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The N. Y. MxnMiuf. spaak ing of tbisdisoaso says it may b recoguiied, in iis early stages, by two marked symptoms - tha gemati&a of r böne or hard u t!ic throat, rendering awallowuig diffioult and painful, and a marked fcctcr or unpleasant smell of tlie breatli, the retult of ita putrefactiva tendanoy. It further saya thnt om the appearance of these symptoms, if tb patiënt is old enough to do so, give piece of gum oamphor, of the sizo of marrofatpe, aud let it be retaincd in tbo moutli, swallowiiig slowly the saüva charged with it until it is all gnne. In an hour or so give another, and at the nd of another huur a third; a fourth will not usually be required, but if th.3 pain and unpleitsant broath are not relioved, it mav bu used two or three times more at a ltttle tenger intervals, say two bours. If the child is young, patrdor tlie camphot, which can oasily be done by adding a drop or two of spirits of alooliol to il, and mix it with an equal quantity of powdpred Ioafsugar, or better, powdurcd rook candy, and blow it tbrough r qnill or tube iuto its throat, depresiing the tongue with the half of aspoon Two or threa applieations will relieve. Some ri'oonimeud powdered aloes or pellitory with the camphor, but observations and experience have satiefied us, that the eamphor is sufficient alone. It acts prob ibly by its virtuo aa a diffutsiblo stimulant, and antiseptie qualitieg.


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