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A Queen's Death

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Un the üTening of the l8th of DeGember a venerable oíd lady died,who bas witnessed Hnd mingletí among ti, e great scènes of European history from the time of tho Frenoh Rcvohition. This is the Dowager Queen of Swoden, tho widow of' Bernadetta. It is mentionod that slie was just about to go to the theatre to witnesa Caldoron's play, ' Life is a lïream," wben tho eummons carne, and her p'wn deatb pointed tho moral of the drama. Thia old lady, w.hen a blooming and beautiful girl of fifi een, was courted, but not won, by theyouog artillery officer Napoleon Bonaparte; go that she had a nurrow escape from bo!T!Ín'" Empresa of Pránoe, If ho had gmiled on the young oflker, married bim, and borne him heirs that mighj have survived him, the condition of Euiope at the present time might have been very different. Josephine Beauliartiais would nover have fíured in history, and hergraodson would not now. tiuve been povereïfiiD of Frunce and arbiter of the fate of nationa n Europa The late Quoen Dowáger of gwedeti was in royal odendars as Eugenia Bernardina Desiree. She was born in MarseülöB, Nov. 8th, 1781, ro that fio was seventy-nine yoars old when she uied. fier maiden narno was Desiree Olary, and lier father was a nch merchant and bunker in MarseilleP. Wheu she wne fü'teen she tonelied the hoart of Napoleon ; but ncarlyatthe earne time Gen. Jan Bemsdotte paid bis addrertMl to her, and was acceptèd. They were fn arriad August IOlh, 1798. General Bonaparte havin consoloil himself l)y wedding the beautiful widow Beaubaroaii. An older sister of M-idame Bernadotte had previouely married Joseph Bonaparte, and bècarne afierwards, successively, Qneen of Naples, Queen of Spain. :ind Oountess of Burvillierf, un der 'which latier tille she may bo remembered by penple of Boi-dentown and of thia oity. Miidamb Junot, in her Métnoirs, speaka of her as "an a'icl at goodnev," "adored by allabou: bar.antl "fondly üUached to her swter, the Queen of Sweden," adddine that the fatter was "an excellent, inoöensive oreaturo, prodigiou.sly fond ot werythihg mekncholt and romanlic. She ha() very fine eyes and a most pleaiing smils." The publio Deed not be be remindcd how Bernadotte, through hie ship to Napoleon ratber thnn through any ntive genius, rose in the French army, and subsequently to the crown of Sneden, under tho title oí Charlen XIV, John. Ho preservad his throne amid all the revoluti' inary stortnsof Europe, and died n 1844. It was his widow, who aftar a long and peaceful enjoyment of the honors and luxurics of royalty, has just died. Her son, Oscar I., succet.'ded to the crown in 1854, and her jjfrandson i the reigning of Sweden, O.-o;tr II. She rnarried in stormy day?, but had little personal sufforing from thern. Most of her lrnig lift was passed in honorable ease, aucl though the rnonarchs raised by Napoleon all feil from their thronm, she and her husband retuined theirs, 1 and their dynasty seems to be as securely estabüihed as any other in the world. Her marriage and her ! ship to Napoleon raised her above the rank of Mr. Clary, tho banktsr, anti, as ahe became a historical personage in her life, she ia enütled to pubüc ootice in her death. i- n j ifc m ii i-mi


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