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The Boston Journal, a repuLlioac paper, says: "We pre-ume, frora all tbe iuformfon we cnn obtnin, that at lenst twothirds of tho people of this State ar i) favor of the rapeal of tho personal libert}' law - some because ttiey buliavo it uncODBtitutional; otbers beiiue thoy deprécate such legislation as contrary to the spirit of of our nationul obliga' tions; otheM asi a concession to tba consorvative sentitnunt of ilie South, wbich appeals to us Btronlv for aid in tbeir eÊForta to preserve the Union; and i others, stil] in order that Massahusetts I may .tand before the country witiiout j a suspicion of being unfaithful to thö ; constitution and the Federal compact. j Whether the present Legislatura iHl : reflect the uimistakable sen'.iment oí the people rumains to be seen. lu members vrere elected when the repeal of the law was not in issue, and soine of thern are ü Fikely to syrnpiUhize with the minority as with the rnajority of their constituents in this nintter. Tot tbere are tew, we should hope, who would not defur to the opitnons and wishes of the constituent} whose views they are supposed to raprosent."


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