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Legislative Apportionment

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Reporta from J ;i iifinj s.iy t h: t t;' Hou: e Coir.uiitteo on State Afluir has ' agreecl upon nn apporlionrñéaf of ! bera :í the Senato nnd Iloune bilüéd on the cenfciis of 1SG0 1 lie bil! necessanly fixes the numbcr of Sonatore at thirty two. Wiiyno loses one Senator, which mgiven toths Upper Peninsular; but the otber Counties in the Southern portiop oí iba State retaio thcir present number, Tho meir.bcsh'p of the IIouso is fixed at ninety-i'iglit, ithin two oí the constilutioníil m;ixinnm, leavinsr we should think but a narrow roargia íor tlie increase of the nest five yeurn. Ín the appoi'tionment of íf'isc tnombers Washtenaw is given five, a gain uf ont; and Lenawetr, Calhoun; Ralaroazno St. Joseph, Berrien, Van Bureó, IJany, Allegan, Ottowa, Kent, Clinton, St. CÜair, Genosee, and La peer, each "iiin one, tle others bt'ing gaiued by Ncirthern dHtrústfl. Il is our impression that tho Legi.slature wil! act unwjsely n increntúbg tlie House so largely. Too large a representatiónin that b1 ach wil! be a seriini draw npon tho treasury, and only impede legislation. td" Sücretiiry Thomas, wlio sueceeded Skcbs-ion Cohb iu tho Treafury Dv i.rt riioni, has rcüigned, by requwt ol ihe President, and ílon. John A. Dix, of New York, tas been appointed coiitínnud, and installbd in liis stead - T h o apjiointmcnt of Mr Dix was urtjed by those unpitiiliate who have recently been taking tlie treasury notes. If they wcro to lend tho government tnoney, they wantod tho treusury placed in thu h:inds of a niiin who was not in favor of broaking down the government, and who woiild not stoal the fiinds lonnej him t ua unce tlio cause of Heceatttot!, Dix i'' a Union man. ind tho Treasury Department is Dow in good hand.s. - And, be.-ides, the Cabinet is now a unit a guia At secesión.


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