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"spare That Flag"

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Tnr following benutiful linca were writtefi by ii gontk'!ii:iii holding a dUtiuguished poaitiun under the Federal Govornment i xi Wub iniitoii city: PARODT "WOODMAN, 3PAKI IHAT TESE." Madmen, spare that fiagl Touch not a Bingle st:ir; Fi'om sen to moufitain crag; lts s tri pea liave gleamed afar; 'Twas our forcfth:r hand Tha'; gavo it as our lot, TVTf. nmdnicn, let it stand, Your rage shall harm it not! That flag of Liberty, Wliose glor_y and renown Are sprend oer land and 8eft; And would ye strike it down? Madmen, siiBpend your will, Cut not it s heaveu boni tie(j Our Country's ensign slill, Streaked with celestial dyesl On Ocean'a wave and heath, In battlo and in blust, Our fatiiers eboered benealb, Or nnileil it to the mast; A tear for tbose Y'ho feil, For those who lived, renown, It iaubt tbfir laat f af e w 11 - Oli! do not hew it down. Oor heart etrings round tbce eling, And mem'riee o'er thee crowd; On field and desk thy wing Hhb been a freeinau's sliroud' Old flag. the storm Btill brave; And Traitors, leave the epot; While we've nu arm to save Y our rr.gv 6ha!l liarm it not.


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