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Alabama "cut In The Cold."

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On Friday last, a eonventión oí thu aeSuito of Alubama, by a vote of 61 to 39, passed ;i deularatory seoassiuD ordinanee, and ive s'ippose her pcople no longer conadcr themaelVes ciñzeiií oj thc United State dL America. - This is sumiiiiiiily iinduing a woi'k th;it rcquired yeara ni til n the purt of our foreftthri and inucli ehedding f blond, to aeoompliith. If unlaining i- doing, it ia mucb easier to uninuke than to make a seotion, The Revcilulionary siigeH nevor iriistrueted tliat tbey had done t heii" work so shabbüy. But bere is the ordinance: An ordiniínce to d.ssolvo the Union betwuun the State of Alabainu and other States united nnder thts compact and ïtvlü of liie United States of America: WAereat, The clection of Lincoln nnd Ilamlin by a nectional party, avowedly hewtile to the dnmecitie institutions :i nd pence and aeocrily oí the people of thü State of Alabwiio, following upon I he heols ol many and daDgerOBB infractions of the constitution'of tho United Sta(,cs by many of tlie Sttitcsand noopte of the northern Otates, :i i iltk:al wrong of km inf ing n char.-iott-r ís tu justify iliii peopleof tle Statu 6f Alnbainu in tlie mlojition oí' prompt and deuided meannros for llieir future poaeo and seounty; therefore. lici Dfiland awl Ordainrd l.-y tlie Petitlf i.f Afa'umi, in Coneenttim -isgrmtifett, Ttiat the S:;iie o) Atibuma now withdriiws from ihe Union known :'.s llic United of Aniel icii, and henctfnrth census to bu one of li: gaid United Statoc, nn ís, ind pf ríght ou"ht lo be, u Bovereign, ndependunt 8 ate. SecTIOM '2. And he it fiirlher Declaj-rd and Onlmnedhy tlu Proife o Ahibama, in (inoenlton atsrmbid, Th it hIÍ poweiv i ver the terr.tory nf the sitid Siatu, and over tli '■ ppople iherenf, beretofore deeguted to ihugoveni.iient oí' ilio United Siaícrt of Amuricnj be and ihey are liureriy vvithdrawn from tiiu Hid iovernnient, and :;re bereby reíiiined md vusted in thé peopleol the StHleof A abama. And as it 8 tfm (I :'e and purpose of thv people uí Alaii.naa to ineut the Btavehildii)ír Sla us 'ij tbo South who Hpprcive mkmi i ), in order to fruine a proviïioiijj nr a permanent overnmeht lipón the piinuiiíjen ni ilie gfovernrncipt f the Uni(j.l Stiite.-: Bf I alto ll-mlnil. bu the Petrple of Alih'imt, in. Connentffm awitthled, Tlnit the people of ihe Mates f Délaware Mar.! ni, Virinia, .Nr.i-tli Carolina, Situtli Cali lina, Fíniida, Georgia, ilissir-) i, LoiiiMiaiía. 'l'oXils, Arkafwiw, Tennefrte, Eeniucbv, and fllinsiiuii l)t' and thcv r hurobv invitod u meut the Stato of Alabaina bv their delegHtea in convention, un the 4ih day of Kcluuary nest io Monigornerj', Ala., for lio parpóse of onngiiltiifion vith other State ia to the most effeutuid mode of .secniii.g coduerfed nction ia whaiever ineadiire mav be deeinod mtwt dtwrable for tlie com [r.oii pólice and Becurily. And be ?t f-irtier Reno} red, That the President oí llu: convention be fltld ln is heréby iiistrncied lo (Piínsmit forthwilli a eopy of tho fofegoinjí prusunble. ordinance, and rumiluliong io the Governors of tiie severa! StHtod named tu the s;;d resolutiona. Dom; by the eóple of Alabamn, in couveniion us8einhled, at Montgoinery, th'w llihday oí January, 18G1


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