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General Jackson's Will

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In June, 1843, Gen, Jackson, in LÍ3 rêtirement nt the Hermitage, wroto bis will with his own hand. In it, among other bequests, aro tn-n, whioh ought, at this time, to be published for presant reudinj. The sentiment tbereia expressed, in this solemn document, evince moro thnn Roman patriotism, and should sink deep into the hearts of the people. Here is the literal language of the illnstrious doad : " Sevunth. J bequeath to my belovod nephew, Andrew J. Donelsoc, son of Samuel Donolson, deceased. the elegant sword presunted to me by the State of Tennessee, with this injunolwn: That he fui] not to use it when necessary in lupport an prnter.lion nfour ejorious Union, and for the protecti.rm rif fie constituí 'innal rights of our hehved cmntry, sliould they be assailedhy foreign enemies or do.uestic traitors." "Eighth. To my grand-nephew, Andrew Jackson Ooitee, I bequeath the elegant sword presented to me by the rifle company of New Orleans, commanded by Captain Beale, as a memento of my regard, and to bring to his reoollection the arallant services of his deceased father, Gen. John Oo&ee, in the late Indian and British war, under my command, and his gallant conduct in dsfence of Naw Orleans in 1814-15, with ihis injunction ; That hu wield it in the proteotion of the rights secured to the American citizen under our glorious Conatitution against all invaders, whether forcign foes, or intesTINE TKAIT0K3 "


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