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Mrs. Swisshelm On Babies

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OCR Text the baby warm ! Warmth is lifa. Cold ia deatb. We think it unnatural to have tbeir little bald heada bare - belisve tbst the air on the sea"!p is a constant and dangerou stimulant to the braiu - bclievo that Natura in her eflbrts to keep the head warm, sends too much blood to tha hoad; and that this is one fruitful causa of the dropsios of the braio, brain favers, &c , which carry off so raany cbildreu. If it were right and proper to have the scalp expnsed to the air, Nature would not have go clüthed the human head, and until tha natural covering comes an artificial substitute should be snpplied ; but upon this point we do uot Lope to infl" au one. Dutch babics waar caps, and how could any lady of taste have her baby look lik a Dutch baby ? Just so ; aad Dutch babies gonerally live, laugh, aud grow fat, for they are " sinothered íq banal" and f'üuthers, and kept all "in a sweat.' - Dutch mothers do not keep their babies for model-artist exhibitions. They cover thein up, keep them warm and quie and raise a wonderful nutnbcr of stnnly boys and girls. We treatod our baby on tha Dutch plan, and nevar lost a night's sleep witli her A baby should nevcr be luid diwn to sleep, suininer or winter, without haring BOinethiiig warnied by afire and put in ita crib, on which it should be lain and carefully tuckcd up, In the winter, in an ordinary sitting-rooiii, there should be a thick blanket, doub'ü and wcll wanaed, bctween it and tha bed; the body bnsn't heat to spars to warm all the bodding aroun'd it cvery timo it wants a nap, and it should be go warm while sleeping as to j be all in a glow. This is ''rosy slcop," and from it a baby will gonerally wake up I laughing and erowing, whila a blue, coli j eleep, sueh as inost babies hava makea one cross and fretful. ■ - - 1 r-W".- I 1 i


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