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The President's Naval Preparations

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Wc are, is wt believc, correctly adviscd that the President is rapidly putting this goverinnent in a pusitioa to defond aud proteot itself. Ho is listeiiing to tho counsels of patriotic and honest men; lio is sincerely anxious t preserve tbo Ihüon, and is gradually liftiug himself above tho vulgar levol of bis poliiical life toat loust a purtial coinpreliCMsion of the dignitj and respoiiiibilities of a President of the Uniled States. Not only has he taken steps to protect the District of Coltimbia and otlier exposcd places from invasión by land, Lut we have reason to believu tliat the sition of our naval furoes for some ' Iuoulli3 back has beeu made to so:ne ex I tent -wit h ref'erenco to the possibility of such a eontingeney as luis already aris;. The facts upon wlnch we rest lliis hope WO may say this opinión, and we trust for the Presideut's and liia eountry's sake that we are not mistaken aboiit it, are set forth in the folio % ing statement furnislied us by au offiucr in tho service; 'VVhen tbc U.iited States oorvsttc rcturued from the Homo 8iadron lier imuiedinte departuro (or Charleston was determinud; but two diffieulties intervenid She drew sereral feet to inaoh water, to begin willi; bnt evoil that obieoi27 tfoiüu . have bo--. overruled and the. ship sent ' down, had not the Evtning Post got wind of the a flair and 'blabbed' it. 'i'iie 'ijuiet readiness' of the corvette was, therefore, nut politie auy louger and sho was put out ot' coiumissiou. Theu Payetteñll, ' N. C, was disoovered to be in a way for military ocoupation, and a troop of soldiers from Governor'a [land was unostentatiously despatched to the ungarrisonod place, Heinforcements for our VVesteru aruiy were partly undcr orders to leave several Northern recruitinjj ; tions, but, by a singular coiocidtnoe, all except the heavy detachmeuts fur Texas ! (coüs;dered to bu a dissatisQud stait,) and j a few dragooDS tor California, were ' tatned. l'hen, as if by aceident, the ateain corvette Urooklyn returned to . folk i.i fui I duty trim; und a paragraph, evideiitlj given out at the Navy ilepartinei.t, Innlcd in a Sürt of an indisti et uiaimer, that ihe sloop-of-vrar St. Louis and the frtgate Sabiue would be soon rccalled from the Uulf of Mexioo. "Tlie Hpleudid steum frigata Povrhatan, too, whieh Lad beeu hurricdly inanned und comtnissioned in Fhíladelpbia, in order to join our fleet in the Guit', where 'the eloudy afipect of tbings seenied to reijuiro tho addition to our squadron of üome naval shipa,' receivod instractions to n.-turn to the Umted States, wben the Cuuiberland, saillug, bciiig a ílag-siiip, had alraady boen gazettod to 'relieve' tho tlag-ibtp Saranuah, which slie has do .e. Tiie Powhataa, iu pursuance of the order ailuiled ti), wil] be due in a few days at 011e 01 the (iiortl)ern) navy yards, where the want of niouey in the treasury wili again be put fjrtli as the cause detaiiiing lier in tighting couditioii, in the evil day shflli have uut yet arrived. "Tliat the home s.juaúroii has not been ' fbrgotteu in the calculation of tho Navy Dopurtinunt thero is even more ovidence than this. The Macedonian corvette was iaed uut, aud manued before half ready fjr sea (Southern excitemeut inoreanng) to relieve the sloop St. Louis, and f'ron present ndications, the latior and forraer will be anchored side by side in i uiouth harbor before a montli. The steam 'lu-boats OrusaudT and Wyandotto fortunately mi.'JeJ repairs just whöil thoir preseuce was required at Pen sacóla, wbere secession seiitinionts ihuost ■ warranted the belief that the thirty or i forty marines, who were not killed on j Ijieutenaut Stark's crucifix, were iu , dangei' uf auniliiiatioi). It is remarkable ! that 6i th is j anotare tliesteamer Mohawk ; should have captured two supposed slavers with 110 uegroes on board, and with scareely any evidunc? to have t-hem ' belled, whicli jusiitied hor, also, in putting into Florida, where she will doublless remain umil the pirates or the Union are disposed of 'Nor have the preparations for the worst, made in the navy, stopued here. - The faeihties afïorded by the Panama railroad and th Aspiuwall steatner conuection, for transpórtiug troops rapidly from the headquurters of thn Pa ifio s.juadron at Panama to the navy yarüs in tho Atlantic States, suggested the practicabihty of sptcdily trausferriiig the crews of every ship 111 the Pacific fleet to ready 'men-ot'-war' t home. Acoordingly we fiad the United States steamen Saranac, Wyomiiig. the sloop of war St. Alarys, Cyaue, Levant, the whole squadron, in tact, called up to Panama, where, we believe, they still ïemaiu. And least the different crews that had ntarly served out their time Uiight coinplaiii of hardship in being compelled t) t'orcibly reinain 011 ship board, ulien cntiiled to iheir discharge, the slnp s compaiiies of the vessels tliat wtre in ootniuission the speoified time, the Oyane and ot Blary't are rephiceil by neif hands. ■'The way in wliich business has been canied o;i at the several htations in the Ñortheru States, also shows a preoonceived detcriniiiation on the part of the Govcniiuent to act with vigor when neceísity required it. As aiready stated, ships returniug from aotive service have been ïetained 111 active service orders. - The Coiistitulion, the Plymouth, the Ger mantowüj the Jamestown, the MAcedoniau, the Marión, the Merrimack, the ilississijipi, the Minneaotit. the St. Lawrence, and otlier craft have been put in luch a st i(e tliat in a few days they could be made lit for any sort of duty. Good men have beeu diseriminotingly pioked up at tho reeruiling offices, while general eiilist meiits were stopped; so that the muire ; naval forces that eould bu rendered avnilable aro susceptible of almost immediate usefuluess. The scattered manner in which an army is stationed prevented so thorough a coneentration of it at convenient plaei's, but where soldiers could ba easily aceuiiiulated tbey are to bc found." If the dispositiou and arraugements of our naval forei: as hcre recitcd, provo to have been made for the purpose and with the motives here attribuü:d to the Prest dent, we shall be prepared most frankly to say we have one him injustit-e. 5 Don't bc in too great a hurry, girls, to foll in love with young men. it; often happens that your hearts are 110 soonor theirs than theirs aro no longer '. yours.


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