store. U J. M. SCOTT. AMbeottpe & Photockfh Artists, in the rooms A. formerly oocupied by Cordley , over the store of Sperry fc Mooie l'erfect satisfaction guaranteed. L. D. GODFREY, Ttorney and Coc.vssn.OR at Lsw, Ann Arbor city. A. Office North EastCorner of the Court House. "W. N. STRONG, DE4LER n Dry Goods, Boots andShoes, Grocerien, Bonnets.Kancy Goods, 4c. Exchsnge Block, Ann Arbor. WINES & KNIGHT. DEALBRKintíUpIe, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, &c. &c, Main Street Aau Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON. Fcrxitcre WiKH-BooM, Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, ie. New Block, Main Street. ' RISDON & HENDERSON, DEALERS in Hardware, Stoves, house furnishmggood?, ïin Ware Sc. Sc, New Block, Main Street. A. P. MILLS, D kaler in Staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes and Keady Made Clotbing, Hurontreüt Ann Arbor _ JOHN W. MAYNARD, Dsalek in Staple Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, &c. ïc. , Main .Street, Anu Arbor. ' BEAKE5 & ABEL, A rroRNETS & Cousskllors at I.AW, and Solicitors in tV Chaaaery. Office in the old Post Oflice building, Ann Vrbor KINGSLEY & ilOHGAÜSr, TTORNBVS, Counsellor.s, Solicitors, and Notaries Pub(. lic, have Books and Plats showing titles of all lands n the jounty, andattend to conveyancingandcolleciing emunds, and to paying taxes and school interest in any part of the State. Office eastsi-íe of the Square, Ana Arbor. JAMES K. OOOK, JusnCE of titb Peace. Office nearthe Deüot, Ypsilanti, Michigau. Wm. J.EW1TT, M. D, , PHTHOAN & Subgkon. Office at his re.sklence, North side of Huron street, aüd d house West of División itret, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, MANcrAcrcRËRanJ dealer in Boots and Shoes. Exchange Block, 2 doors South of May aard, Stebbins í Wilflon's itoru, Ann Arbor, Mieh. MCOIÍE & LO( )Ml;i. M1NUPACTCRKB8 anfï dealer in BooU and ihoes, Phoenir Biocfc, Main Streel, oue door North of VaBÍiington. Wn. S. SAUNDERS, Dialbr in Boots, ShoeH, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cnsb lïout & Shoe Store, sou Ui stde of" l'ublic Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO, TT7"H0LKSJiLEand Retail ilealera and manufacturera of TT Ready Made Clothiug, Importers of Cloths, CassiBtrei, Üoeskjns, Jic. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, Mpmv Surgion Dk.vtist. Office corner of Main 4KjLj3bL and Hnron streets, over 1'. lï&cu'fi store, XTnBHHlÉ Ann Arbor, Michigan. -UJUJ[ T April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, Dxxixa. in Ready Made Clothing Cloths , Cassimercs and Vaitings, Hats, Caps, Trunks, CarpetBags, &c. Main it. , Aün Arbor. M. CAMPION, % Tbkchant Taylor and dealer in Ready Made Clothine Vi No 41, l'hcenix Block, Ann Arbor. BAGH & PIERSON. Dmxlbbs in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c, Main atreet, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, SÏEBBINS & CO., Dalers in Dry Goodi,, Groceries, Drugs & Medicines, 'Boots & Shoes, fcc, corner of Main and Ann streets, ! un bel o w the Exchange, Ann Arbor. EBERBACH & 00„ DK1LKRS in Drugs and Melicines, Perfumery,Toiletartielti, a few doora south of the Franklin House, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, ""Iioants, Provisio.v & Cominission Merchante, and dea.T lersin W.ITBR Ijme. Land 1'i.astkb, and Plabter of Paej, one door East of Cook'n Hotel. . Q BLI8B, DSitn in Clockj, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods at thesign of the Big Watch, Xo. 27, l'hcenix Block. J. 0. WATTS. DtALKR in Clocks, Watches, Jewelrj andSilver Ware No 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. fREEMAN. BARBltR nd Fashionable Hair Dram, Slain Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept ntntly on nand. SCHOFF & MILLER. . Deai.krs in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Book Sta tioncry, l'aper Hanging, te, Main Street Ann Arbor. D. DeFOREST. ITfnouxAi.K and Retail Dcalerin Lumber, Lath, Shiny gles, Saih, DoorB, Blind, Water Lime, Grand River Planter, l'laster l'aria, and Xails of all sizes. A full nd perfect nsortmont of the above, and all other ïindi of building matenalu constantly on hand at the !owet possible raten, on Detroit Sreet. a few roda frnm the Railroad Depot. Also operating entensively in the i'atcnt Cement Roofing. WASÜTENAW COUÑTÍBÍBLEIÓCIETyT" DiPosiTORï of Bibles and Testament at the Society prices at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, W00D & CO. SUCCEMOBfi TO MANUFACTUKF.RS OT Print, Book, - AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, AMV ABBOtt BI1CÍI. MISS JENNIE eTIjÑes, TftACnER OF Piano Forte, Cuitar, and Singing, beine l defiirousot" enlargiijglicr class, 11 receiva pupila at ihe residence of Pruf. W1KCHELL, which being near the Uniou School, will be very couvenïent for suchscho]orHattcnding tliere t1io may wish to purgue the study ofmusiein eonneetioa with other branches. TermtI0, ba.lf to be paid at thr m:ddle tnd tfce bal ottt tilt oioft foí the tric.


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