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Inaugural Of Gov. Lane, Of Indiana

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inuiuiüipiihd, Ja. 14. The Govenior ond Lieu:euan', Governor t'luct wero inauguratud tliis afteroooa. The Gevecnor'a address lavors ineasures íor i he purgóse of giving greater efficiency to the prenent veiy detective militiu laws oí the State. The importanca ol u vvell drilied inilitia cirgaaizatiun, eantiot be over-osiimated in the present critica! condition of Dational uffuiro. Xreating on national alfairg, he tsays thu novui, alarniing und treasonab 'a unsumpüon that aay State has ti right 10 decade uuder tlie Gonstit ution , is ii doctrine unknown to iho C'oBt.tution, at war wiih the principies on which our govenmiijnt waa etjtabltthi-'d, and destructiva to liigii and Bacrodobjects boughtto beacuompliïhed by thu Quastilutioo. H the ppHlliou suinöd by the South in tru, that tbe resul t ui a preuidential eleetion, lenüy aid constitutionullj ooncj etud, in a gü'i reasou lor thu disBolutiou ■ f Lbe Union, ilicii tho Uuion ;an oitly be prespived by i buso Mirrendtr of the rigDt il the iiiajorwy 10 rule, aLqikiug doivn that liberty wnioh the Coutititution (juuranteee. Ho mivh the iiiuiiödiato cause of the prusenl crit-is waa the repeal of Missouri cnmproiine, and decíales thal llie penple oi Indiana oí al! p.trties are trun lo thj Cofistitution aml leyai to the Union, an4 they vviil be in Ititun1, as tliey Imvo shovvn tiiemïe!v.i;d in the past, willing to yield a ratidy and Biweriui obedience (o Jl the rcquireinentK of ho Cmistitution aüd :uvó of the United títates, and to maintain at n!l tioea, ander uil cirf.'.]mstaiK:es uiid at uli hazards, the glorious fin;i of gcV'iinnient uuder vMiicii we livo Thu peoplttof our uoble itate, wit tj very lew exeeptioas, I fliink have resojved ! tupport the l're.sident ol' ihe I7nitw.l Staud in tho free exeroise oï uil bis conetuutioiinl gower, with the manlineiw and pouruge of a free people. A voluntai y and pro:npt r.-pcal of a!l Stats legielation, Nor t n and outb, coijtniry ty lxv IJirit of tLe Constitn ion, intended tn rlcfeul the asfcuution of the Ihw wnttid be a : bffering, vvorihy of :t greit, intelligent nul f ree poplw, [t;iinmn bas not now, bot hiid, any etich legiPlaiion 1 ón iuTt-itut books. Whatayer ftiiiy bc tlic uondition ■■ f public suntiinont u 'ther Smto#, Indiupa would iuvor an ■:.)::.■:,!.!;, ]■( rmancüt and finul Rel t Ieipint, bas d on moaeurcí. ;i];'kl; (tonorub!u t ;:11 portions of our törnmH : '-oi;n.ry. I:i lu:r rohitions willi !).".■ íistcr .Staíoí, her oondiict wii] le (.■haractoriaed bj1 onuridsy, and frater:::: f-cli:;!r, cbenfully miè promptly yiclding nll their jjuttrigttts u;,á;r ihu cocstitiition.


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